Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 4756: Mysterious Existences

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Chapter 4756: Mysterious Existences

Who else could be qualified to fight Li Qiye if not Starlord Ancient Saint?

Old ancestors among the crowd mused and failed to come up with a better answer. Both the peerless Dao Sanqian and Six-dao Monarch weren’t suitable answers either.

However, this mysterious speaker assumed the role of a superior and commanded the saint to leave.

‘Who is it?’ The saint himself thought about it carefully while using his heavenly gaze. He had met Five-sun and other top dao lords in the past. None dared to command him, hence his current astonishment.

“Enough of this, scram!” The second figure shouted.

A pair of eyes suddenly opened - one containing the yin and yang. An abyss resided deep inside and scared the hell out of the hidden cultivators. They felt their true fate and soul being sucked into the yin-yang cycle.

This feeling only lasted for a second. The eyes disappeared and they only saw the ethereal figures.

Nonetheless, some dropped to the ground while stronger spectators became drenched in cold sweats.

One of the figure’s eyes alone had complete control over their fate. Just one blink could kill them. This level of power was unthinkable.

Starlord himself got up from his throne after sensing it. He became afraid and suddenly thought of something. This reminded him of the figure’s identity.

“This disciple obeys.” He nervously bowed in the direction of the two figures.

They didn't respond which was a blessing in his eyes. He sat back down on his throne and glanced at Five-sun King before letting out a sigh.

“Boom!” The wave of stars took the throne away from the battlefield.

His departure left everyone slack-jawed. He was most likely older than Dao Sanqian yet he referred to himself as a “disciple”?

This meant that the origin of the two mysterious beings must be shocking.

“Im-impossible…” Someone commented.

This conversation should have never taken place when one participant was Starlord Ancient Saint. Alas, it really occurred just now.

The big shots from the east racked their brains and couldn’t come up with two historical figures matching this scenario.

The eastern ancient ancestors started talking among themselves. They knew better than anyone about the famous cultivators from their region.

“The saint is related to you all, right?” A’han felt the same confusion and asked Puresword and Xiao Yan.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan calmed down and said: “It’s hard to find an ancient ancestor older than him.”

“There are, but they do not come out any longer.” Puresword said and then glanced at the two figures in the sky: “I have no impression of these two female ancestors though.”

He then asked Xiao Yan: “According to the historical scrolls, I believe your branch has similar characters.”

Xiao Yan thought about it carefully before blurting out: “Hmm, right, not quite our branch. I’m not completely sure about this since it happened too long ago, a legend regarding two ancestors disappearing.”

“Disappearing?” Woodman became interested as well.

“Yes, two unimaginably heaven-defying ancestors. When compared to the present, they should be on the same level as actual dao lords, far above Starlord Ancient Saint.” Xiao Yan said.

“Why did they disappear?” A’han was curious.

“The details are unclear since so much time has passed. One scroll says that they went to a bottomless abyss and never came back out.” Xiao Yan replied.

“I wonder where this abyss is.” A’han said.

“The possibility seems high.” Puresword became emotional and whispered: “It’s frightening to see such old ancestors here.”

“More than that, they came to support Li Qiye.” Xiao Yan added. 𝙗𝙚𝒅𝒏𝒐𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝒎

The Improper Four took a deep breath. Li Qiye’s background must be insane.

“Is he from an ancient clan in our region?” Woodman asked. This would explain why the two figures were here to help him.

Alas, the problem was that their clans were the oldest already. They knew this much from the available records. Even if there were older clans, it wouldn’t be by much.

Other spectators experienced the same astonishment. Starlord Ancient Saint bowed and obeyed the two figures without thinking twice. Li Qiye’s background became the main focus again.

He didn’t only have the temple but potentially untraceable clans.

“Crack!” The cracks on the bulwark became larger, causing the geniuses to vomit blood.

The young emperor and Five-sun King were drowned in despair. First, Enveloping and Six-dao Monarch were stopped and now, Starlord Ancient Saint as well. They didn’t have any other reinforcement.