Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 571 - Fatty  

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Chapter 571: Fatty

Since all the guests had arrived, the start time could be brought forward.

The director gestured to the host, who immediately understood and nodded quietly in reply.

“Alright, since all the guests have arrived, for tomorrow’s haunted house adventure, let’s allow the guests to familiarize themselves with each other today. Let’s play a game first, shall we?” It sounded as if he was asking for the guests’ opinions. However, it was in fact, a direct announcement to the audience watching through the camera screen.

Being in front of the camera, even if the guests wanted to give up, they would also think about the pros and cons.

That was because this program was unlike any other variety show, the guests needed to understand each other’s personalities. Otherwise, if they were frightened, it would be easy for them to have conflicts.

Once everyone understood each other, they could then assign tasks according to their personalities.

However, although the program team’s idea was good, there were always some arrogant celebrities who disdained this kind of game and acted like divas to oppose it.

Therefore, the program team thought of using the live broadcast method the day before filming to save trouble. This way, most celebrities would cooperate with the program team in order to maintain their character.

However, even though it was a live broadcast this time, there were still some people who voiced their dissatisfaction.

One person who spoke up was the fatty. Although he had a smile on his face, his tone was filled with dissatisfaction. “We’re here to participate in the haunted house adventure, not to play games. Isn’t it just a haunted house? We’ll be out in a while. Is there a need to do so much? Once we arrive at the haunted house, we’ll naturally be familiar with each other. Doing all this now is completely unnecessary.”

There were very few celebrities who dared to throw a tantrum in front of the tens of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room. However, this fatty was an exception.

He was intentionally being contrary and wanted to maintain this kind of persona.

This fatty was not handsome in appearance. He was as fat as a big sausage, especially his stomach, which looked like he was nine months pregnant.

However, although he was quite fat, he was very flexible and exceptional in fighting scenes. In the past, his signature move of performing the splits in the air made him famous.

After that, he would always play the role of a straightforward character with a domineering air. After receiving a lot of benefits from this, his fans had nicknamed him Brother Fatty, so he continued to maintain this persona in real life.

Therefore, not only did his fans not feel that his words were inappropriate, they even praised him on the bullet screen.

“My Brother Fatty is so domineering.”

“Brother Fatty, you’re so straightforward. Although I like you like this, you still have to pay attention to the other celebrities.”

“When other people go to the haunted house, they’ll be scared until they faint. My Brother Fatty will definitely scare the ghosts until they faint instead.”

In the face of Fatty’s dilemma, the host was not angry at all. He had seen many celebrities who were more unreasonable than Brother Fatty.

He smiled and explained, “Brother Fatty, don’t be in such a hurry. We all know that you’re brave, but the haunted house this time will be different from the ones in the past.”

“Since Brother Fatty has raised this question, I’ll take this opportunity to explain the rules of the game to everyone.”

The host turned to the camera with a mysterious look on his face as he said, “Let me tell everyone a little secret. The director team has upgraded tomorrow’s haunted house. The guests will not be allowed to bring anything with them. The daily necessities will be hidden in various corners and the guests will be required to find those things themselves. If they manage to leave the haunted house within three days, the guests will win. If not, the guests will lose. “They can call for help in the middle, but if they call for help, the guests will lose.”

The host mentioned some rules but did not reveal anything specific, such as where they were going or what other requirements there were.

After he finished speaking, the big-eyed girl, Zhou Die, quietly raised her hand in front of her chest.

When the host saw it, he smiled and said, “Miss Zhou Die, do you have any questions?”

Zhou Die looked very nervous. Both her hands kept making small movements in front of her chest. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito’s. Fortunately, however, there was a microphone.

She asked weakly, “I’d like to ask where we will be filming? Judging by your words, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the same as before. Will there be a change of venue this time?”

She had asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. All the guests turned to look at the host. Even the audience who were watching through the camera screen were puzzled.

The host, however, neatly avoided answering the question. He still maintained the mysterious look on his face and said, “This is a secret. You’ll only be able to feel it once you all go there personally tomorrow. If I tell you now, there won’t be any sense of mystery, right?”

Although the host’s words were very official, Zhou Die’s face blushed slightly after she heard them. She lowered her head and did not speak anymore, as if she was embarrassed at being rejected.

She was a voice actress, not an actress. Usually, she did not need to show her face at work. This was her first time being involved in the filming of a program and especially being a live broadcast, she was already nervous. When she did not get an answer from the host, this made her even more nervous.

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