Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 1771 - 1771 Transformation of Lin Yuan's Mermaid Bloodline!

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Chapter 1771 - 1771 Transformation of Lin Yuan's Mermaid Bloodline!

1771 Transformation of Lin Yuan’s Mermaid Bloodline!

Just as Lin Yuan was wondering how such a voice could seduce any lifeforms and cause them to plunge to the depths of the sea, he realized through Connected Tails that besides Gao Feng, Liu Jie, Zong Ze, and Liu Yifan all looked entranced.

However, the effects of the trance differed as per the amount of soul power, spiritual energy, and spiritual power they possessed.

Luckily, even before Zong Ze fell under the torture of the curse, his spiritual energy and soul power had been stronger than that of most experts.

The Insect Queen was a spiritual-type fey. Although it did not have as massive a store of spiritual energy as Genius did, it could still act as an external store of spiritual energy for Liu Jie.


As a result, Liu Jie and Zong Ze did not sink.

Lin Yuan knew that Gao Feng had not been affected because Qian Yu took into consideration the third request stipulated by the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan hurriedly used Calm Mind on Liu Jie, Zong Ze, and Liu Yifan to aid them.

Lin Yuan noticed that all three abilities involved the mermaid’s power.

The mermaid’s power came from the mermaid bloodline. After Lin Yuan fused with Dark Blue, he would also transform into the figure of a mermaid.

The image of Lin Yuan as a mermaid had allowed him to pass off as a Dictator.

Lin Yuan did not know if the fusion only gave him the shell of a mermaid’s body or if it also included the mermaid’s power.

There was a legend that said that the Remembrance Soul Whale was affectionate toward deep-sea mermaids, and only deep-sea mermaids could see it.

Lin Yuan could not only see the Remembrance Soul Whale, but he had even formed a contract with it.

The Rememberling was very affectionate toward Lin Yuan, both before and after he contracted it.

This fact made Lin Yuan suspect that he truly transformed into a mermaid after fusing with Dark Blue and gaining the mermaid’s power as well.

Qian Yu noticed that instead of replying to him, Black had supported his teammates and was exempted from the trance of the mermaid himself.

Qian Yu thumped his fishtail, and a wave of mermaid power that was perceived by Lin Yuan as an unbearable odor burst out from the tail and toward the bottom of the sea.

Lin Yuan knew that Qian Yu wanted to use Sea of Thorns.

Sea of Thorns was very powerful and strengthened the control that the Diving Songstress had over the sea.

The sharp thorns could drain blood, paralyze, break armor, and were poisonous. These made them no different from sea-dwelling demons.

The mermaid’s song already had powerful controlling effects.

Once a target was pierced by these thorns and heard the mermaid’s song, they would instantly fall into a trance.

Moreover, the wound from being pierced by the thorns would inflict the mermaid’s curse.

The Moon Empress had told Lin Yuan that the pressure brought about by the bloodline hierarchy was stronger for mermaids than it was for fairy source-type lifeforms.

The mermaids would be able to control the transformed half-fish lifeforms like slaves.

The thorns wrapped around not only him but also Zong Ze, Liu Yifan, Liu Jie, and the rest.

At this point, Lin Yuan decided to fuse with Dark Blue to properly take on Qian Yu.

When the black spikes wrapped around Lin Yuan’s ankle, the alluring mermaid song abruptly halted.

A stern yet ethereal voice filled the sea.

The sea that the Diving Songstress created was purple and blue.

But in an instant, with Lin Yuan at the center, the entire sea turned azure.

As the sunbeams shot down onto the surface of the sea, mottled golden pillars grew beneath the sea. The azure water beneath the surface seemed like a completely different world.

At that moment, the Goddess of Mercy’s body trembled, and an inexplicable expression of wild elation spread across her face.

This expression lasted for three full seconds and only vanished after the Goddess of Mercy forcefully suppressed herself.

Zong Ze, Liu Jie, and Liu Yifan also broke out of the influence of the mermaid’s song.

An expression of shock appeared on Liu Jie’s face.

Unlike Zong Ze, Liu Yifan, and Gao Feng, this was not the first time that Liu Jie was seeing Lin Yuan in his mermaid form. However, Liu Jie noticed that Lin Yuan’s mermaid form now looked utterly different from before.

Currents rolled across the azure sea and turned into pieces of wood that stacked themselves into a palace made of sea currents.

It was as though the sea was waiting to receive a new emperor.

At that moment, Lin Yuan was astonished as well. He had not fused with Dark Blue ever since he received Blue Lotus’ blessing.

Blue Lotus had told him that her blessing could purify the bloodline of any lifeform within the sea.

Lin Yuan could sense a strange power burgeoning within him and transforming the body of his mermaid form.

Firstly, his hair was extended. It was still pure azure in color, but the tips of the hair were covered with a layer of gold. The vast blue suppressed the elite gold.

Previously, his hair reached his calf. But now, it trailed almost three meters behind him.

It was extremely eye-catching as it ebbed and flowed along with the currents of the sea.

Lin Yuan’s features softened and several scales that were blue but also rainbow at the same time appeared on his face. The two scales at the corners of his eyes resembled pearl drops.

However, the two pearl drops did not seem soft at all. Rather, they were lively and dignified.

The waves enveloped Lin Yuan in a 50-meter-wide shawl.

A fishtail that would steal the attention of anyone who looked at it peeked out from below the shawl of waves. When the fishtail moved, it gently lifted the shawl.

Lin Yuan’s previous fishtail was different from that of the one Qian Yu had when he fused with the Diving Songstress, but the difference had been minimal.

Now, Lin Yuan’s fishtail was the same color as the scales on his face.

The scales on Qian Yu’s fishtail were similar to that of a snake’s.

Meanwhile, the scales on Lin Yuan’s fishtail were like flower petals.

With each movement of the elegant fishtail, it created a wave in the sea.

The blue and gold of the fishtail seemed to subjugate the entire sea.

If the most beautiful thing that appeared in the sky was moonlight, Lin Yuan would be its only competition.

At this moment, Lin Yuan raised his eyes to look at Qian Yu.

Qian Yu felt an intense pressure on his bloodline.

The black thorns growing from the bottom of the sea had wilted long ago.

Qian Yu noticed that the sea created by the Diving Songstress was no longer under his control.

However, neither this nor the possibility of losing the fight was what terrified Qian Yu the most.

He was most afraid of Lin Yuan’s bloodline itself.