Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 572 - Follower

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Chapter 572: Follower

However, even though she had not shown her face before, her voice alone was still very popular. She had dubbed the voices of many famous actresses before. She could play the role of an imperial sister as well as a sickly girl and had millions of fans.

All the fans knew that she was a gentle and timid person. When they saw her blush and lower her head, they all sent bullet messages to comfort her.

“Little Butterfly is so adorable. Her voice is so soft, but she is actually a cute girl.”

“My baby is actually a shy person. The host should quickly comfort her. She’s just too timid. She’s finished. I’m so worried about what will happen when she joins the haunted house adventure tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, the host could not see it.

After she finished giving her reply, she asked the other guests, “Does anyone have anything else to ask? If not, we’ll start the game now.”

The guests shared glances with each other and shook their heads.

Seeing that no one had any more questions, the host continued, “Let’s play a little game now. In order to allow everyone to get to know each other quickly, we must participate actively. In order to motivate everyone, the directing team has prepared a small reward for the winning team, which will have something to do with the trip to the haunted house tomorrow. As for what it is, that will depend on which team wins this game.

“What the prize is will be revealed tomorrow. For now, even I don’t know what it is.”

She signaled the staff to bring the props up, then she said, “The game we are going to play is called Relay Pass. Three people will form a team which will be determined by drawing lots. The remaining one will be the referee. The rules are very simple. Everyone will squat down, clamp the ball with their knees, and pass it to their teammates. If they drop it, they will have to start from the beginning. Whichever team reaches the end first will win.”

“Of course, the grouping determined by this drawing of lots will also be the group you will be participating with tomorrow. There will be a total of three groups, 3+3+1. We will talk about the points to note for this group when we go to the haunted house tomorrow. Let’s start the drawing of lots now.”

All seven of them drew their own lots. Those with the same color would be in the same group.

After they had chosen, everyone revealed their lots for the host to see. Finally, it was decided that Fang Mo’er, Bai Rong, and the baby-faced Xiao Ke would be in the same group.

Tang Ye, Chen Luo, and Zhou Die were in another group, while Fatty was the lone member of his group.

Once the groups had been divided, the host allowed the three female guests to change their clothes and shoes. Otherwise, they would not be able to play the game while wearing skirts and high heels.

After the three of them left, the atmosphere could not be allowed to turn cold.

So, the host smiled and said to Zhou Ting, “It looks like the responsibility of the single-person group will be shouldered by our Brother Fatty. I’m relieved then. With Brother Fatty’s skills, even a ghost would have to surrender.”

After saying that, the host noticed that Brother Fatty had not reacted and that his expression was a little stiff. He reminded him, “Brother Fatty, are you so excited because you’ll be able to experience the haunted house on your own that you didn’t hear what I said?”

Only after being given a reminder did Brother Fatty react. He nodded stiffly and gave a very formal smile.

As a referee, he would not be participating in the game. All he had to do was observe the other two teams to see if there were any fouls.

The host made a few more jokes until Fang Mo’er and the other two women came back after changing their clothes. He praised, “Wow, the three female guests are truly beautiful. They look very attractive in their sportswear.”

Everyone smiled in agreement before the host continued to say,”Alright then, since we’re all ready, let the game begin. Everyone, let’s discuss the order first. After we’ve discussed it, Brother Fatty will start the game.”

After he finished speaking, he walked to the side and left the place to the guests.

Other than Fatty, the other two groups of guests gathered together and began to discuss countermeasures.

Fang Mo’er’s group.

Bai Rong was standing close to Xiao Ke. She showed her dislike of Fang Mo’er and made it clear that she did not want to be close to her.

Fang Mo’er did not mind at all. She looked at Bai Rong and smiled, “Miss Bai Rong, we are truly fated. I heard that you followed me because I came to participate in this program.”

After hearing what Fang Mo’er said, the netizens seemed to realize something odd.

It was true. It seemed that whenever Fang Mo’er participated in a variety show, Bai Rong would also participate. Was it a coincidence or was someone doing it on purpose?

Fang Mo’er and Bai Rong’s fans started to argue again.

“Bai Rong is just a follower. Not only does she have a bad character, but she also likes to snatch things from others.”

“Please take Fang Mo’er away. Fang Mo’er is the most beautiful girl in the world. Please don’t end up being a scapegoat.”

“Fang Mo’er is too narcissistic. Our goddess got the job based on her ability. Why would she be sticking to her? Does she even know what she’s saying?”

“Fang Mo’er is really narrow-minded. The entertainment industry is only so big. If she is that afraid of encountering someone she knows, she should just buy out the entire variety show.”

“Don’t slander my idol, okay? Your idol is completely overrated, just trying to rub off on the popularity of a superstar.”

The fans started arguing on the bullet screen. Unfortunately, the main characters did not know about it.

Bai Rong looked at Fang Mo’er out of the corner of her eyes and casually said, “I came here because the director invited me. Who would have known that it would be such a coincidence that Miss Fang would be here as well?”

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