Genius Summoner-Chapter 1170 - 1170 I’m Furious (2)

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1170 I’m Furious (2)

“Fengfeng!” Qu Lanyi suddenly noticed that something was wrong with Yun Feng. His hand accidentally touched Yun Feng’s bare skin and a scorching heat immediately came. His red eyes were startled and he glanced at the black jade pendant on Yun Feng’s neck fiercely.

“How dare you hurt her like this! I’ll suppress you with my life!” Qu Lanyi turned around and the scarlet light suddenly became deeper. The concentration of dark elements suddenly increased. “And you, I don’t have the patience to play with you anymore.”

Yun Feng was a bit dizzy at this moment, as if her entire soul was wandering outside of her body. She was a bit confused and didn’t know where she was. There was nothing around except darkness. This situation gave her a slightly familiar feeling. She had experienced it a long time ago. A thought suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s mind. Right, it was when she first transmigrated to this world!

Hm, so hot!

The moment she woke up, the scorching heat inside her body made Yun Feng think that she would burn. She wanted to get rid of the heat in her body, but she suddenly found that her limbs were completely stiff. More precisely, they didn’t listen to any of her commands anymore.

“Little Fire? Lan Yi? Yaoyao?” Yun Feng called out tentatively in her mind, but there was silence in response. The three contracted Magic Beasts seemed to have never existed. Yun Feng couldn’t feel the aura of any Magic Beasts. “Qu Lanyi?” Yun Feng called out loudly. She found that she was the only one who could move and open her mouth at this moment.

In the darkness, her voice spread and repeated endlessly. Nobody replied. Yun Feng finally knew clearly that she was the only one in this place. However, where was this place? Could it be the world inside the black jade pendant?

Yun Feng frowned suspiciously and didn’t dare to act rashly. She only tested the spiritual space in her body carefully. The spiritual space didn’t change at all, but all contact with outsiders and even contracted Magic Beasts had been cut off.

“Crash… Crash…” The sound of something dragging on the ground came from the depths of the distant darkness. Yun Feng was shocked. So, there were other things or people! “Crash…” The sound was vague. Yun Feng endured the rising heat inside her body and wanted to go to the source of the sound. Even though her limbs were stiff, her body moved forward voluntarily, as if it understood Yun Feng’s thoughts.

“Crash…” The sound kept getting closer and closer. As Yun Feng got closer and closer, she could hear it more and more clearly. It was the sound of chains sliding on the ground. Where exactly was this place and who was tied up by these chains?

“Crash… Crash… Crash!” The sound of the chains suddenly changed. The guy, who was pacing nonstop, suddenly stopped, as if he had noticed Yun Feng’s approach! Yun Feng also stopped abruptly and froze there, holding her breath. She looked at the pure darkness in front of her eyes and unconsciously focused on a certain point. Only tiny breaths floated out. 𝘧𝒓e𝑒𝑤e𝙗𝚗o𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝐜𝐨m

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!” A weird laugh suddenly sounded. Yun Feng’s scalp was hot and numb after hearing that. She subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave, but her body was stiffened there completely uncontrollably and the sound of chains dragging on the ground was getting closer and closer…

“Hehehe, I didn’t expect you to come in.” After the laughter, the voice finally returned to normal. Yun Feng rolled her eyes slightly. The voice came from all directions and she couldn’t tell where it was at all.

“You know me?” Yun Feng said with a calm voice. “Hehehe, aren’t you afraid? Of course I know you, Yun Feng!” The voice suddenly turned from a weird laugh to a roar, as if it was venting the anger it had accumulated for a long time. As it shouted the last name, a pair of huge red eyes suddenly appeared in front of Yun Feng, tearing apart the silence in the darkness!

Yun Feng stared at the giant red eyes that suddenly appeared in front of her. There was rolling anger, unwillingness and resentment in it. Such negative emotions made Yun Feng feel the inner world of the guy in front of her clearly without talking. “Where is this place? And who are you?” Yun Feng was still not afraid at all. Even though she sensed such strong emotions, the expression on her face didn’t change at all.

The giant red eyes narrowed slightly and glanced at her a few times. The weird laughter started again. “Hehe, you’re asking me where this is? Don’t you know? This is the world inside your body, the place where I’m imprisoned!”

The heat inside her body kept burning again. Yun Feng frowned and felt that her limbs could already move. She moved them slightly a few times and her stiff body made a sound. Yun Feng raised her head. “The inner world of my body?” There was such a place in her body? Yun Feng thought about it carefully and found it a bit understandable. She wasn’t the original soul of this body. When she attached herself to this body, there would inevitably be some parts that didn’t match. There would be gaps before the soul and body fused 100%. The mind and body couldn’t match perfectly and such spatial gaps could exist.

“Yes! Damn it, damn the Yun family. When I come out, I’ll definitely not let you go!” Hot hatred burst out of the giant red eyes again. Yun Feng was puzzled. The Yun family? Was everything related to the Yun family? Who let it in? Was it her sullen father? Or someone else?

What kind of secret was the Yun family hiding?

“I know everything you’ve been through. Those people’s ultimate goal is to find me! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so concerned about the Yun family! As long as you hand me over to them, the Yun family will certainly be free of worries!”

Yun Feng looked at those giant red eyes for a while and suddenly smiled. “What’s your name?”

Shock flashed through the giant red eyes, followed by strong anger. “You’re not qualified to know my name!”

Yun Feng raised her brows and moved her stiff shoulders. “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell. You’re locked in my body. So, can I let you out?”

“That’s right! But you can’t do it at all right now. And you have to…”

“Stop, stop, stop. You don’t have to say anything.” Yun Feng waved her hand. The creature looked at her in shock. It was obviously different from what it expected. Shouldn’t she be afraid? Shouldn’t she be trembling? Shouldn’t she listen to it? Why was she so indifferent right now?