Death… And Me-Chapter 1962 Go Ahead

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Chapter 1962 Go Ahead

On their way ahead, Roan looked at Rean to ask. "What was that about?"

Rean shrugged his shoulders as he didn't see anything wrong. "What? Do you think that just because they're devils, they're all evil? Come on, even you wouldn't believe that."

"I don't think so," Roan answered. "But I'm not going around to find if there are some of them out there."

Rean nodded in response. "That goes without saying."

The direction Rean and Roan were flying in was not to the center of the living dome, though. Instead, they noticed that they were probably heading towards the living dome's border to the outside.

Rean and Roan didn't find any other devil on their way, but they did pass by a few more of those settlements. One thing was common between all of them. The highest cultivation one could find was the Elemental Transformation Realm. Not a single Transition Realm cultivator touched the twins' Divine Sense bending skill.

After a few days, Rean finally noticed the dome's wall. "There it is."

Hearing that, Roan paid a little more attention and saw it as well. Since they passed by other settlements, they obviously took the chance to obtain a little more information. It's just that everyone only knew the same thing as Domelia. They could tell the direction where the devils came from but didn't know anything else. At the very least, the twins were flying in the right direction.

The twins pressed their hands against the wall, and it passed through just like before. Without wasting time, they threw their bodies at it and soon appeared on the other side. The barrier really didn't try to lock anyone inside. It only kept the Dark Element out.

Then again, there wasn't anything on the other side. All they could do was keep flying in the same direction. However, it only lasted for three more days. At that point, the twins saw the walls of what seemed like a huge city in the distance. Even the darker environment couldn't hide that thing. Fortunately, no one seemed to have noticed them, so the twins were able to fly cautiously in the city's direction.

'There are quite a lot of devils...' Rean couldn't help but comment. He could see that devils came in and out of the city nonstop.

'The ones leaving the city are all heading in the living dome's direction, it seems,' Roan also added.

The twins didn't stop, though. The idea was to reach the Temporal Path that connected to the Underworld. To do that, they would definitely need the teleport formations of the devils. It was time to check whether their disguises as devils were good enough or not.

The city was protected by a formation, so the twins could only go through the gates where the devils used to enter and leave. Arriving there, they came down from the skies, causing quite a few of the devils to open the way to the twins. More than ever, strength spoke the loudest, so the twins' Void Tempering Realm cultivation definitely scared those of lower cultivation. Let's not forget that Void Tempering Realm wasn't exactly a common realm of cultivation one could find everywhere.

Nevertheless, Rean and Roan were quite impressed. The average cultivation of the devils, both inside and outside, was definitely much higher than the cities in the humanoid territory. The same went for the demon beasts and spirits. There were indeed a lot of Nascent Soul Realm devils that were probably stuck in that realm. Yet, they could see a lot more of them at the Soul Transformation Realm and above than normal. e from?"

"Werfol City," Rean immediately answered. In the map he got from Clanti, there were very few cities listed, and they were quite far away and very badly shown on the map. Nevertheless, that seemed to be the closest city. They didn't know how long it would take to fly there, so Fraghal was a better choice.

"Werfol, uhh? Why would you come here flying if you could use the teleport formations?" The devil still found it strange.

Rean smiled in response. "Why should we tell you?"

"Hmph!" The devil snorted in response but didn't insist. High-level devils like him and the twins all acted like that anyway. "So be it. Just a warning, the Huopis Clan doesn't like troublesome devils. Go ahead."


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