Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1730 - Invasion of the God race

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Chapter 1730: Invasion of the God race

Su Zimo and the Dragon Phoenix True Body sprinted and chased after the Hell Witch Emperor and Shadowless Emperor.

Initially, the two of them were speeding in one direction. However, when they arrived at the border of the North Region, the two Emperors split into two directions and fled separately!

The eyes of the Hell Witch Emperor shone with ruthlessness and madness as he sped towards the habitat of the Witch race in the Middle Continent.

At the same time, he withdrew a talisman from his storage bag and tore it apart!

Since things had come to this, he had no choice.

He had to inform the Witch race and prepare to use their final trump card!

However, the Shadowless Emperor did not escape to his ancestral ground.

After pondering for a moment, he changed directions and sprinted towards the Kunlun Ruins in the west!

The Shadowless Emperor’s thoughts were simple.

If he escaped to his ancestral ground, he would definitely lure Desolate Martial over. At that time, the Rakshasas guarding the ancestral ground would be annihilated as well!


The reason why he chose to escape to the Kunlun Ruins was because he wanted to fight Desolate Martial to the death!

The Kunlun Ruins had a divine power forbidden region and they would die together!

When Su Zimo saw the Hell Witch Emperor and Shadowless Emperor split into two directions, he hesitated for a moment and decided to let the Dragon Phoenix True Body hunt down the Hell Witch Emperor.

The direction of the Hell Witch Emperor was clearly the ancestral ground of the Witch race.

He did not know what other trump cards the Hell Witch Emperor would have if the latter returned to his ancestral ground.

The Witch race cultivated their Essence Spirits.

As for the Essence Spirit of the Dragon Phoenix True Body, it was protected by a blazing ball of light and it was difficult for any killing technique of the Witch race targeted at the Essence Spirit to cause any damage to the Dragon Phoenix True Body!

In that aspect, the Green Lotus True Body was comparatively weaker.

At that thought, the two true bodies separated and chased after the Hell Witch Emperor and Shadowless Emperor respectively.

Su Zimo released all his escape techniques and secret skills. The Ethereal Wings behind him spread and he used Heavenly Feet, Boundless Golden Light and Zephyr Thunder Escape at the same time. His speed was at its limits and he transformed into a streak of light, shrinking the ground into inches and covering thousands of kilometers instantly!

Even so, he could not shorten the distance between him and the Shadowless Emperor.


A violent quake sounded from the Extreme West!

A blinding golden light burst forth from the skies of the Kunlun Ruins, as though it wanted to tear through the firmaments!

The energy fluctuation intensified and even extended to the entire Tianhuang Mainland; even the four regions, three oceans and one continent could sense it!

Massive waves surged through the three oceans!

The living beings of the ten thousand races that were fighting at the borders of the North Region revealed shocked expressions as well.

Only some God race experts looked at the golden light in the skies of the Extreme West in deep thought.

Some of the Emperors of the God race seemed to have thought of something and their gazes shone brightly in high spirits!

Su Zimo stopped in his tracks and looked at the Extreme West with a grim expression.

Something had happened!

If he was not wrong, the commotion from the Extreme West should have come from the rainbow cave!

The God race had invaded!

To think that the God race would invade Tianhuang Mainland at this critical juncture!

Under normal circumstances, with the existence of the divine power forbidden region in the Kunlun Ruins, even if the God race invaded, they would only be at the Conjoint Body realm at most. They were of no threat to the current Su Zimo.

However, more than a thousand years had passed since the last battle in the Kunlun Ruins.

The power of the divine power forbidden region was getting weaker.

Su Zimo would not be surprised if God’s Mainland possessed any methods that could break through the divine power forbidden region and enter Tianhuang Mainland!

The situation would be dire if the main army of God’s Mainland invaded Tianhuang Mainland!

God’s Mainland was a powerful civilization.

Although they were both one of the billion minor chiliocosms, the God race had a powerful bloodline and could cultivate Bloodline phenomenons from birth.

Nobody knew how advanced the civilization of God’s Mainland was.

There was a high chance that the invasion of God’s Mainland would be even more serious and terrifying than the alliance of the Primordial Six Races!

More importantly, right now, the ten thousand races of Tianhuang Mainland were fighting against one another and suffered immense losses. Be it the demons, humans or the primordial races, all of them suffered immense losses.

The invasion of God’s Mainland at this moment was akin to adding insult to injury for Tianhuang Mainland!

Su Zimo stopped and looked towards the west.

At that moment, he could only hope that the divine power forbidden region of the Kunlun Ruins could be of some use and stop the Emperors of God’s Mainland!

The Shadowless Emperor paused as well and did not continue escaping towards the Kunlun Ruins.


The golden light above the Kunlun Ruins intensified!

Immediately after, incomparably powerful auras tore through the skies and transformed into blinding golden pillars of light that surged into the firmaments!

Tianhuang Mainland was shaken!

The Emperors of God’s Mainland had arrived!

Only Emperors could release such an aura and burst forth with such energy fluctuations!


Before long, a large army of the God race appeared in the skies of the Kunlun Ruins. They were dense and the ones at the front were God race riders!

Be it the horses or the God race riders, all of them were clad in armor!

The horses of the God race were also heavenly horses with powerful bloodlines. There was a sharp horn on their foreheads that seemed like it could penetrate the firmaments!

There were more than 10,000 God race riders and all of them were at the Conjoint Body realm!

There were 10,000 Conjoint Body God race beings!

If he was not wrong, this was definitely the main force of God’s Mainland!

Of course, the most striking thing was not the 10,000 Conjoint Body God race riders.

In the middle of the God race riders were hundreds of God race Patriarchs. Some of them wore armor and wielded swords.

Some of them wore long robes and wielded staffs.

However, every single God race being was extremely handsome and tall. The women were also incomparably beautiful with graceful figures.

Among the hundreds of God race Patriarchs, there were four Emperors of the God race. There were three men and a woman and they were all old!

The four Emperors of the God race held different weapons in their hands.

An Emperor of the God race wielded a gigantic sword!

That gigantic sword was the Sword of Misfortune that had severely injured Su Zimo previously!

Another God race Emperor wielded a golden spear that shone with a terrifying aura, as though it could judge everything!

The third Emperor held a pitch-black shield that emitted a dark aura.

The fourth Emperor wielded a shimmering divine staff!

The four Emperors each held a powerful divine weapon and channeled the power of the divine weapon, creating a passage through the divine power forbidden region above the Kunlun Ruins!

The God race army entered Tianhuang Mainland safely!

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze slightly and looked past the God race army and the hundreds of God race Patriarchs to the four Emperors.

Be it the 10,000 Conjoint Body God race rider army, hundreds of God race Patriarchs, four God race Emperors or four divine weapons, none of them were the most striking.

In the middle of the God race army, surrounded by the four God race Emperors, was a divine throne filled with gems and jade!

There was no one holding it down below. However, the divine throne floated over and emitted a divine light.

There was a person on the divine throne.

The person wore a crown on his head and sat on the divine throne. He looked incomparably noble and dazzling!

Even the four God race Emperors had to obey his orders!

The crown emanated a mysterious power that concealed the appearance of the God race being.

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