Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 1769 - 1769 Purple and Blue Mermaid!

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Chapter 1769 - 1769 Purple and Blue Mermaid!

1769 Purple and Blue Mermaid!

The act of the Goddess of Mercy casually killing a member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence had not stirred up a commotion on Star Web, but the members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence could not remain calm after seeing this.

The members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence were touched when they thought about their own 13 members of royalty.

Qian Yu had received a large amount of energy from Lu Ou’s devil and vitality from Lu Ou’s body.

He now summoned his other fey.


Qian Yu was walking the path of elites. He did not have many feys, but they were all pinnacle Myth II.

The enormous purple jellyfish clearly had the bloodline of the Nether Sea Jellyfish. However, the bloodline had not been fully triggered yet. Instead, its bloodline had mutated significantly.

Its bloodline was very impressive.

However, the jellyfish did not have any combat power. Rather, Qian Yu used it as a shield.

Since he had already lost the Cambria Abundant Fish and there was no way he would be able to save the Deep Freeze King Eel, there was no point in preserving this fey either.

As long as he could survive and make it back to the Freedom Federation, the Goddess of Mercy would be able to help him obtain the potion from the God of Fools that would be able to recover the spiritual energy he had used up contracting these three feys.

Qian Yu also had another reason for doing so.

Since he had fused with the Diving Songstress, he needed to maintain optimal body quality.

If he fused with the Diving Songstress while injured, his combat power would be significantly depressed.

Although Qian Yu was injured after being attacked by Lin Yuan, he had been carefully analyzing the battle circumstances.

As a Freedom Envoy, his talents had been acknowledged.

Qian Yu had realized that Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, and Liu Jie did not have the strength to go on.

Gao Feng was a pure support-type spirit qi professional and had already summoned his sacred source lifeform to restrict Yan Ling. After Yan Ling died, he went on to restrict Lu Ou’s sacred source lifeform.

However, a support-type qi professional was just that.

Qian Yu knew why the Radiance Federation had decided to request that one person from each team be forbidden from being attacked.

The Radiance Federation appeared unharmed, but the only one who still had combat power was Lin Yuan.

When the mass of black and red energy made contact with the Deep Freeze King Eel and the jellyfish’s body, Qian Yu fused with the Diving Songtress.

The mass of black and red energy took the Deep Freeze King Eel’s life and burned the jellyfish to the point that it was in a near-dead state and could no longer fight.

At that moment, dark blue water burst out from Qian Yu.

When Liu Yifan sensed the aura of Qian Yu’s sacred source lifeform, he gasped in disbelief. “A 7 Stars sacred source lifeform!”

Only those with 6 Stars sacred source lifeforms knew how difficult it was to evolve a sacred source lifeform from 6 Stars to 7 Stars.

Many people were already stumped by evolving their feys from 3 Stars to 4 Stars.

However, crossing from the young stage to the adolescent stage was a small gap. But to cross from the adolescent stage to the adult stage was a giant canyon.

Most people who had contracted sacred source lifeforms struggled to cross this canyon. Even if they managed to cross it, it would only be after many years.

None of the current Radiance Envoys had managed to evolve their feys from 6 Stars to 7 Stars.

It had already taken a large number of resources for them to evolve all their sacred source lifeforms to 6 Stars.

Even after Cicada Song sacrificed a portion of the Alleviating Wind’s roots, Gao Feng’s sacred source lifeform could only evolve to 6 Stars and not 7 Stars. This was enough to exemplify how difficult it was to cross the canyon between 6 Stars and 7 Stars.

Yet, Qian Yu’s sacred source lifeform had reached 7 Stars.

A sacred source lifeform did not just gain another ability when it evolved from 6 Stars to 7 Stars. Their life rank would also be raised.

A 7 Stars sacred source lifeform would basically have no limits when it came to using the abilities it had when it was 6 Stars.

For example, the Memory-Consuming Eight Tunes Box could control Yan Ling, Cai Huo, You Changjian, and Lu Ou’s sacred source lifeforms easily but not Qian Yu’s sacred source lifeform. Even if it tried to do so forcefully, it might not just fail but result in backlash.

This was why all experts did all they could to increase their sacred source lifeform’s Stars.

A sacred source lifeform’s Stars were the true source of their power.

At first, if a large amount of water-elemental energy with ill intent toward him appeared in his vicinity, Blue Lotus’ blessing should have resulted in lotus leaves and flowers growing out from below his feet.

However, the region of dark blue sea had covered the entire battleground, and the Bamboo Monarch had to step in to stop it from expanding further outward.

Blood New Moon sighed and said, “The abilities of sacred source lifeforms are recognized as the will of the world. Not even the blessing of a Heavenly Family Fey can go against the will of the world.”

Although Blue Lotus’ blessing could not absorb all the water-elemental energy, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had absorbed the Vast Sea World Crystal. This gave Lin Yuan the ability to breathe underwater, so he did not need to fear water like Zong Ze, Liu Jie, Liu Yifan, and Gao Feng.

At that moment, Lin Yuan resembled an aquatic lifeform.

Qian Yu was still fused with his devil, but his features had changed significantly.

His legs turned into a very wide fishtail that was a startling purple and blue.

The fishtail gently swayed, and violent dark whirlpools appeared within the sea.

Lin Yuan felt that the scales on the fishtail were both fish-like and snake-like.

After fusing with the devil, Qian Yu’s body gleamed with a metallic purple and black.

Many scales appeared on his waist, abdomen, and neck. They even covered the devil tattoos on his face.

His short blond hair stretched down into the deep blue and purple sea and was now the same color as the fishtail.

At this moment, Lin Yuan could not be bothered to concern himself with Qian Yu’s exterior.

However, a strange feeling filled him as he looked at Qian Yu, who had transformed into a mermaid.