Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 863 - The Mastermind (1)

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Chapter 863: The Mastermind (1)


Mu Tingfeng was clearly not satisfied with Zhao Youlin’s explanation, but when he saw Zhao Youlin’s magnanimous eyes, he also felt that he was being petty by dwelling on this issue. He sighed softly, he said helplessly, “I just hope that you will tell me about such matters in the future. I’m your husband, I should not be the last person to know.

“I’m your husband, the person closest to you in this world, but I always find out about such shocking news in the end, as if I’m excluded. Anyone would feel bad.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned. She finally realized how uneasy and annoyed this man was because of her self-righteous desire to protect him.

“I admit that I was wrong this time. I promise that I will discuss everything with you as soon as possible in the future. I will never hide anything from you again.”

Mu Tingfeng was stunned for a moment. When he saw the seriousness in Zhao Youlin’s eyes, the anger in his heart finally dissipated a little. He looked at the document in Zhao Youlin’s hand and took the initiative to ask, “What did you find out?”

Knowing that Mu Tingfeng was no longer angry about what had just happened, Zhao Youlin smiled and briefly explained the contents of the document to Mu Tingfeng.

After listening to Zhao Youlin’s words, Mu Tingfeng’s face darkened slightly. “You had someone look into the matter between Lu Shu and Lu Xiangtian?”

“Yes. Unfortunately, although they did find some things, every time things got serious or interesting, the trails would turn cold, leaving even more problems.” Zhao Youlin sighed. She was really starting to have a headache.

Mu Tingfeng was silent for a moment before he said softly, “You can’t rush this matter. Lu Shu and Lu Xiangtian are both well-protected. If you want to investigate this, you have to be mentally prepared. It’ll be hard to make any progress at any point. As for this old friend of Lu Xiangtian’s…”

Mu Tingfeng paused for a moment. He thought about what Zhao Youlin had said just now. After hesitating for a moment, he decided to confess. “Actually, I’ve also asked someone to investigate this matter recently as well.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned. She turned to look at Mu Tingfeng in surprise.

Mu Tingfeng did not feel guilty. He said frankly, “That day at the children’s banquet, Lu Xiangtian asked you for that necklace. I found it strange. With his current strength and background, he would not be short of anything. Why does he have a special liking for the necklace in your hand? So I asked someone to investigate that necklace.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned, and then she smiled bitterly. She thought that she was the only one who had noticed that something was wrong with Lu Xiangtian, so she took the initiative to investigate Lu Xiangtian. She didn’t expect that the others had also noticed the abnormality.

Zhao Youlin glanced at Mu Tingfeng. Although she was a little disappointed, she was not in the position to talk about actions being taken behind her back.

In the end, they just cared too much about each other, so much so that they would try to keep others out of trouble.

In the end, not only did they not help each other at all, but they only made things awkward between them.

However, since Mu Tingfeng was being open with her, this was a good step forward.

Zhao Youlin felt relieved. “What was the result? Did you find anything?”

When Mu Tingfeng heard Zhao Youlin take the initiative to ask, he knew that Zhao Youlin was not angry that he had investigated Lu Xiangtian without telling her about it. The expression on his face became gentler.

“I couldn’t find anything.”

Zhao Youlin was surprised. “You couldn’t find anything? You couldn’t find anything? You couldn’t find anything about the tactics, resources, or other aspects?”

Mu Tingfeng nodded with a serious expression. “I couldn’t find anything. I had someone check the style of your necklace, but they couldn’t find the same style from the past twenty years. As for the material, I’m sorry. I didn’t ask for your permission before. I also secretly had someone analyze it. Although they could analyze the material, it did not seem to be of much use. Generally speaking, all necklaces are made about the same. Your necklace was no exception.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned for a moment. She had said that when she looked at the necklace the other day, the necklace didn’t look right. It turned out that it had been taken out by this person.

“It won’t happen again.” Even though she knew that Mu Tingfeng had meant no harm, Zhao Youlin still felt a little uncomfortable about taking her own things without telling her.

Mu Tingfeng naturally understood this as well. Looking at Zhao Youlin’s slightly awkward look, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “Mm, it won’t happen again.”

Mu Tingfeng’s cooperation made Zhao Youlin’s expression slightly better. However, when she thought of Mu Tingfeng’s words just now, Zhao Youlin’s expression became solemn again.

Mu Tingfeng looked at Zhao Youlin’s frowning face and felt a little heavy-hearted. He said somewhat helplessly, “Lu Xiangtian’s too powerful a man. We won’t get anything out of him so easily.”

How could Zhao Youlin not know this? However, she never wanted anything to do with him. These people seemed to insist on dragging her into their troubles.

Lu Xiangtian just had to pester her. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to give up just like that. This time, she had narrowly escaped because of the group of bandits who had suddenly appeared. What about next time? How would she avoid that person’s questions the next time?

Even if the Mu family and the Zhao family joined forces, they would not be able to escape this brutal man. Was he really going to drag her whole family down for her?

Even so, she was not going to give up on this necklace. It was hers. Why should she give it to him? There was not even a reason. At least, she would know what relationship the owner of this necklace had with him. There were grudges, feelings, and hatred.

Mu Tingfeng looked at the unwillingness and resentment in Zhao Youlin’s eyes. In the end, he couldn’t hold it in and said, “We may not have the ability to find out about Lu Xiangtian, but there is one person who might be able to.”

“Who is it?” Zhao Youlin was stunned for a moment, and her eyes lit up.

“The former master of the Su family, our great-uncle.”

“The former master of the Su Family?” Zhao Youlin was stunned and suddenly understood.

That’s right, the Su family and the Lu family used to work together, but that was in the past. The Su family eventually moved to legitimate businesses. Even so, the Su family and the Lu family still maintained friendly ties. It was not a bad idea to ask the Su family to investigate the Lu family, but…

“This… will it implicate the Su Family?” Zhao Youlin frowned and was a little worried.

Although Lu Xiangtian still seemed to respect the former master of the Su family, how much could they push that man?

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