Genius Summoner - Chapter 927 - The Seal Is Open (4)

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Chapter 927: The Seal Is Open (4)

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Three days passed in a blink. Yun Feng didn’t know how the other four summoners were preparing. She didn’t do anything on the surface, but she had inherited something very important from her master, so she had more trump cards in her hands. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai were put into the Dragon Palace, and the three contracted Magic Beasts returned to their respective Rings of Contract. When Yun Feng came to the place where they gathered last time, she found that everyone else had already arrived.

The leader of the three halls, the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu, the other four summoners, and Ling, of course. “Miss Yun, you’re here.” Ling smiled at Yun Feng. Yun Feng nodded. The other four summoners looked tense and serious, but their eyes were more or less filled with confidence. They must have prepared a lot.

“Now that everyone is here, the master of the Ling family will send you in later.” After saying that, Ling handed everyone a small jade pendant. Yun Feng took the jade pendant and touched it with her finger, but didn’t notice anything different.

“The situation inside might be extremely dangerous. Please take care of yourselves. Summoners are precious resources. Once you crush this jade pendant, you’ll be sent back here safely. If you lose the jade pendant, please be responsible for the consequences.”

The summoners all looked different after hearing that. They immediately put the jade pendant away carefully, while Yun Feng casually put the jade pendant in her bracelet. “Now that you’re ready, we can begin.”

Ling Tiansu took a step forward and glanced at the five of them coldly. “Stand here. I’m going to open the space seal.”

All the summoners arrived at Ling Tiansu’s designated place. The five of them formed a small circle and Ling slowly moved to Yun Feng’s side. Ling Tiansu waved his big hand and the space where the five of them were located suddenly distorted violently. A kind of powerful perception of space came out of Ling Tiansu’s movements. Even Yun Feng, who had reached the Lord Level, couldn’t be sure that her control of space surpassed Ling Tiansu’s.

As Ling Tiansu moved, the space around Yun Feng became even more distorted. Yun Feng suddenly remembered that Yao Guang’s control of space seemed to be a bit similar to that of the Ling family’s master. However, Yao Guang was more familiar with it and had better control of space.

The space seal had already been removed. Yun Feng felt a different aura slowly rising. At this moment, a warm hand held Yun Feng’s gently. Ling’s gentle voice brushed past like the wind. “Miss Yun, please come back safely.”

Yun Feng was stunned. Ling had already retracted his hand quickly. At the same time, Ling Tiansu shouted, “Open!”

Yun Feng only felt a crazy pressure surging towards her from all directions. Her entire body had already distorted and deformed because of this pressure! The aura of a Lord immediately surged out. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. The space that was already distorted to the extreme gradually eased under the power of this aura!

Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng a few more times, but only a few times. The next second, the five of them had already disappeared from this space!

The strong pressure kept coming. The other four summoners had already shouted in pain. The bodies of the five of them were quickly passing through a distorted space. Yun Feng was the only one who didn’t say anything. Under such a strong pressure, only she could remain calm!

The space around her kept changing and changing again! Yun Feng, who was at the Lord Level, was gradually feeling exhausted. Her control of space was still very shallow. If Mu Canghai or Yao Guang were here, it wouldn’t be a problem!

After Yun Feng frowned hard, the crazy squeezing finally disappeared completely, as if she had been reborn. The five summoners suddenly jumped out of the distorted space channel. The other four summoners were obviously in a much mess. Their clothes had already been torn apart in this crazy squeezing. There were more or less wounds on their bare skin. The four of them were extremely pale and it seemed that they weren’t feeling good inside their bodies.


On the other hand, apart from being slightly pale, Yun Feng didn’t have any injuries on her body and her clothes weren’t damaged at all. The other four summoners lay on the ground panting heavily. If they had to go through this again, they would probably vomit.

Yun Feng calmed her breath slightly and started to size up the situation around her. They were on a ridge, which could be said to be a high point. There was a lush forest below the ridge and a vast plain on the other side of the ridge. Birds flew past from time to time and there were even relaxed herbivores on the plain.

“This is the sealed space?” The other four summoners had already calmed down and looked around like Yun Feng. They were a bit surprised after looking around. They originally thought that this sealed space was either a barren space or nothing. They didn’t expect it to be such a harmonious scene. If they stood here without being told anything, they wouldn’t be able to imagine that there was a giant beast with unpredictable abilities sealed here!

“It should be here. We were indeed sent to this space. There shouldn’t be any mistake.” Another summoner said as he looked at the ridge where the few of them were. “I say, the five of us have been teleported here. It’s time to discuss what to do.”

“Discuss? Do we still need to discuss? Summoners aren’t alone. We don’t need to move with others at all!”

“Hm! That’s good. I don’t have to waste my breath anymore!”

The other summoners looked at each other with an unknown expression. Summoners were different from other professions. They certainly weren’t weak with a Magic Beast to accompany them. Even though the ability of that giant beast was unknown and its strength was extraordinary, everyone had their own thoughts. They certainly didn’t want to share anything good with everyone. There was only one giant beast, so it was certainly first come, first served. Whoever had the ability would get it!

“Yun Feng, what do you think?” asked a summoner. Among the five of them, Yun Feng was the strongest and was at the Lord Level. The other four summoners were all at the Monarch Level. Even though they were of different levels, they were all quite strong. As the strongest person, Yun Feng certainly had the right to speak.

“Up to you,” said Yun Feng casually. She wouldn’t have moved with these people anyway. It was convenient for her to go alone.

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