Genius Summoner-Chapter 1083 - I Don't Owe You Anything (2)

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Chapter 1083: I Don’t Owe You Anything (2)

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“The championship this time is indeed an opportunity. If the venue isn’t on the floating island, but on the island he’s on, we might be able to investigate it ourselves.” You Yue pondered for a while and said as he looked at Yun Feng. “If you would like to, Feng.”

“Humph! That man with peach-blossom eyes is really good at causing trouble!” Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain. Yun Feng only smiled helplessly. Mo Changge was indeed not a obedient person. If the venue of the event this time would really be on that island, she would definitely take this opportunity to find out. She only hoped that he wouldn’t cause any trouble.

“If he really causes trouble, just get rid of him and let the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master come to the Central Region to deal with it himself.” Qu Lanyi smiled very coldly. He hated it when other people’s matters affected Yun Feng. He already had enough burden on his shoulders. If other people wanted to add more, he didn’t mind kicking them aside one by one!

“We’ll talk about it when the time comes. It depends on the location. If it’s not on that island, there’s nothing I can do. I can only put Mo Changge aside for now.” In Yun Feng’s mind, the headquarters of the Yun family was the top priority. Even if she couldn’t find Mo Changge, she had to go to the headquarters of the Yun family and wouldn’t be delayed by anyone. Even if she found Mo Changge, Yun Feng wouldn’t bring him to the headquarters of the Yun family. The relationship between Mo Changge and Yun Feng was just so-so.

“Speaking of which, the request made by the Fifth Elder is indeed strange. Why does he have to be the accompanying elder this time?” Qu Lanyi was very confused. He was still worried that the Fifth Elder had other thoughts about Yun Feng in his mind. Yun Feng chuckled. “Don’t think too much. I’ve been with the Fifth Elder for a while. He’s quite sincere and isn’t someone who values ranking. Speaking of this trip, I’m afraid there’s something he can’t say. It should be related to the other two academies.”

“Humph, we’ll know when the time comes anyway. It’s not bad to get the first place. Let those snobbish guys of the Juxing School see it clearly!” Qu Lanyi had been angry about the treatment Yun Feng received when she first entered the Juxing School. This was an opportunity.

Yun Feng nodded with a smile and glanced at You Yue. “Brother, you have to participate this time. Unlike the others, you only need to do this for yourself.”

You Yue’s body trembled. He looked at Yun Feng deeply and was very excited in his mind. “Yes, got it.”

During the ranking contest of the inner campus of the Juxing School, the families would send a few people to watch. The You family would definitely do the same. How would You Yue not know? He wasn’t doing this for anyone in the ranking contest this time, but for himself! To make himself proud, he had to show the You family who he had turned into!

Time passed quietly as they prepared. In the two months, a tense and lively atmosphere appeared in the entire Juxing School. The nervousness belonged to the inner campus and the excitement belonged to the outer campus. The disciples of the outer campus and most people of the inner campus didn’t participate in the ranking contest this time. As bystanders, they were certainly full of anticipation and excitement and they were also discussing the situation this time in secret. The disciples participating in the ranking contest all showed a nervous posture. As time approached, the nervousness almost reached the peak. In a blink, the ranking contest was about to begin.

In the first half month of the ranking contest, representatives of large and small families also arrived one after another. Those civilian families weren’t qualified to enter the Juxing School, so only some young people were helping the civilians. They seemed quite energetic. The small families and mid-level families also rushed over one after another. There weren’t many people and they didn’t dare to send too many. There were only about two representatives from each family. Juxing School probably made a request. This wasn’t a site for tour, so they certainly couldn’t send as many people as they wanted.

The few families in the Thousand Peak City also arrived. The You family’s master and a young man were here this time. The other families all came up to greet the You family’s master warmly when they saw him. You Bai was quite famous in the Juxing School. He was the disciple that the Fourth Elder was most proud of. This title was enough to make the You family’s master happy for a long time.

“Master You, it seems that You Bai will definitely achieve something this time!”

“Right, right, we’ll wait and see!”

“Although the ranking contest hasn’t started yet, congratulations, Master You!”

The You family’s master greeted them with a smile on his face and was indescribably delighted in his mind. You Bai got fourth place in the last ranking contest. Even though he didn’t enter the top three, he was still very close and even surpassed the members of the four families! The You family’s master was delighted at that time. You Bai could be said to have gained enough face for the You family and was also the key to letting the You family rise to this point!

“Master You, someone is already congratulating you before the competition begins. You’re truly lucky!” A jealous voice came. Master You turned around and saw that it was the Master of the Zhao family. There was more or less a grudge between the You family and the Zhao family because of Yun Feng. They didn’t like each other. The two sons of the Master of the Zhao family were still paralyzed. There was nowhere for them to vent the fury in their hearts. When they saw that the Master of the You family was in high spirits, he certainly didn’t feel good.

“Master Zhao, what are you talking about? Those few nephews of the Zhao family will definitely get good results this time.” Master You was proud in his mind, but he looked very humble on his face. Master Zhao was even more enraged in his mind when he saw this. He suddenly thought of something and chuckled. “Thank you for your kind words, Master You. However, I heard from someone a while ago that You Bai lost all his face in the pharmaceutical branch. I wonder if Master You knows about this?”

The You family’s master’s expression changed slightly and he was a bit embarrassed. He had certainly heard about the pharmaceutical branch competition, but he didn’t know the details. He only knew that You Bai’s first place in the pharmaceutical branch was gone and the attention he received in the past was gone. This was quite a huge blow for the You family.

“Humph! The You family doesn’t care about that!” The young man on the side was young and energetic after all, so he immediately said angrily. The Master of the Zhao family was immediately amused after hearing that. “The You family is quite bold. Haha, the Master of the You family should get prepared for the ranking contest this time. If you embarrass yourself, you must think of a way out.”

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