Genius Summoner-Chapter 1169 - 1169 I'm Furious (1)

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1169 I’m Furious (1)

“Kid, don’t think that you can brag in front of me just because you have some ability! My means aren’t something you can imagine at all!” Leng Mi attacked with a stream of fighting energy, but it was instantly split open by the lightning element of Er Lei. A pair of faint purple light flashed out from the back of Er Lei’s messy hair.

“Old bastard, show me what you’ve got! Don’t just talk here!” Er Lei roared in disdain. Leng Mi’s face was extremely gloomy. Apparently, he was completely enraged by Er Lei’s arrogant and provocative words. He immediately flipped his hand and a talisman appeared.

“F*ck, I expected something better!” Seeing the talisman, Er Lei roared in disdain. Leng Mi raised his head and laughed. “Ignorant animal! Do you think this talisman will be the same as the one I handed over?” Leng Mi immediately put his hands together and activated his fighting energy crazily. The talisman suddenly shook violently and absorbed Leng Mi’s fighting energy in an instant!

Power fluctuations came out of the talisman faintly. Er Lei was suddenly startled. This power fluctuation…

Qu Lanyi immediately cursed in a low voice, “Oh no, the attack power of this talisman isn’t something Er Lei can resist!”

Yun Feng’s heart immediately tightened. Er Lei couldn’t even withstand it! There was actually a master with such strength among those mysterious men in black!

“Buzz!” A strong explosion suddenly sounded. Leng Mi smiled crazily as his fighting energy kept infusing into the talisman. The energy fluctuation became more and more intense and balls of thick black fog also oozed out of the talisman. Leng Mi suddenly extended his hand and stuck the talisman in his palm. Like a long mouth, dark elements that were as thick as ink instantly surged out, even mixed with crazy shouts, rushing straight over!

“Er Lei!” Yun Feng shouted. The attack speed of the dark elements in the talisman was so fast that she didn’t have time to react at all. A thick black fog suddenly swallowed Er Lei’s body and a dazzling white light suddenly flashed into the black fog. Yun Feng squeezed her hand and the white light quickly entered the dragon-shaped jade pendant in her hand!

That was close!

The thick black fog suddenly became furious, as if it found that its prey had flown away just like that. It immediately turned around and aimed at Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, opening its mouth and pouncing over!

“Let me see whose dark elements are stronger!” His dazzling black eyes suddenly turned red. Red light that was as red as blood suddenly bloomed, emitting dazzling brilliance in the dark night. Qu Lanyi extended his arm and opened his hand. His thin lips curled up with a cruel smile. “Darkness… Devour!”

“Whoosh!” Dark elements flew out of Qu Lanyi’s palm. They were also thick like ink, but they carried an even stronger power! The two masses of dark elements collided fiercely. Yun Feng seemed to be able to hear faint screams the moment they collided. The two masses of dark elements intertwined and bit and collided with each other desperately, trying to swallow the other party!

“It seems that I’m the better one.” The bloodthirsty smile on the corners of his thin lips became more and more evil. His beautiful eyes, which were as red as gems, were glittering with blood-red light. He bent his slender and beautiful fingers and squeezed them together fiercely. The two balls of dark elements that were tearing each other seemed to be victorious in an instant. The dark elements released by Leng Mi were pressed down fiercely by Qu Lanyi’s dark elements!

“Ahhhh!” Leng Mi suddenly roared. Qu Lanyi glanced over and couldn’t help but laugh more bloody. “Why? Are you still struggling?”

The dark elements released by the talisman suddenly extended a long black tail and stabbed straight into Leng Mi’s body! Leng Mi only felt that the fighting energy inside his body was being swallowed by the dark elements desperately and he couldn’t help but let out a series of deep roars. Leng Mi’s eyes were so red that they almost popped out of the eye sockets. His eyeballs were full of blood vessels, looking extremely terrifying. His fighting energy was forcibly dragged away just like that!

Leng Mi wanted to refuse and stop him. He even tried his best to pull out the talisman stuck in his hand, but the dark elements he released wouldn’t do what he wanted at all. The dark elements needed power, and he was the source and provider of this power!

The long tail of the dark elements stabbed straight into Leng Mi’s body and absorbed the fighting energy in Leng Mi’s body desperately, increasing their power several times. As they absorbed the fighting energy, they pounced at Qu Lanyi again. Qu Lanyi sneered. “It’s just struggling!”

Red light flashed in his eyes. Qu Lanyi’s dark elements suddenly opened their mouths and swallowed all the other party’s dark elements! There were muffled sounds and struggles. The dark elements seemed to be wrapping souls. She could hear the sound of souls being torn apart and crying every time they were torn! Yun Feng didn’t know if there was something wrong with her hearing. She wasn’t sure if the vague screams she heard really existed. When Qu Lanyi fought with the dark elements that were absorbing Leng Qi’s fighting energy crazily, a scorching temperature suddenly spread from Yun Feng’s neck!

Yun Feng suddenly felt an extremely scorching temperature coming out of the black jade pendant on her neck. Just like last time, when there were dark elements, especially when there was such a strong and intense collision, the black jade pendant seemed to be woken up and was ready to move, as if boiling blood was suddenly injected into it!

Yun Feng suddenly reached out and touched the jade pendant on her neck, enveloping the scorching temperature in her palm. As the battle continued, the temperature coming from her palm became hotter and hotter. Yun Feng could even feel a suppressed anger faintly coming from this black jade pendant!

“What exactly is this…” The cold water element couldn’t help but flow out of her hand and slowly enveloped the entire black jade pendant, but it couldn’t reduce the scorching temperature. The water element almost evaporated soon!

“Master, what exactly is this?” Lan Yi’s anxious voice sounded. Then, Little Fire and Yaoyao’s voices also sounded. “Xiao Feng, what’s wrong?”

“Master, throw this thing away quickly!”

Yun Feng wanted to say something, but the worried voices of the three contracted Magic Beasts kept echoing in her mind. She wanted to say something, but she found that her voice seemed to have dried up. The scorching temperature of the black jade pendant spread to her body for some reason. Her entire body was also burning inexplicably. The temperature gradually rose, as if it was going to evaporate all the blood in her body from the inside!

Yun Feng raised her head and glanced at Qu Lanyi, who was focused on the battle and didn’t notice Yun Feng’s situation. Yun Feng wanted to say something, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the scorching temperature suddenly increased and a dizziness attacked her mind. Yun Feng’s body softened and she closed her black eyes tightly.

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