Emperor’s Domination-Chapter 4755: Starlord Ancient Saint

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Chapter 4755: Starlord Ancient Saint

His eyes could create or destroy a million stars through blinking alone in an unending cycle.

Crowd members heard loud profound blasts from deep in space - the continuous process of the cycle.

The man looked as if he came from a painting and rode the wave of stars here. The throne appeared as stable as a divine mountain and its movement was fully controlled by his thoughts with no need to lift a single finger. His arrival stirred the crowd more than a great army.

Perhaps his abode was a secret location deep in the cosmo, an enviable residence for the strongest cultivators.

Though the younger cultivators had no idea who he was, even a fool could tell that he was something important with incredible power.

“Starlord Ancient Saint!” However, an ancient ancestor from the east shouted his title.

Many shuddered after hearing the title right away since it struck them like lightning. It belonged to an ancient being, nearly forgotten by all.

People only remembered it again due to Five-sun King’s successful dao debut. As one of the five conquerors, he was naturally gifted and earned the support of many old clans in the east.

However, some theorized that in addition to his charisma and talent, the biggest reason for his recruitment success was due to Starlord.

The thirty-six sovereigns and the others might have been won over by Five-sun King himself. Alas, as for the eight paragons and the two demons? They most likely joined because of Starlord.

After all, the eight paragons came from powerful clans. The older ones were prideful and certainly didn’t give that much respect to a budding genius.

This was especially true for the spider god and river demon. They were arrogant and uncontrollable.

It was one thing for them to occasionally help out but to swear their allegiance? It certainly had to do with Starlord being Five-sun King’s initial dao protector.

These mighty demons needed to lower their head while standing in front of him, not daring to be improper. Though they were listed together as the Trinity Saint, the other two were not on the same level and had to assume the role of juniors.

“He hasn’t revealed himself for a long time now, this is an exception to save Five-sun King.” An ancient existence from the east said.

“Right, the last time was during the generation of Five-sun Dao Lord.” A peerless ancestor whispered: “The dao lord even addressed him as ‘senior’ and they sparred.”

“The truth is that he showed up not long ago.” An ancestor who knew everything in the east like the palm of his hand said: “He entered Three Thousand Dao and told Dao Sanqian that Five-sun King wants to become a dao lord.”

This prompted the crowd to exchange glances. Wasn’t this a direct challenge then since Dao Sanqian was Shen Juntian’s dao protector?

All of these stories showed that he was capable of contending against dao lords.

“That gemstone is wonderful indeed.” Starlord, true to his title, resembled the ruler of the cosmo.

His old voice wasn’t loud but it still exploded inside everyone’s mind. Experts and even some cultivators were caught off guard and fainted instantly.

Ancient ancestors and hidden masters took a deep breath. They realized that this man lived up to his reputation.

“You want to give it a shot too?” Li Qiye said while still suppressing the enemies.

His nonchalant attitude showed that he didn’t give a damn about this newcomer.

The latter didn’t become angry and stared at the gemstone in Li Qiye’s palm: “Tempting indeed, I should give it a shot.”

The crowd watched with bated breath, wondering if this Starlord character was as strong as someone such as Six-dao Monarch.

“Leave, you are not qualified to oppose Young Noble Li. Run back from whence you came to avoid making a foolish mistake.” A soft yet commanding voice interrupted their conversation.

Though it sounded gentle, others wouldn’t dare to disobey it.

Everyone looked over and saw two ethereal figures shrouded in mist, most likely two women judging by the outline.

They became startled after listening. The two clearly came to warn Starlord as if he was a junior.

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