Genius Summoner - Chapter 928 - The Hooded Man Appears (1)

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Chapter 928: The Hooded Man Appears (1)

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“If that’s the case, let’s fight with our own strength!” After saying that, the summoner who spoke first immediately extended his arm and a ball of green light sounded from his Ring of Contract, turning into a giant owl in the air. The summoner jumped on the back of the giant owl and left quite impressively.

“Humph! What a showoff!” The other three summoners also grunted in disdain. One of them left first, so the others certainly couldn’t fall behind. The other three immediately summoned their Magic Beasts and flew in one direction respectively. In a blink, only Yun Feng was left on this ridge.

Seeing that the other four people couldn’t wait to leave, Yun Feng only smiled lightly. The dragon-shaped jade pendant appeared in her hand and two balls of light appeared. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai showed up. Qu Lanyi looked around. “They’re quite anxious. They don’t understand one thing. Greed is the cause of disaster.”

Yun Feng smiled lightly and looked at the scenery around her. There was a ridge and a plain on one side. This space was extremely vast. It was so peaceful that she couldn’t detect where this giant beast was hiding at all. Where should she start?

Mu Canghai caressed his gray eyes with his finger and looked around carefully. In the end, he shook his head. “There’s nothing special about this space. It seems that I have to search carefully.”

“Search carefully? This space looks very vast. It’ll only be a waste of time to search randomly.” Qu Lanyi touched his chin. “According to the Summoning Union, this giant beast is active. Since it’s active, there must be traces.”

Yun Feng nodded. “The traces of activity will definitely be quite obvious, but are they in the forest or the plain?”

The three of them immediately fell silent. Yun Feng’s eyes suddenly brightened as she flipped her hand. The earth-element Magic Beast that was intercepted halfway during the auction showed up. When this earth-element Magic Beast appeared, the three of them were all shocked! The moment the earth-element Magic Beast appeared, an indescribable fragrance came out of its body. This was a smell that made people extremely hungry when they smelled it. To be precise, this smell could arouse a huge appetite!

After the earth-element Magic Beast appeared, it lay on the ground obediently and didn’t dare to move at all. The smell on its body drifted away gently with the breeze. Qu Lanyi sniffed the smell and suddenly smiled, showing his white teeth. “I’m tempted by this smell.”

Yun Feng couldn’t figure out anything about this earth-element Magic Beast no matter how she studied it before, but she didn’t expect there to be such a huge reaction in this space. The smell of appetite was so strong! Even she couldn’t help but feel a bit hungry. Yun Feng sized up this earth-element Magic Beast again with her black eyes. At this moment, Mu Canghai’s gray eyes suddenly glittered and he turned his body in one direction.

“There’s movement over there! Even though the space has changed slightly, there’s indeed movement!”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi looked at each other with the same thought in their minds! This earth-element Magic Beast seemed to be very useful. It was a bait! Yun Feng reached out and grabbed the earth-element Magic Beast in her hand. The earth-element Magic Beast moved slightly and let Yun Feng grab it, not daring to resist at all. The three figures finally moved and went in the direction of the anomaly in the space. There was no one on the ridge anymore. Only a strange fragrance drifted with the wind.

Even though this strange fragrance was subtle, the wind that swayed everywhere brought the fragrance further away. The four summoners, who were already running in their respective directions and wanted to be something, were a bit confused in their minds when the fragrance came with the wind. Their Magic Beasts were obviously getting out of control gradually. It was the first time the four summoners encountered such a situation. Feeling that their Magic Beasts were getting more and more anxious, only one name flashed through their minds: Yun Feng!

All of this must’ve been done by Yun Feng. That Lord-Level summoner must’ve used some special means! This fragrance couldn’t be simple! The four of them immediately changed their direction and followed the fragrance. These four summoners weren’t stupid at all. Their split-up back then was just a smokescreen. They all wanted to follow Yun Feng in secret. With a Lord-Level summoner leading the way, they were certainly happy to follow behind!

The summoners, who were originally going in different directions, immediately changed their direction and followed the fragrance to the same place gradually! The fragrance on the earth-element Magic Beast in Yun Feng’s hand gradually spread. All the creatures in this space noticed that a faint commotion was spreading!


“Fengfeng, you can put this thing away now,” Qu Lanyi said to Yun Feng. If this earth-element Magic Beast kept releasing the fragrance on his body outside, even he would probably have to sharpen his knife.

Yun Feng nodded. This Magic Beast was obviously the most effective bait. She just needed to find the location of that giant beast. It should be the same as what the man in the hood thought back then. However, this earth-element Magic Beast was really going to be the bait until the end if it were in the hands of the man in the hood.

Yun Feng put the earth-element Magic Beast back into her bracelet. The tempting fragrance still lingered and kept arousing the deep desire in the depths of her heart. Yun Feng calmed her mind and only felt that the temptation was so strong. This earth-element Magic Beast was truly a bit strange.

The three of them rushed all the way to the place where the space was moving. The other four summoners also didn’t want to fall behind. Gradually, everyone rushed in one direction. Yun Feng put away the earth-element Magic Beast again. Even though the fragrance was still there, the effect was obviously reduced. As the air flowed, it had already weakened a lot. The other four summoners also understood that once the fragrance disappeared, they would miss their only chance!

They wouldn’t allow Yun Feng to have all the good stuff!

“Tsk! They’re indeed here.” Qu Lanyi glanced behind coldly and the corners of his mouth curled up in disdain. Yun Feng also sneered. As a Lord, how could she not feel the aura of those four people? Besides, the Finger Spiritual Jade had already recorded their auras quietly. They couldn’t escape Yun Feng’s eyes no matter where they went!

Yun Feng took out the Finger Spiritual Jade and looked at the four glittering dots on it. They were approaching her from different directions. The four summoners weren’t stupid. They knew that they would get something if they followed her. “If they want to follow us, let them,” said Yun Feng casually. She suddenly flashed forward. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai both smiled casually and sped up, following Yun Feng!

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