Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 841

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Chapter 841: Chapter 841 – The Birth of the Magic Net

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The hundreds of years in the World of Gods were quite wonderful for other people. During these hundreds of years, the gods were in chaos, exerting their power in every corner and releasing their influence. This was the best time for ambitious people with divine ambitions.

Uniting, forming alliances, and rebelling, such things would happen on this piece of land almost every once in a while. However, for Chen Heng, this actually didn’t have much of an impact.

Before this, he had also tried devouring a few gods, completely transforming their power of law and authority into his own. The final effect was there, but it was no longer as significant as in the past. It seemed that as he advanced to the Supreme Divine Power, the current ordinary gods were no longer of any use to him.

If he wanted to feel a significant improvement, one should at least give him a Supreme Divine Power. However, Supreme Divine Power was not so easy to find. There were many gods in the World of Gods, but how many of them could truly reach the Supreme Divine Power?

Therefore, Chen Heng kept calm over the years and observed the changes in the World of Gods. As long as the other gods did not have a motive toward him, he would not take the initiative to attack.


Nonetheless, it was not that he had not done anything during these hundreds of years. On the contrary, he was still secretly controlling some things, for example, the distribution of marks.

Although some of Chen Heng’s marks already existed in the World of Gods in the past, the number was still insufficient to satisfy the gods’ exuberant needs. Therefore, Chen Heng worked hard to distribute the marks during these hundreds of years.

His efforts had significant results. At least in the current World of Gods, no god did not use his mark. After all, those who did not use it had already been eliminated.

The gods were in an intense military competition now. Everyone was fighting to recover their strength, afraid they would fall behind because they would be beaten if they fell behind.

Using the mark could undoubtedly recover their strength at the fastest speed, achieving the effect of being faster than the others. Under such circumstances, even if there were doubts in their hearts, the gods who were unwilling to use the mark had long been eliminated.

Some gods also formed alliances and agreed not to use the mark but to help each other survive in this world. However, behind their backs, these two people used their marks more skillfully than anyone else.

When Chen Heng discovered this, he lamented how sinister people were. Then, without hesitation, he arranged for them to go to the same world to let them “coincidentally” bump into each other. Yet, unfortunately, that scene was so awkward that it was practically a social death scene.

Nonetheless, the gods who were high and mighty would not care about so many things. They only cared about the actual benefits. As for reputation, how much would that be worth?

With this thought in mind, more and more people used the mark while emphasizing its danger, telling everyone to resist it together. Then, yet, they secretly used it behind others’ backs. As for those who believed in their propaganda and refused to use it, they were already eliminated.


Chen Heng looked around. All the gods in the world were already his workers, actively contributing simulation points to him. The number of simulation points entered his account daily was measured in tens of thousands.

This made him sigh. If he had known this would happen, he would have done it long ago. Thinking about how he had worked hard in the simulation in the past but had only gained a little in the end each time, he could not help but shake his head. How could exploiting himself be as easy as exploiting others?

Chen Heng quietly stayed silently in the Hatim Kingdom. If there were no accidents, he would have stayed here until his other avatar, Kalunu, was resurrected.

A hundred years later, Chen Heng had awakened again. He woke up from deep sleep and looked at the land before him. He saw a fire beacon on the ground. The consciousness of the World of Gods was shaking, looking particularly clear.

‘Is someone ascending to a god?’ This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind subconsciously, and then he had some doubts in his heart.

It shouldn’t be enough to wake him up if it was just an ordinary ascension to a god. A situation like this wouldn’t appear. Then, he came to a realization after thinking carefully and sensing for a bit.

‘So that’s how it is…’ He looked towards the south of the Oro Empire, where he could vaguely see an existence with an aura similar to Chen Heng’s.

Kalunu is not Chen Heng’s only avatar in the World of Gods. There was another avatar that he placed in the south of the Oro Empire who became a human noble.

Chen Heng initially set up this avatar’s existence to deal with accidents. After all, Chen Heng’s strength was still weak at that time. Moreover, he was located in a dangerous place like the World of Gods and could die at any time for various reasons. Therefore, he put in his avatar to increase his survival rate as one more avatar signified one more life.

However, Chen Heng did not provide the avatar any help, nor did he take the initiative to pay attention to it to prevent others from connecting the dots between the main body and the avatar.

Although it was not to the point of forgetting, he would not take the initiative to observe the avatar’s situation under normal circumstances. However, he did not expect that, after Kalunu, the avatar would also successfully ascend.

Furthermore, it was not an ordinary ascension. Ascending to the divine level was not difficult for Chen Heng and his avatar. After all, the simulator’s sub-body was on the avatar’s body, who could do whatever Chen Heng was doing.

Whether it was the transverse function of the simulator to search for opportunities in other worlds or directly plundering the accumulation of the gods in the World of Gods and turning it into their authority, these were practical and feasible ways.

Previously, Chen Heng had done it this way, and so had Kalunu. So he naturally did the same thing for this avatar now. However, the ascension’s pace seemed to be far from what an ordinary ascension could compare to.


The entire World of Gods was shaking. Whether the gods were sleeping or had already awakened, they were all attracted by the scene below.

In the country in the south, someone chanted a series of oaths loudly.

“If I am a divine existence, I will lead my people, the people of the heavens. Anyone who believes in me can enter the Heavenly World after death and share eternity with me…”

“If I am a divine existence, I will bless the people of the world, allowing the talents in this world to demonstrate their abilities, allowing them to display all their abilities…”

“If I am a divine existence, I will bring down the gospel. I will appear to save in this time of crisis…”

“If I am a divine existence…”

A series of oaths sounded from the ground, then reached the horizon and resounded throughout the World of Gods. Even the high and mighty gods could not help but be shocked when they heard these oaths.

One had to know that the oaths made during the divine ascension were not casually said. It was an oath to heaven and earth, so if it could not be fulfilled, the person would inevitably suffer the backlash and punishment of the World of Gods, and things would worsen.

Therefore, no matter which faction the god was from, he would be very cautious when he ascended and would never easily make any unrealistic oaths.

However, the god who ascended before him not only made so many oaths, but every one of them was so shocking and terrifying. Others only made ordinary oaths, but that god made some fatal ones. Looking at the oaths he gave, each of them was so grand and terrifying.

It’s fine to promise a single item, but how can it be done when so many oaths were made concurrently? The World of Gods’ backlash would probably come if it couldn’t be completed.

‘Was this person a fool?’

Many people listened to the oaths, and this thought subconsciously flashed through their minds.

Nonetheless, an existence that could reach such a level was undoubtedly not a fool because even a pure fool would not be able to reach this step.

‘So, was he doing it on purpose if he wasn’t a fool?’ At this moment, various thoughts flashed through the minds of the gods.

Following that, they cast their gazes over at the person who had ascended. Then, they saw the person who had ascended. He was merely a young man from his appearance. He was well built and handsome, with a faint smile on his face. A powerful magic reaction was surging on his body.

People who looked like mages kneeled on the ground, respectfully expressing their submission to him. As if he felt the gazes around him, the young man did not care and just silently raised the scepter in his hand. A pure red gem shone, emitting an indescribable luster.

“Is that the Goddess of Magic’s Divine Spark?”

The gods sensed the young man’s aura, and their faces were filled with astonishment. The Goddess of Magic was a character that had left a deep mark in the World of Gods.

The Goddess of Magic was the one who created the current magic system in the World of Gods and had been promoted because of this. However, even though her position among the gods was quite special, she was not a Supreme Divine Power like the God of Shadows. Instead, she was still an extremely powerful medium-level divine power.

Such an existence should have already recovered in the present age. However, until now, the gods couldn’t find any traces of the Goddess of Magic, but they didn’t expect that she had already fallen. Even her Divine Spark was placed on the altar and became the property of others.

“Let’s begin…”

Ardim felt the gods’ gazes, and a faint smile appeared on his face. He wasn’t someone else but another avatar who Chen Heng had left behind.

Compared to Kalunu, Ardim had a noble status. He was the successor of the Divine Blood Family and had grown in the World of Gods for more than a thousand years.

So naturally, his current strength was already very powerful. Therefore, even if he did not become a god, he would not be inferior to any of the divine existence just by relying on the pure power in his body.

However, considering the path after that, he still chose to ascend to the World of Gods and become a god, and what he valued was the Divine Spark left behind by the Goddess of Magic. This Divine Spark was the spoils of war after he killed the Goddess of Magic, which he had finally succeeded after spending a lot of effort.

Therefore, in Ardim’s eyes, this Goddess of Magic’s path was quite suitable for him.

“Let’s begin…” Standing where he was, Ardim muttered to himself softly.

Then, a huge Magic Net began to spread to the entire world along with the consciousness of the World of Gods. The Magic Net was Ardim’s product after referring to many sources. Its purpose was to control extraordinary beings who used magic power.

There were many extraordinary being in this world. Other than knights who relied entirely on the life energy in their bodies to fight, many relied on spiritual and magic power to ascend and fight. The same applied to the so-called mages, sorcerers, elementalists, etc.

This type was Ardim’s target group. He created this Magic Net by modeling after the network of the future society. Any extraordinary beings with spiritual power could connect to it.

This was like opening up a network of extraordinary beings, where they could safely communicate with each other and even shop on the Magic Net. This was the inspiration that Ardim had gotten from other worlds. If he simply wanted to advance to the Supreme Divine Power, his current accumulation would not be much of a problem.

However, to reach his main body’s level and advance to the Supreme Divine Power, just relying on the methods he already had wasn’t enough. He would have to create something completely new.

Unlike his main body, he couldn’t devour so much power of authority. He could also be like Kalunu, who had many kobolds and dragon-descent races to rely on. Hence, he could only rely on himself and think of other ways.

The Magic Net method was his idea. As long as the Magic Net replaced the normal network where creatures of every world could use it, it could provide Ardim with a large amount of power at all times.

Moreover, with the help of the mark, he could completely spread the Magic Net to cover countless worlds. He could even connect these worlds to a certain extent so that the people of these worlds could communicate.

Countless worlds would form a community by then. Extraordinary beings and researchers from different worlds could chat freely and exchange their insights on the network. They could even conduct cross-world transactions as long as they were willing to pay.

It was conceivable that countless worlds would benefit from the Magic Net and could even become more prosperous and powerful. Then, after the world became prosperous, power would naturally flow back to Ardim.

In addition, the Magic Net itself could be free or chargeable. In theory, as long as this network could operate, it would be able to provide Ardim with an endless stream of power. By then, there was a great hope of ascending to Supreme Divine Power, no longer an illusion.

This was also why he had to swear an oath to the World of Gods, because only with the help of the World of Gods’ power could he instantly spread the Magic Net to the entire world.

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