Epic Of Caterpillar - Chapter 1129 - An Ever-Growing Society

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[Day 437]

Today I woke up rather lazily as I inspected my surroundings, my room was calm, and everything was fine. Around my bed there were all of my wives sleeping while being half-naked. Last night was an intense night of passion, as always.

I yawned a bit, as I decided to stand up and stretch a bit, looking out into the windows of the castle. There was the vast and beautiful Kingdom around us, which had become a massive modern metropolis with giant skyscrapers and all sorts of other buildings.

There were millions of people walking all around the place, from all races there could be in the entirety of the Realm of Vida, I felt a bit nostalgic when I see the outside of my castle and imagine all the things I had gone through. When all of this was just a mountain and there weren't paved streets, nor many houses, but a lot of monkeys, wolves, and trolls.

Of course, these races are still common and had been multiplying all the time since then, now making up a good chunk of the population, but there is also all other sort of races, and this also includes a bunch of humans, elves, dwarves, and the like.

There are also a lot of Gods, walking amongst mortals without any concerns, as if both Gods and mortals were equals in my city, and well, aside from their power, they are, all of them are equal citizens and even if they're stronger than one another, bullying each other is illegal, the same way you do it in Earth.

Due to this Gods cannot act like murderous psychopaths and force mortals to do what they say and enslave them, all of that is illegal, they are as much citizens as the little elven kids walking around the streets drinking ice cream with their families.

There's also… a lot of my clones that grew independent and got their own families, things that I have not forgotten about but simply I see as normal people now, there's no point in going around it, since that one meeting arranged by Mady that I've understood how they are people and all of that, so I better treat them like them and not feel weird… though deep down, I do feel weird.

Anyways, things are like that so there's nothing I can do over it, nor its like I want to, I am happy that there are happy people in here too, I hope they can all find happiness.

Deep down, the only thing I want is for everyone to be happy. I don't know why I feel this strongly, but I just want all these people I took care of to be happy and life fulfilling lives the same way I do.

I dislike the outside world, its harsh, cold, and horrid, but in here, the suns warm us up, the soil is rich and the food is plenty, the monsters roam the world and the people is strong enough to hunt them and grow stronger gradually, dungeons are there but they are more of a business than a danger, and the people can choose to just live their own lives as workers in the city if they don't like the action of fighting and hunting. As our society developed, new jobs of all kinds surged, so you're no longer forced to go hunt outside and can contribute to society by working in whatever you would like to do by passion or not.

Recently technology, magic technology, had taken big steps forward and even more as my daughter Electra was born, using her Dao of Technomancy, she used this power to enhance the ability of all technology with its Dao Essence. Many portable magic formations using her Dao essence were made by her willingly, and then distributed as sources and special artifacts, these artifacts were then used to make new and even grater technology.

But even before that technology has been super advanced, to the point that things such as TV are common in every house, computers, internet, web pages, and more, all of that connects the entire divine realm through an internet web that keeps expanding to every inch of this wondrous and immense world.

Phones had become a staple too and the Rin Sisters had only continued to replicate them from the memories we got from Earth to even higher degrees of accuracy, they had become even more of a staple as every person is able to afford them and get internet wirelessly through Wi-fi connections all around the entire city, so everyone can connect and enjoy the wondrousness of internet and all the web pages there.

There are a lot of imitations of popular social medias already, and even many ways to exploit the citizens wallets- I mean, bringing entertainment to their daily lives through a small monthly price!

There is also the blooming market of video games, phone games are very popular, but there are also computer games. There are no consoles because the Rin Sisters found them rather useless if Computers could emulate consoles and only joysticks of different types are sold, while most video games are also just sold and downloaded digitally, although there is a small market for physical buyers who dare collect them.

There are many things going on all around, these video games in specific are pretty interesting, leaving aside all those based on my Anime and franchise, which had become something incredibly big… there are also all sorts of original and interesting ideas I had never seen in the memories I have from Earth, and I've personally been playing these games in my free time, just like now.

I sat down lazily over a comfy cushion only wearing a t-shirt as I opened my laptop and started up a video game, there was a certain game I liked a lot, it was a platformer that reminded me a lot of Kirby, but the main character was a cute donut instead… as I snack on cookies and other snacks, I play a bit of video games while lazing around in the morning, even if a little before the real day activities begin.




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