Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 2522 Dark Phoenix Flames

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The crowd felt chills upon witnessing this scene.

Similarly, Shirley narrowed her eyes at the black flames. Having clustered around together like dense gas, they sizzled as they released a black vapor. It was as though they formed countless tiny bubbles that popped to create a fizzing sound that sounded eerie to the extreme. Those were not how one would describe flames or dark energy, but it was undoubtedly part of the two Laws.

The Dark Phoenix Flames were truly morbid and frightening, causing countless sects to stay away from them as their flames were reminiscent of death energy, capable of causing immense destruction. Combining the power of the darkness and the flames that quell it, it could be said that their dark phoenix flames have reached the visible peak of Darkness Laws and Flame Laws.

Still, Shirley strode forward with her hands folded into an 'X' in front of her bosoms. Her right hand held the crimson fan when her hands danced, her body spun as she flew around Zamok, waving the crimson fan at him as she unleashed terrifying waves and waves of fire phoenix flames.

Her essence energy surged with scarlet flames hurling towards Zamok. He tried to dodge the first few waves as his dark phoenix wings flapped and scattered himself into the remnant flames of darkness surrounding him. He quickly disappeared and dodged the scarlet rain, but soon, he was overwhelmed by the waves that were harassing him, causing him to use his energy to defend himself.

Zamok clenched his hands again as his dark energy from all three cultivation erupted. Black flames surged from his body like they were devouring the air around them and transformed superimposed over the black wings that surrounded him.


They appeared like a barrier defending him from the onslaught of the scarlet flames.

With each strike, the scarlet flames receded upon impact, appearing as though they were devoured by the black flames instead of disappearing from the loss of energy, but in truth, the black gaseous vapors of the black flames were repeatedly being used up and decreasing with each strike it brought.

Zamok's eyes went wide as he sensed that her base prowess already matched his. Were immortal inheritors truly as powerful as they were said to be? He couldn't guess since he read that there were a lot of immortal inheritors who fell before they could become successful.

Another eerie sound could be heard, and the black phoenix barrier was destroyed, causing him to retreat and make another barrier which quickly formed as though it didn't take him much technique to do so.

Shirley didn't pursue him. Instead, her crimson eyes were narrowed in contemplation as she had her hand stretched out, ready to strike out with the crimson fan if Zamok tried any moves. However, she understood something from this exchange.

From the crowd murmuring details, she heard that the Dark Phoenix Flames were stronger than any other phoenix flames. Apparently, only the Light Phoenix's flames could suppress it, but she also recognized something else upon battling.

'The nirvanic nature of the dark phoenix flames against my fire phoenix flames is repressing the high destructive prowess I sensed from it...'

She quickly understood that when it came to the Fire Phoenix's flames, or any other phoenix flames for that matter, the black flames were not any stronger than them except the Light Phoenix Flames. With her knowledge, she imagined that when light and flames combined against darkness and flames with their nirvanic nature suppressing them both, the former clearly had the edge over the latter because light and flames both possess suppressive effects against darkness.

Shirley flicked her hand as she waved the crimson fan at her like a spoiled mistress, "Seems like using a top quality Low Immortal Grade Armament is useless against the true disciples of the Aurora Cloud Gate."

"Even in front of core disciples, it is useless." Zamok clicked his tongue, "What game are you trying to play, Inheritor Shirley? Stop trying to probe me and get serious."

"Eh?" Shirley fanned her face as she appeared contemplative, "To get serious is to kill. Let me explore my newly obtained armaments from the inheritance, no?"

"You are mocking me..."

Zamok narrowed his eyes, causing Shirley to stop fanning as the crimson fan disappeared from her grasp, replaced with nothing except a spark of scarlet phoenix flames burning with intensity as they quickly turned into a giant ball of flames, looking like a mini-sun that was nine meters in diameter.

"Sigh, then I'll get slightly serious then..."

Zamok lowly grunted in response as he twisted his neck, feeling like he should teach this woman a lesson. Under the gaze of the many disciples and even the true disciples, his winged figure transformed into a ray of light as he shot toward Shirley.

She quickly waved her hand and unleashed the phoenix sun at him with ease, causing him to harrumph as he also literally copied the same move, a dark sphere of sizzling dark flames forming over the tip of his finger. However, it was smaller than Shirley's scarlet sun.


The two flaming spheres clashed and caused a resounding explosion to occur, one that shook the hearts of the immortals present as they found the prowess of this attack had reached the peak of Level Six Immortal Stage. They literally couldn't understand how these true disciples existed or how they could even maintain this kind of energy consumption to suffice attacks at this level so easily.

After all, even with a Heaven Immortal Vessel and a Supreme Immortal Rune, one could only reach five levels higher, reaching Level Six Immortal Stage's base and, with exorbitant techniques, somewhat managing to reach the peak of it. But these two easily summoned them as though it couldn't be any easier for them, using the flick of their finger to show their strengths.

Even their peers, the other true disciples, were shocked.

They thought this newcomer Zamok truly hid well. They figured that if this was his true capability, then he could even rank higher, somewhere in the two hundred.

Shirley's eyes also narrowed as she imitated Zamok's defense as she created a pair of fire phoenix wings and defended herself against the frightening storm of darkness and flames surging outwardly. She was truly astonished by Zamok's power.

'It's no wonder that bastard Egon Zenflame sent this man to defeat me...'

? Shirley clenched her fist as she smiled, her figure shooting towards the crimson cloud of darkness and flames as the crowd became shocked.

"What!? She's going to pass through the explosion before it recedes!?"


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