Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1731 - Kill Him!

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Chapter 1731: Kill Him!

Above the Dragon Bone Valley.

A few disheveled God race Emperors looked at the God race army that was approaching from the Extreme West with excited expressions.

“It’s finally here!”

“The Sword of Misfortune, the Shield of Calamity, the Staff of Dawn and the Spear of Judgment. The four Divine Judgment Weapons of our God race have descended. Let’s see who in Tianhuang Mainland can defend against them!”

“That should be the God Emperor of our God’s Mainland on the throne!”

Some of the God race beings that were still fighting at the borders of the North Region were even more excited.

Although there were also Emperors with different titles on God’s Mainland, only a single person was qualified to be the Emperor of God’s Mainland and be called the God Emperor.

Only the God Emperor was qualified to sit on that supreme throne and wear the God Emperor’s crown!

Legend has it that the crown of the God Emperor was an utmost treasure passed down from the God realm!

Other races, including the God race themselves, even Emperors of the God race would die on the spot if they dared to sit on the throne of the God Emperor!


Without the recognition of the God Emperor’s crown, one would not be able to withstand the weight of the crown and would be crushed to death!

One could only be the sole God Emperor of God’s Mainland upon obtaining the recognition of the two utmost treasures!

The civilization of God’s Mainland originated from these two treasures that were passed down from the God realm.

It was an extremely shocking sight!

Be it the fight between the Emperors above the Dragon Bone Valley or the ten thousand races at the intersection of the North Region, everything gradually stopped.

The Shadowless Emperor froze in midair in shock.

A moment later, he snapped out of his stupor and frowned slightly. Turning back, he revealed a hesitant expression.

At that moment, he was sandwiched in the middle.

Su Zimo was at the back and the God race army at the front!

Furthermore, the God race army advanced extremely quickly and arrived in the Middle Continent before long, speeding towards the North Region.

Many God race riders galloped in the firmaments and rode on clouds with a torrential aura!

The entire void rumbled and trembled under the trampling of the God race riders as cracks appeared in the void!

Heaven and earth rumbled!

The Shadowless Emperor pondered for a moment without turning back.

He would definitely die against Su Zimo.

Although the God race army was menacing, the Rakshasa race was still on the same side as the God race of Tianhuang Mainland.

Furthermore, as a top Emperor, he was a top expert no matter which continent he was in.

If he were to bring his Rakshasa race to partner with the God race, the latter would definitely welcome them!

At that thought, the Shadowless Emperor had a plan and charged towards the God race army.

“I’m Shadowless of the Rakshasa race and am one of the Primordial Nine Races of Tianhuang Mainland along with the God race. We’re on the same side and fought hand in hand countless times!”

The Shadowless Emperor was still a distance away from the God race army when he shouted, “I’m willing to lead the Rakshasa race and join forces with our Fellow Daoists of the God race to suppress traitors like Desolate Martial!”

“How shameless!”

Long Ran could not help but curse when he saw that.

The experts of the Kun and Barbarian races revealed indignant expressions as well.

As one of the strongest Emperors of Tianhuang Mainland, the Shadowless Emperor was the first to submit to the invasion of foreign races!

The Shadowless Emperor was very smart.

He knew that if he charged forward rashly, there was a high chance he would attract the hostility of the God race army!

Therefore, even from afar, the Shadowless Emperor had already started shouting to express his goodwill with a sincere attitude.

Indeed, the speed of the God race army slowed down.

Before long, the God race army arrived before the Shadowless Emperor and opened up a path for him!

In the blink of an eye, the Shadowless Emperor was surrounded by the God race!

Countless gazes landed on the Shadowless Emperor.

As a top Emperor of Tianhuang Mainland, the Shadowless Emperor was still calm and fearless despite being surrounded by so many experts of another race.

“Greetings, Fellow Daoists of the God race!”

Against the hundreds of God race Patriarchs, the Shadowless Emperor did not show any arrogance. Instead, he cupped his fists and smiled.

The Four God race Emperors wielding the Divine Judgment Weapons sized up the Shadowless Emperor with scrutinizing gazes.

However, the four Emperors of the God race did not have any attitude on the surface. Instead, they turned to look at the person on the divine throne with inquiring expressions.

The Shadowless Emperor could tell as well.

Among the many God race beings, the one with the highest and noblest status was the person sitting on the divine throne with the crown on his head!

Even the four God race Emperors with powerful auras had to obey this person!

However, that person’s appearance was blurry under the cover of the crown.

“God Emperor, this person has submitted. How should we deal with him?”

The armored old man with the Sword of Misfortune on his back clutched his chest with his right hand and bowed slightly to the person on the divine throne, asking in a deep voice.

The God Emperor raised his hand slightly.

The Shadowless Emperor landed on that person’s palm.

It was a fair palm that was gentle and tender, even shimmering.

It seemed to be the hand of a woman.

Just as the Shadowless Emperor was letting his imagination run wild, the God Emperor spoke gently and said two words.

“Kill him!”

Before the Shadowless Emperor could react, a shout sounded from the side!


The armored old man withdrew the Sword of Misfortune on his back and slashed down viciously at the Shadowless Emperor!

Although the God race Emperor was already an old man, his blood qi was still extremely strong and surged into the skies!

In the hands of the old man from the God race, the Sword of Misfortune emanated a cold and evil aura. The black patterns on the sword shone brightly and released a black sword qi that tore through the air!


The Shadowless Emperor was alarmed.

He had not expected that after comprehending four supreme divine powers and choosing to submit as a top-tier Emperor, the other party would not give him any chance of survival!

The Shadowless Emperor summoned his Destiny Dharmic Treasure hurriedly and two curved sabers that resembled moons blocked the Sword of Misfortune.


There was a loud bang and sparks flew!


The Shadowless Emperor shuddered and spat out blood. His Dharmic treasures, the curved sabers, in his hands were sent flying by the Sword of Misfortune!

His reaction was slower to begin with and he could not unleash his strength to its limits.

Furthermore, he had just fought against Su Zimo and had expended a lot of blood qi, decreasing his combat strength significantly.

Under such circumstances, the Shadowless Emperor was severely injured after receiving a direct attack from the God race Emperor!

The Sword of Misfortune sent the Dharmic treasures, the curved sabers, flying and the gigantic sword slashed towards the Shadowless Emperor with a black glow!

The Shadowless Emperor relied on the terrifying movement technique of the Rakshasa race to retreat with all his might.

However, a gigantic gash appeared on his chest from the pitch-black sword beam of the Sword of Misfortune!

That slash nearly sliced the Shadowless Emperor into two!

The Shadowless Emperor had a horrified expression as he glared at the old man from the God race with a conflicted expression—anger, confusion and doubt…

He could not understand.

He did not have time to think about such things either.

The old man from the God race strode towards him with the Sword of Misfortune in his hands!

“Instant Transmission!”

Without hesitation, the Shadowless Emperor released his supreme divine power.

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