Genius Summoner-Chapter 1084 - I Don’t Owe You Anything (3)

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Chapter 1084: I Don��t Owe You Anything (3)

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The young man was about to speak angrily, but Master You turned around and stopped him with a glare. He chuckled. ��Master Zhao, you don��t have to worry about that.��

The Master of the Zhao family snorted coldly and turned around to leave, while the Master of the You family looked rather gloomy. ��Father, why did you let that person mock you? Brother You Bai is so capable. How can he lose to someone else? Someone must��ve spread the rumor!��

Master You��s eyebrows moved. He didn��t know if it was a rumor, but it was indeed true that You Bai lost to someone else. The situation at that time was probably as the rumor said. You Bai lost face. Thinking of this, Master You��s heart sank and his original confidence also dropped a bit. If something happened to You Bai in the ranking contest this time, then the future of the You familya�|

A few days before the ranking contest began, the people of the four major families finally came. After all, they were the four major families. It was only right that the leaders of the floating island came in the end. Besides, the people from the four major families who came weren��t the elders of the families. They were all the second-in-commands, which was obviously different from those small families.

When the representatives of the four families came, someone from the Juxing School certainly came to welcome them in person. The representative sent by the Gong family this time was the brother of the Gong family��s master. The members of the Gong family all called him the second master. He was also someone with a lot of real power in the Gong family. Apart from the second master, there were two young people following him. They looked very young and they were certainly brought here to see the world.

The other three families were basically the same. One old and the other two young. The members of the four families were immediately welcomed to the inner campus, which made the inner campus much more lively. When the news spread, Yun Feng was with Gong Tianqing in the pharmaceutical branch. The news that the four families came to the inner campus came as expected.

��You��re not going to take a look?�� Yun Feng raised her brows and glanced at Gong Tianqing. There was a lot of teasing in her words. Gong Tianqing pursed her lips. ��Those people from the Gong family told me earlier that they wanted me to go over at this time. Hm! I can��t be bothered to go.��

Yun Feng chuckled. ��You��re quite bold.��

A hint of disdain flashed through Gong Tianqing��s eyes. ��It��s not that I��m bold. Why should I welcome them when they��re here? Who am I to them? Who are they to me? What does it have to do with me?��

Yun Feng raised her brows. ��Believe it or not, they��ll come to you even if you don��t welcome them.��

Gong Tianqing��s black eyes glittered. ��So what if they come looking for me? I won��t forget anything in the past. I��ll walk alone in the future!��

Yun Feng chuckled and didn��t say anything else. The two of them got along quietly in the pharmaceutical branch. The other parts of the inner campus were completely lively. When the members of the four families met, they inevitably had to exchange small talks. The members of the Gong family certainly had to report Gong Tianqing��s huge change, especially about her friendship with Yun Feng. 𝒇𝘳ℯℯ𝚠𝙚𝑏𝗻𝑜ѵ𝑒𝙡.co𝑚

The second master sat there and listened carefully. He only found it unbelievable. Gong Tianqing, that useless person, had changed so much. She could be considered a salted fish turning over a new leaf! ��That Feng Yun you��re talking about, did she really get in through the Gong family��s back door?��

The few members of the Gong family all nodded. Thinking of this, the second master couldn��t help but smile. His brother didn��t usually take care of the affairs of the Gong family. At most, he would step in when something big happened. Usually, he was the one who took care of these trivial matters. However, the few spots his brother gave out this time would get a lot of benefits for the Gong family.

��Since she used the Gong family��s spot, she certainly owes the Gong family a favor,�� said the second master with a smile. Then, his expression changed. ��Gong Tianqing won��t be able to do anything big even if she has changed. However, we can make good use of her relationship with Feng Yun. Where��s Gong Tianqing?��

The members of the Gong family looked at each other. When the second master learned that Gong Tianqing didn��t come, he couldn��t help but feel enraged. Even if she made a comeback, wouldn��t she still be a member of the Gong family? Did she really think that she had grown wings? If it weren��t for the spot of the Gong family back then, would she have been able to come to Juxing? Despite the huge favor she had received from the Gong family, she had the face not to come right now!

Most members of the Gong family were people who valued interests and were cold. They weren��t very big-hearted, especially the second master, who cared about trivial matters. He was surprisingly petty and was thousands of miles away from the open-minded personality of the Gong family��s master.

��Tell Gong Tianqing to come here tomorrow! Don��t let me find her myself!�� After the second master said that, the few young people of the Gong family didn��t say anything. After a while, they finally said, ��Second master, I think you should find her yourself.��

��What? You asked me to find her in person! Who is she?��

��Second Mastera�| There��s something you don��t know. Gong Tianqing is living in the yard of the pharmaceutical branch��s elder.��

��What? She lives there?�� The second master was quite shocked and his heart also pounded a few times. Perhaps this salted fish didn��t change a little, but a lot? Was she even talented in making medicine? If that was the case, it would be quite beneficial for the Gong family!

��That��s right. I heard that the potion elder treats her very well. I think you should go there yourself, Second Master.��

The anger of the second master was completely swept away. He thought carefully for a while. The potion elder treated that salted fish quite well. It seemed that she was indeed talented in potions, or she wouldn��t have lived in the pharmaceutical branch. That was good! He would go there himself!

While the second master was thinking, he didn��t know the reason why the potion elder was so good to Gong Tianqing. Wasn��t it all because of Yun Feng?

The next day, the second mater rushed to the pharmaceutical branch excitedly. Coincidentally, Yun Feng came to find Gong Tianqing on this day and met him outside the door of the pharmaceutical branch. The two of them walked over from the opposite side and glanced at each other. Yun Feng smiled, but the second master glanced at her and directly walked past her. Yun Feng looked at the back of the second master and chuckled. It seemed that this man was here to find Tianqing.

��Potion Elder, I��m the second master from the Gong familya�|�� Yun Feng��s guess was confirmed when she heard the voice from inside. There was no one around in the pharmaceutical branch right now. The disciples were all busy with the ranking contest and didn��t have the time to study pharmaceuticals at all, so she could hear everything clearly outside as there wasn��t much noise inside.