Genius Summoner-Chapter 933 - Easy Task (3)

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Chapter 933: Easy Task (3)

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That was impossible! Dark elements surged out of the man’s body crazily again. The dark elements rushed towards Yun Feng like dancing ribbons and instantly entered her body!

“You can’t escape this time!” The hoarse voice of the man in the hood sounded, but the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth was even more obvious!

All the dark elements of the man in the hood were absorbed by the black jade pendant on Yun Feng’s neck. Yun Feng also felt the restless aura of the black jade pendant. There was an extremely greedy and even hungry aura slowly emitting from it! Yun Feng knew what it needed. She slowly took off the jade pendant with her finger. When the man in the hood saw this black jade pendant, his expression changed drastically!

“How did you get this?” The man’s voice was hoarse, as if it was squeezed out from the depths of his throat. “You have this!” The man’s scorching gaze glanced over again. Yun Feng held the black jade pendant in her hand tightly as she glanced over the patterns of the skeleton dragon on its back one by one.

“That thing isn’t something you can have!” The man in the hood stared at Yun Feng’s hand with scorching eyes. She even had this. What exactly was going on? Why did the Yun family have this?

Yun Feng sneered. “If I don’t deserve to have it, nor do you!” Holding the black jade pendant tightly, Yun Feng suddenly slapped it down and pressed it against the head of the giant beast under her feet!

“What?” The man in the hood roared when he saw what Yun Feng did! The moment the black jade pendant touched the beast’s head, an aura that had been suppressed for a long time spread slowly and invaded the beast’s body! The beast roared crazily with an extremely miserable voice!

“Hahaha, little girl, well done!” A laugh sounded in the thick fog. Yun Feng only saw a few beams of light coming. Then, the giant beast under her let out an even more painful sound and the black color in its eyes gradually faded!

The body of the hooded man wrapped in the robe trembled slightly. He clearly felt that the dark elements that penetrated the body of the giant beast were being swallowed crazily by the black jade pendant! His dark elements!

“Stop! Stop!” The man in the hood suddenly roared. The mage’s magic elements didn’t come out of thin air. They also contained his own mental strength! The man in the hood could control this giant beast by relying on the huge amount of dark elements that seeped into the giant beast’s body. This huge amount of dark elements contained his own mental strength! He didn’t have time to retract his mental strength at all right now and it had already been swallowed!

Yun Feng’s red lips carried a smile. Looking at the hooded man’s almost distorted face and hearing his crazy roars, feeling the black jade pendant in her hand swallowing crazily, her heart was burning with enthusiasm! “This time, I’ll make sure you don’t even have the strength to escape! This time, I’ll make you stay here forever!”

“Argh!” As the black jade pendant surged out again and swallowed the energy fiercely, the hooded man’s body cramped crazily. Half of the body that had already been embedded in the giant beast was being forced out and the giant beast under his control seemed to have regained its original consciousness!

Mental strength surged out of Yun Feng’s body and poured into the black jade pendant. After the black jade pendant absorbed Yun Feng’s mental strength, it suddenly let out a buzzing sound! The hooded man’s entire body had already left the giant beast’s body forcibly at this moment. His body that was as dry as firewood was like a skeleton!

The body of the man in the hood immediately floated forward. His speed was far faster than Yun Feng imagined!

“It’s mine!” Yun Feng only heard the hoarse and passionate voice of the man in the hood. The entire body of the man in the hood turned into black mist and pounced at Yun Feng’s hand! However, the moment the man in the hood got close, the black jade pendant suddenly shook and an ancient roar came from the jade pendant!

“Argh!” The man in the hood screamed as his body was instantly sent flying! Although Yun Feng was shocked in her mind, she immediately flew and chased after him. This time, she wouldn’t let him have any chance to escape!

“What exactly happened?” Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai, who were on the periphery, were both shocked. The power from the roar just then made both of them feel uneasy, especially Qu Lanyi. He stared ahead with his blood-red eyes. Suddenly, a figure wrapped in black elements flew out of the fog and turned around to escape!

Qu Lanyi’s blood-red eyes immediately turned black. Mu Canghai couldn’t help but grunt. “Hang in there! He can’t have any chance to escape this time!”

Mu Canghai nodded. Qu Lanyi had already flown forward and waved his hand. “Light Field!” Violent light elements flew out of Qu Lanyi’s palm. The retreating figure was completely blocked by the Light Field. His body, which was emitting dark elements, was completely trapped in the Light Field!

“Don’t even think about escaping this time!” A cold and furious shout came! Yun Feng’s body came out of the thick fog and there was already a dazzling ball of elements in her hand. Different elements overlapped on the surface, looking extremely dazzling!

“Argh!” A scream tore through the sky! This time, Yun Feng’s attack didn’t miss! It hit the top of the man’s chest and the elemental ball was sent into his body without any mistake!

The man in the hood screamed. His mental strength was already weak, and now that he was being pushed into such a fierce fusion of elements, his body couldn’t take it anymore. The dark elements surged in to resist, but it was useless! Yun Feng put on a smile and pressed her hand on the man’s chest. “I’ll hold back. I’ll leave you alive! Explode!” As Yun Feng gave the order, the fused elements exploded in the man’s body!

“Ahhhh!” Another miserable sound came. The body of the man in the hood twisted completely. Elements fused in his body and kept exploding. Powerful mental strength invaded all over his limbs! The robe of the man in the hood was completely torn, revealing his body that was only skin and bones! And his cheek that was half covered by the hood!

Those snake-like eyes stared at Yun Feng firmly as the pale skin all over his body rolled up! The man in the hood smiled weirdly with his dry lips. “You want to catch me? It’s not that easy…” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded. The next second, thick dark elements instantly enveloped his body. Yun Feng’s eyes suddenly darkened!

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