Everlasting Immortal Firmament-Book 6: Chapter 115: Jiangchen

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Book 6: Chapter 115: Jiangchen

Murong Yan ran away.

She made her way to a brook, crying. When she looked at her reflection, she saw her horror, helplessness, and sorrow.

“Husband, didn’t you say that you would never leave me? Sob! Sob! Sob!” Murong Yan felt incredibly upset.

“Hah! The one Husband said he would never leave is her. She is the real one. I am just a fake. Why am I the fake?” Murong Yan cried extremely sorrowfully.

Loud reports came from the distance. It seemed that the Flame Monarch and Jiang Lianshan had started fighting.

After some time, the Flame Monarch arrived at the brook where Murong Yan was.

“Yan`er, His Holy Eminence drank too much. Don’t take it to heart,” the Flame Monarch consoled softly.

Murong Yan turned her head to look at the Flame Monarch. Affection flashed in the Flame Monarch’s eyes. However, he felt ashamed of his inferiority.

“Big Brother Flame Monarch, Yan`er have a request of you,” Murong Yan suddenly said solemnly.


“Take me away from here. Bring me to find Husband,” Murong Yan said with anticipation in her teary eyes.

“Do you know where Old Mister Guan Qi is?” the Flame Monarch asked.

“No. I don’t know. I just don’t want to remain here. I’m worried,” Murong Yan said with some fear.

The Flame Monarch looked at Murong Yan, and his heart melted. “You are worried about His Holy Eminence?”

“Hah! If you are not willing, then never mind. Sorry. Take it as I never said it.” Murong Yan shook his head.

The Flame Monarch was the prime of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty’s national beast. Wanting the Flame Monarch to betray Jiang Lianshan? That was practically impossible.

“No. I’ll bring you away,” the Flame Monarch suddenly said through gritted teeth.


“Haha! Yan`er, I know you have always seen me as an elder brother and nothing else. However, that does not matter. I know myself. I cannot compare to His Holy Eminence, Long Zhanguo, or Old Mister Guan Qi. As long as you are happy, it is enough. I’ll bring you to find Old Mister Guan Qi. I won’t travel with His Holy Eminence. We will go wherever you wish. I’ll listen to you,” the Flame Monarch said with a determined gaze.

“Really?” Murong Yan smiled while sniffling.

When the Flame Monarch said these words earlier, he felt he had let Jiang Lianshan down somewhat. However, he found it did not matter when he saw Murong Yan smile. As long as Murong Yan smiled, nothing else mattered in the world.

“Really! Let’s go now!” the Flame Monarch said with certainty.

“Thank you, Big Brother Flame Monarch!” Murong Yan wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes.

“Let’s go, then!” The Flame Monarch waved, flying into the distance with Murong Yan.


The two vanished into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

The Flame Monarch took Murong Yan away.

Jiang Lianshan knew. He even watched the two leave. When he lost sight of Murong Yan, his eyes turned bloodshot again, his chest feeling tight.


Jiang Lianshan vomited blood from sorrow.

After vomiting a mouthful of blood, he felt much lonelier. He walked back into the hall and closed the doors.


A quiet valley in the Divine Continent:

Long Shenying and Long Shenwu sat cross-legged, emanating an aura of death. As this aura rippled, space quivered around them.

After some time, a lotus flower appeared on the heads of Long Shenying and Long Shenwu. The lotus flowers had six colors and looked dazzling.


The two inhaled simultaneously, sucking the lotus flower on their heads into their mouths. Then, their auras withdrew.

The two slowly opened their eyes.

“Second-generation jiangchen? To think that one drop of blood increased my strength by so much?” Long Shenwu said in shock.

Long Shenying seemed to have known that this would happen. He took a deep breath and slowly stood up.

“Is the connection to Long Sanqian still there?” Long Shenying looked at Long Shenwu.

“The veritable master wiped it out. Isn’t it the same for you? Otherwise, the Six Paths Veritable Lord would have arrived long ago,” Long Shenwu said.

Long Shenying nodded with a frown.

The two were Long Zhanguo’s sons. When they returned to eight hundred thousand years in the past, they naturally appeared at their birthplace, in the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s future location. They both met something they never expected to meet there.

The two stood up and checked their strength, sensing their significant gains.

At this moment, a man who seemed like a guard walked over. “The veritable master has been waiting for the two of you. Please follow me.”

Long Shenying and Long Shenwu exchanged glances. Then, they nodded.

A drop of the veritable master’s blood had allowed them to undergo such a transformation. Just how strong was this veritable master? Jiangchen? The primogenitor jiangchen! The information the two had received about the veritable master made them extremely cautious.

The two followed that guard, flying to an ordinary field, where kites were being flown by young children, apparently having a competition.

“Hahaha! Mine is the highest! Mine is the highest!” a child shouted cockily.

“No, it’s not. The highest one is Little Six’s!” the other children exclaimed.

The youngest one—a five- or six-year-old child—proudly flew the highest kite. No, it should be the white-robed man at his side, teaching him how to fly the kite.

“Uncle Chen! Uncle Chen! Look! Ours is the highest! The highest!” Little Six yelled excitedly.

“Uncle Chen, you are biased! You helped Little Six but not us!”

The children clamored continuously.

“Hahahahaha!” the white-robed man laughed happily.

At this moment, Long Shenying, Long Shenwu, and that guard landed behind the white-robed man, unnoticed by the children.

“Alright. Little Six, play by yourself. I have some things to do.” The white-robed man smiled.

“Alright! Uncle Chen, I’ll wait for you. When you return, we will still be the highest!” Little Six said happily.

“Uncle Chen, hurry up!”

“Haha! Uncle Chen, I will be the highest when you return!”

The children cried out cockily.

The white-robed man smiled as he said goodbye to the children. Then, he walked over to Long Shenying and Long Shenwu.

These two were sovereigns and no longer had the heart of a child, so they simply could not understand this. The primogenitor jiangchen was such a strong person. Why was he playing with children?

“You refined it?” The white-robed Jiangchen smiled.

“Yes! Many thanks, Senior!” the two said respectfully.

The guard at the side immediately took out three very comfortable white chairs and an enormous wine rack containing close to a thousand bottles of sealed wine. More importantly, the wine rack and bottles were white too. It was like Jiangchen had a pathological fondness for white.

“I like the Flowing Source Serum aged for three hundred years. It is refreshing with a lingering fragrance. See for yourself. This is my private stash. Just pick what catches your fancy,” Jiangchen said as he retrieved a bottle.

“Huh?” Long Shenwu and Long Shenying frowned slightly.

Jiangchen appears too casual, right?

The two brothers felt dazzled, facing the nearly one thousand types of wine. Although the bottles were all labeled, the two did not care much for wine and just casually picked two bottles.

Jiangchen leaned back in his chair and poured a cup of wine, smiling at the two.

“You can be casual before me. There’s no need to be reserved. Cheers!” Jiangchen smiled.

The two nodded, feeling slightly shocked.

“Senior, you know about us, right? The Six Paths Veritable Lord wants to kill Heaven.” Long Shenying frowned.

“Kill Heaven? No. You only traveled back to after Heaven died.” Jiangchen shook his head, then drank wine. He raised his two legs, appearing indescribably contented.

“What? Heaven already died?” Long Shenwu exclaimed in shock.

Jiangchen did not seem to care. He watched the two’s reaction.

“Then, why did Senior help us improve our cultivation?” Long Shenying frowned.

“You cultivated my cultivation technique? You did pretty well, but that only makes you a third-generation jiangchen at best. I helped you improve your blood to the second generation. Your strength should rise by a level. As for you? Hah! It is a little interesting, but it does not matter. I’ll help you to purify your blood once.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Many thanks, Senior!” the two said with a frown.

“Why did Senior help me?” Long Shenwu asked with a frown.

“No reason. It made me happy.” Jiangchen smiled.

“Huh?” The two felt slightly startled.

“Oh! That’s right. The Six Paths Veritable Lord’s heavenly deity body will return from the void in less than a year. He should be bringing the Immortal Origin with him. He who gains the Immortal Origin can control the immortal firmament. Many people will be fighting for it then. You can go if you are interested.” Jiangchen smiled as he drank wine.

“Us? What about Senior?” Long Shenying frowned.

“Me? I have no interest in the Immortal Origin, so I won’t be going.” Jiangchen shook his head.

“Huh?” The two were again slightly startled.

The two could not understand. The Immortal Origin? Become immortal? Control the entire immortal firmament? Yet, you say you are not interested?

“Alright. Let’s take this as introductions to each other today. Perhaps we will meet again in the future. You two, please. Little Six is calling for me already. His kite crashed. I’m going over to help him.” Jiangchen suddenly sent off his guests.

“Huh?” The two appeared stunned.

Sending off the guest? Because you want to fly kites with a group of young children?

“Uncle Chen! Uncle Chen, quickly, come and help me!” Little Six said anxiously in the distance.

“You two, please,” Jiangchen said as he urged his guests on.

The two could only stand up and bow respectfully to Jiangchen. “Many thanks, Senior!”


The two immediately flew into the distance, vanishing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

“Veritable Master, why did you help them? That was your essence blood. You made them second-generation jiangchens?” the guard at the side asked in confusion.

“I’m happy. Hahaha!” Jiangchen guffawed.

As Jiangchen laughed, he glanced at the two leaving, with a meaningful gaze.

“Uncle Chen! Uncle Chen! Quickly, come and help me!” Little Six said anxiously.

“Coming! Watch how Uncle Chen helps you take revenge!” Jiangchen immediately walked over to the children while smiling.

The guard carefully put away everything in the surroundings and stood respectfully nearby.


After Long Shenying and Long Shenwu flew away, the two brothers seemed to have a disagreement.

“What did the primogenitor jiangchen mean?” Long Shenwu frowned.

“How would I know?” Long Shenying shook his head.

“What are your plans? Are you going for the Immortal Origin?” Long Shenwu asked.

“I don’t even know where it is. How do I get to it?” Long Shenying replied indifferently.

Long Shenwu glanced at Long Shenying. Although Long Shenying did not say it, Long Shenwu understood his brother. Long Shenying was already interested. Immortal Origin? One could become the immortal with the Immortal Origin. Not to mention his brother, he was tempted too.

“Since you don’t trust me, how about we go our separate ways?” Long Shenwu smiled.

Long Shenying smiled back coldly.


The two parted, each going their own way.

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