Fourth Prince's Debauchery-Chapter 732: The Sixth Plan

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Chapter 732: The Sixth Plan

Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction.

As an Immortal, he was responsible for annihilating countless races and destroying innumerable worlds.

But like everything in this universe, his life eventually came to an end.

[… It was a good end. I lived a fulfilling life.] Bringer of End's voice came from the destructive mana around us. It was a remanent of his thoughts, a vestige of his existence that would fade away quickly.

"Goodbye. I'm honored of having fought against you."

[Is it so? Hahaha, that is good. Farewell, my friend. Enjoy your remaining life. And don't die too soon.]

"I will try." I nodded.

Just like that, the last remanent of his consciousness disappeared.

A powerful Immortal that brought terror and ruin to thousands of civilizations, ceased to exist.

"At the end of the day, nothing in this universe is truly everlasting. Not even Immortals like us." Ysnay said with a wry smile.

I nodded with a complicated expression.

Nothing lasts forever. Not even us.

Even if Immortals like us can, in theory, live forever, most Immortals die before reaching one hundred thousand years old.

Few live further than that, and even they perish eventually.

Perhaps, that is the most basic law of the universe. Life and death. Creation and destruction.

Even the universe will perish eventually, sowing the seeds for the birth of a new universe.

Just then, Ysnay staggered.

I was startled. When I looked towards her, I realized that her body was slowly fading away.

Her legs were turning into colorful dust, that eventually became mana and fused with the world.

"… It looks like my time has reached an end as well." Ysnay's expression was complicated.

I looked at her silently. Through my senses, I could feel how her existence slowly faded away.

This time, there was no coming back from dead. She had sacrificed her entire existence, including her path to Immortality, to allow me to kill Bringer of End, and as a result, she was going to disappear as well.

"Could it be that you are sad, my love?" She asked playfully.

"… I am. No matter how bad our relationship is, you are one of my few friends across my endless years wandering through the universe."

"I'm glad to hear that. But don't be sad. I plan to leave something behind."

As soon as Ysnay finished speaking, she waved her hand, and something appeared in her arms.

A child.

A little girl around one-year-old, with raven-black hair and obsidian-like black eyes. She was looking at us with an innocent smile on her face, giggling occasionally as she reached her hands out to us.

When I looked at her, my body froze completely.

"… My bloodline."

Ysnay smiled. "Yes, she is your child, William. Our child."

I was dumbfounded. Wait wait wait…

"It's not possible. I was careful to not give you my seed when I slept with you."

"I'm a witch that governs over fate, my love. It was hard, but I managed to get your seed without you noticing. I gave birth to her inside an alternate dimension with a different flow of time, so she is one year old already."

I was dumbfounded.

But after a while, I just smiled bitterly.

"… It looks like I was not careful enough, huh. Is it your sixth plan?"

"Surprised? I know that a child is not enough to make you accept me by your side. But if it's just the child, you can accept her.

"She is the fruit of my love for you, William. I gave her my path to Immortality and engrave my love for you deeply into her soul. She is not me, but in a certain way, she is also me.

"As long as she is by your side, a part of me will stay beside you."

By this point in time, Ysnay's body had mostly faded away. Only her head, her torso, and her arms remained.

With a gentle smile on her face, Ysnay extended the child towards me.<

"… What is her name?" I asked as I held her small body.

"Ysnay, just like me. Is it selfish of me to name her like me? That way, you will never forget me."

"It is... Her name will be Ysnay."

"Thank you, please take care of her."

"I will."

"What a shame. I would have liked to accompany you for much longer, but my time has come to an end... Goodbye, my love. Meeting you was the most fortunate thing in my life."

"Goodbye Ysnay. If I could turn back time, I wish that things could be different between us."

"I wish the same." With the most beautiful smile I had seen on her, Ysnay caressed my cheek.

Then, her body dispersed in the air, leaving behind nothing that could prove her existence.

Only the little girl in my arms could make people remember her.

"Even Immortals die as well, huh."

Today, two Immortals died.

One was my enemy, and another was my friend.

I did not cry for either of them, but I was certainly sad.

With complicated emotions in my mind, I kissed the forehead of my child.

"Let's go home, little Ysnay. Do you know? Your mother was the greatest Seer in the universe."

"And I'm sure that when you grow up, she will be proud of you."