Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 1003 - 1003 Balance

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1003 Balance

Fang Heng walked into the tent with a smile under the lead of the Federation soldiers.

He was quite surprised to see Wei Tao there, but he soon understood why.

Wei Tao most likely came over for the matter of the region level-up.

Qiu Hai gestured for Fang Heng to sit down and nodded, “Fang Heng, I heard that you’ve gained a lot this time, right?”

“Not bad, I guess,” Fang Heng was in a good mood and sat opposite the two of them.

On the surface, he had reached an agreement with the Federation to give out four game worlds in exchange for a large amount of blood, but in reality, the vampire’s game worlds were still under his control.

As long as he wanted to, he could fall out with the Federation at any time.

However, as long as the bottom line wasn’t violated, neither Fang Heng nor the Federation wanted to turn against each other.

In addition, the blood that the Federation had promised to provide him was of a lower level. The blood drawn from the Vampire Apocalyse’s players and NPCs was also relatively low-level.

It seemed that it would take some time to level up to the King bloodline and awaken the seed.

Fang Heng was a little tired from running around all this time. He thought he might as well take a break and relax for a few days. He would deal with the trouble at the Necromancer Association first.

After returning to the Necromancer Association, he began to set up the magic arrays. He then received an invitation from Qiu Hai.

“The magic arrays are already being set up. It’s only a matter of time before the undead aura is absorbed. I’ll definitely do what I promised you, so don’t worry.”

“Alright, we’ve been working well together all this time. We have confidence in you,” Qiu hai nodded his head in satisfaction and signaled to Wei Tao with his eyes.

Wei Tao came prepared and continued, “I’ve come to you specifically for the upgrade of the Zombie Apocalypse region. This battle is very important to us, and we must win it. The specific level-up process will start in three days, so we need to prepare in advance.”

Fang Heng was quite surprised, “Three days later? So fast?”

“Yes, indeed. We were also very surprised that the mission was suddenly brought forward. And we’ve also received news that the difficulty of this mission has been greatly increased,” Wei Tao nodded and said.

Fang Heng was suspicious.

Not only had the time of the mission been brought forward, but the difficulty also increased greatly.

Could it be caused by the fusion of his Zombie Apocalypse and the world of the vampires?

Seeing that Fang Heng was thinking with his head lowered, Wei Tao thought that the other party had some difficulties and asked with an amiable expression, “Fang Heng, we all know that the level-up trial is extremely difficult. If you have any difficulties or concerns, you can tell us. We will try our best to solve them for you.”


Hearing Wei Tao’s generous offer, Fang Heng’s eyes lit up.

“Well… I do have some trouble that I need help with,” Fang Heng looked at Wei Tao and asked tentatively, “… Can you think of a way to get me more blood?”

Wei Tao’s smile instantly froze on his face.

Blood again?

Others burned oil, but he burned blood, huh?

Qiu hai and Wei Tao looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

“Fang Heng, we’ve given you all the blood we could. The shelter in the Wasteland World is doing nothing now but killing wild creatures outside every day. Where are we going to find so much blood for you?”

“Haha, I was just asking. I was thinking you had a lot of connections, so you might have some other channels,” Fang Heng was just asking casually with a probing attitude.

He had heard Chen Yu complain about the matter of blood collection.

The Federation had promised to give Fang Heng a large amount of blood, so the former had to find a way to fund it. Now, let alone the Wasteland Apocalypse, even the Zombie Apocalypse where Chen Yu is was also involved.

Currently, the higher-ups had divided and distributed targets to each Zombie Apocalypse’s shelters. The Federation players had to go out hunting every day, and with the shelter as a unit, small shelters had to provide at least 300 units of beast blood a day.

One should know that was the Zombie Apocalypse where there were very few wild beasts.

Fang Heng shrugged and asked, “Should I sell you another Vampire Apocalypse that you can buy with blood? How about I give you guys a discounted price?”

Qiu Hai was stunned.

What was he saying? Were game worlds as easy to buy and sell as cabbages?

Fang Heng was probably the only one in the entire game who could say such words.

To be honest, Qiu Hai had the urge to take the deal, but after thinking about it carefully, he could only shake his head with a bitter smile.

They couldn’t afford it!

Wei Tao, however, frowned and reminded Fang Heng seriously, “Fang Heng, I don’t know much about the vampires, but I suggest that you shouldn’t rush the collection of blood. At present, there are still many voices of opposition against you within the Central Federation. Be careful not to be taken advantage of by people with ill intentions.”

Qiu Hai nodded in agreement and reminded as well, “Mr. Wei is right. We’ve received a lot of news in the past two days. Right now, there are many out there who are eager to harm you. Not only the Federations from the various districts but also various player forces. They can’t do anything to you in the game, but it’s different outside the game. It’s better to be careful. But don’t worry. As long as you stay in the Eastern District, we’ll protect you.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Fang Heng had also heard some rumors.

Previously, he had given the Federation control over four vampire worlds in exchange for a large amount of blood.

On one hand, it was indeed because of the lack of blood. On top of that, Sandy had been crying about the lack of rare ores to construct the Blood Temple ever since receiving the blueprint, which was annoying…

On the other hand, it was also an expedient measure to make the upper echelons of the Federation feel better.

The Federation maintained fair competition, but in reality, they were not willing to hand over the authorization of the World Lord to outsiders.

They felt that it was too dangerous.

However, since things had already come to this, a forced fallout might cause even greater turmoil in the Vampire Apocalypse.

Under the intense negotiations of North River Heavy Industry and the Eastern Federation, the four regions, North, South, East, and West, were given control over a world each. Each region could benefit and thus finally shut their mouths.

At least on the surface, the Federation was still in control of more than half of the worlds of the vampire, making them accountable to the public.

Maintaining peace on the surface was already a good-enough result.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. As long as you know what’s going on, it’s fine,” Wei Tao changed the topic back to the matter of leveling up the region, “This region battle will be very difficult, but the rewards are also great. Once we win, you can obtain temporary access to mid-tier game worlds and enter them as an elementary game player. Of course, there are great restrictions, such as not being able to trigger any missions…”

Fang Heng listened to Wei Tao’s explanation and took note of the points.

“We heard that the world chosen for the level-up this time is a mid-tier game world.”

Fang Heng’s eyelids involuntarily twitched when he heard that. He couldn’t help but interrupt, “Wait, you’re saying it’s a mid-tier game world? Is it one of the current existing mid-tier game worlds?”

“That’s right. After we enter the mid-tier world, we can’t contact the outside world, nor can we borrow external forces. Otherwise, the game will judge us as failing the level-up trial. We can only rely on ourselves.”

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