Death… And Me-Chapter 1963 Tell Me More

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Chapter 1963 Tell Me More

Inside Fraghal City, Rean thought about the devils that they killed in the living dome. 'Do you think they know those guys died already?'

'Hardly,' Roan didn't believe so. 'We made a beeline to this place after what we did back there. They might be somewhat important, but it would take some time until someone follows their route and find out the settlement's people are gone. Not to mention that it won't confirm they're dead.'

'Of course,' Roan continued, 'they might have something that warns others about a specific devil's death. I just don't think that would be the case since the strongest in that group was only a Transition Realm devil. It seems a bit useless to do that, especially considering how many strong devils exist in this city alone.'

Rean and Roan's natural spatial perceptions couldn't see far for some reason. Nevertheless, their Divine Senses worked just fine. They could see many Transition and Void Tempering Realm devils in their range. 'Seems like the soul breeding grounds are really good.'

'Why do you think they make people like Domelia capture demon beasts and humanoids?' Rean still found it strange. 'Wouldn't it be better to simply go around and extract the souls themselves? Asking them to battle to get the souls seems a waste of the souls of those who die during the fights.'

Roan shook his head in response, explaining, 'Just like how Divine Stones have levels, so do souls. In the devils' case, it's more about their quality. A soul of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator that hasn't experienced any hardships is definitely inferior to the soul of someone who did. Even back on the other side of the universe, that would be true.'

Since Death himself said that, Rean definitely wouldn't doubt that. 'Oh! So there are different qualities, huh? How good was my soul that day you tried to capture me?'

'A chicken's soul would have been a better choice,' Roan answered.

Rean kind of expected that answer, actually. 'You're just unwilling to recognize my greatness from back then.'

Roan shook his head, telling him, 'Don't worry. I still recognize just how great your capability in annoying me from back then. It's still as great as ever, really.'

Rean's eyebrow twitched a little, but he didn't continue that conversation. 'Anyway, let's not leave it up to chance. We need to find out if they have a teleport formation and try to head to the Temporal Path.'

'It has to be located at the center of the devil races' territory.' The twins had inquired about a lot of things from their father in their last meeting. 'That's how they were able to spread and conquer the part of the center of the Realm of Gods in the hands of the Essence Race, I think.'

Rean had some doubts. 'The Temporal Path is a ring connecting the four planes at four different points. It would be weird if it was located far away from the very center of the Realm of Gods.'

Roan pondered over it for a bit and decided to pay attention to the conversations of the devils around them. Perhaps he could hear something about it.

Seeing that, Rean also did the same thing.

Yet, they had never expected that the answer would be so easy to find. Let alone one, within their Divine Sense range, Rean and Roan could hear quite a few devils talking about it. The Temporal Path seemed to be a hot topic at the moment within the city.

"So even more devils are coming to the Realm of Gods? Don't they know that we're starting to run out of living domes to feed everyone's cultivation?"

"There seems to be a reason for more and more devils to be called to the Realm of Gods. It has never been so busy before."

"Something doesn't feel right. Could it be the angels found a way to pass through the Temporal Path even though it's under our control?"

"I'm getting excited. Perhaps another war is about to start. Just imagine how many souls we'll be able to absorb if we don't need to care about numbers anymore. At the moment, those High Devils are always getting most of the souls. It makes me sick!"

"Shhh! Use your Divine Sense when you decide to say something like that. The Huopis Clan will kill us both if they think we don't like their management of the Fraghal City Living Domes. I don't care if you die, but don't drag me down with you."

Rea and Roan looked at each other and could imagine the reason why that was happening. 'The devils probably found out about the communication system and know what it meant to not have their hands on it.'

Of course, that was a very good thing for the twins. Fraghal was definitely one of the bordering cities to the demon beasts. The continent where the Temporal Path was located shouldn't be anywhere near. However, since even the devils here knew so much, perhaps arriving at the Temporal Path wouldn't be as hard as they thought.

Rean then approached a devil that was talking about the Temporal Path to inquire more. "You seem to know a little about the Temporal Path."

The devil looked at Rean in response, annoyed. Then again, that expression only lasted for a second. When it saw it couldn't see Rean's cultivation at all, the devil understood that Rean was much stronger than him. "Y-Yes... everyone is talking about it."

Rean nodded after hearing that. "Good. I've been out of the city for a long time, so I'm a little out of the loop. What's happening to the Temporal Path. Also, is there a way to get to it quickly from this city?"

The devil immediately nodded, explaining, "I-I heard the Elder Devils created a lot of multi-continental spatial gates to connect to the Temporal Path. It seems like something big is going to happen not too long in the future. Trifer City appears to be one of the places where you can find these spatial gates."

Rean was very happy to hear that. "Oh-ho... tell me more."

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