Death… And Me-Chapter 1978 No More Loopholes

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Chapter 1978 No More Loopholes

Beelzebub was obviously surprised to hear that. "Oh?! Is that so? Devil souls won't make the cut, though. How do you plan to get my souls?"

"How else?" Roan asked back. "We'll obviously let you out in the Path of Reincarnation. From there, you'll have to get the souls yourself. Don't blame us if you get captured again, though."

Beelzebub was very confident if that really was the case. "Not a problem. Just drop me anywhere in that area, and I'll grab the souls myself. Well, it'll still take some time."

"I know." Roan understood why. "Even if you're there, you don't want to catch anyone's attention. I would also keep a low profile and stay hidden while I grab the souls I need. How long do you think you'll need to gather the souls without alarming the devils?"

"Hmm... hard to say as you never know how many souls will be in range. Not to mention I can't let the area I'm hidden become empty. That would be the same as saying that a Soul Devil had appeared.' Beelzebub was used to that, it seemed. "But then again, that's close to the entrance to the Path of Reincarnation. Perhaps a few decades if I'm lucky."

Roan nodded after hearing that. "Very well. Then we only need to make another pact."

"This time, I won't be tricked by your game of words." Naturally, Beelzebub didn't forget how Roan had agreed to free him but had never said when. Because of that, Beelzebub was still locked in this place.

Roan didn't mind, and the two made another pact. Sure enough, Beelzebub checked the terms of their pact many times over. Only when he was absolutely certain that Roan couldn't find a loophole did the two go to the next step.

In the end, it was decided that neither side would injure the other. Well, that was more for the twins' sake since Beelzebub was just much stronger. It was also agreed that they wouldn't tell others about each other's existence and the fragments the twins possessed. That meant Beelzebub couldn't go after the twins once he recovered. At the same time, the twins' couldn't say anything about him being inside the Path of Reincarnation to regain his strength. Both sides had too much to lose.

There was also a time limit. If their agreement continued forever, that meant neither side would ever be able to go after the other to gather the fragments. They would have to wait until one died for the other to be allowed to move. Beelzebub was tricked once, but he wasn't an idiot. He knew very well that the twins were a lot more talented than most, so they could probably live for a very long time if they played their cards right. With that, he wasn't in the mood to wait that long. Rean and Roan weren't planning to stay put either, so Roan agreed with that. The time was set to a thousand years.

Last but not least, the twins wanted to borrow Beelzebub's strength if necessary. Beelzebub didn't accept that, obviously. How many times could he be thrown against other experts if he agreed to that? Then again, the twins already expected his refusal, so they changed it to a one-time life-saving opportunity. After that, they wouldn't be able to ask anything else from Beelzebub. Only the time limit would remain.

"Here, take this." Beelzebub then gathered his power and materialized something that looked like a black vial. "I can feel the location of the contents inside as long as we're in the same realm. No barriers or formations can stop it. All you need to do is pour the liquid out, and I'll know you need me. However, due to the fact that I'm locked in the altar, I won't be able to travel through space easily. If you try to call me while I'm still sealed, there'll be nothing I can do."

Rean took the chance to ask after that. "You need a few decades to recover to your peak. However, to break the seal on the altar, you don't need that long, right? How long will it take for you to just get free?"

"Smart." Beelzebub didn't say it, but Rean still understood that point. "If it's just the altar, eight to twelve years. After that, I'll spend the rest of my time recovering my strength."

That was the time the twins could use it then. In at most twelve years, even if Beelzebub was still weak, they would definitely call him if the situation demanded it. An old freak like him definitely had some cards to play if such a situation arose.

"Rean, Roan, you have spent too long in the Dimensional Realm already. It would be better to go back to the Underworld." Celis then warned the two as it took quite some time for Beelzebub and Roan to reach an agreement.

"That's true." The twins nodded and decided to leave. Roan left a few words behind for Beelzebub before that, though. "Don't forget, I'll release you only if I find the opportunity. If it doesn't happen, then there's nothing I can do. The Path of Reincarnation is the only place I'm willing to do it."

"You made it very clear in the agreement," Beelzebub would be lying if he said it didn't bother him. "Make sure you do that. I might hate you, but not as much as the devils. I intend to pay a visit to them after I'm done recovering. I won't have time for the likes of you... for now."

After that, Rean and Roan then disappeared from the Dimensional Realm. At the same time, Sister Orb sealed Beelzebub's altar so that nothing wrong would happen.

Soon after, the twins appeared outside just in time to see Fleus entering the room. "Seems like you're back. Come with me. The Light Devil Clan Master is ready to see you. Young Master Fagund is there in the meeting hall as well."

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