Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 1004 - 1004 Ribbon-cutting

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1004 Ribbon-cutting

That wasn’t Fang Heng’s focus. He continued to ask, “Which mid-tier game world is it?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ve got some information that it’s probably the Barbaric World.”

The Barbaric World?

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up.

His heart was burning.

The Barbaric World was a relatively unpopular mid-tier game world.

In this world, a large number of humanoid creatures with ancient orc bloodlines had awakened, and the living environment of human beings was greatly oppressed.

The blood of those creatures contained more power than human blood!

If he could find a way to get the blood of the barbarians in the Barbaric World, wouldn’t he be able to greatly speed up the efficiency of nurturing the sacred tree at home?

“Can non-player NPCs participate in the level-up trial?”

“Yes, but I don’t recommend doing that. There are many restrictions on NPCs joining the trial, and it will consume more points.”

“Hmm? Points? What’s that?”

Looking at Fang Heng’s blank face, Wei Tao then remembered that it was Fang Heng’s first time participating in a region-level-up trial.

Calculating the time he had entered the game, he was really a newbie!

“Game mode uses a point exchange system. Before entering the trial, every World Lord has a basic 5000 points. All items, equipment, players, and NPCs brought into the game will deduct points, and the limit is 5000 points,” Wei Tao explained patiently, “If you bring an NPC, first of all, your friendship with the NPC has to be at the highest tier. Next, the NPC has to join a players’ shelter, and the points consumption is very expensive. Also, much of the equipment on NPCs is special, and you have to spend extra points…”

Fang Heng started to contemplate it seriously.

It seemed like there were quite a lot of restrictions on the region level-up trial.

He had to study them carefully.

The ideal situation would be to bring three vampire Princes with him. The strength of the three Princes was enough to deal with most of the dangers.

However, if he did that, he might not have enough points to enter the mid-tier game world and do some “fancy” things.

The biggest problem was, how could he get blood in the intermediate game and bring it back? It was very difficult.

As the two were discussing, Mo Jiawei walked in, being led by a Federation soldier.

“Um, sorry to interrupt the conversation,” When Mo Jiawei saw the three people in the room, he cast a glance at Fang Heng and said, “Fang Heng, there’s an urgent matter in the game. It’s very important. It’ll probably take up 10 minutes of your time.”

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat. He apologized to Wei Tao and Qiu Hai, “I’m sorry. There’s an urgent matter in the game that I have to deal with.”

“It’s fine,” Wei Tao waved his hand, “You go and settle it first. I’ll be here for these two days. We’ll discuss it when you have time.”

“Alright,” Fang Heng followed Mo Jiawei out of the room and headed straight to the gaming room.

He saw that Mo Jiawei had two big dark circles under his eyes as if he did not have enough sleep.

“What’s wrong?”

Mo Jiawei yawned and said, “It’s Sandy. He’s acting up in the game, crying and rolling on the ground looking for you.”


Mo Jiawei was also helpless. He moved closer to Fang Heng’s ear and whispered, “He wants you to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, or else he’s threatening suicide.”

“Ribbon-cutting? The Temple of Zeus?” Fang Heng was surprised for a moment before coming to his senses.

Judging by the time, the Temple of Zeus should have been completed.

“Yes, the Temple of Zeus is done, and the Blood Temple, which you had just obtained blueprints of, has also been completed.”

“So fast? Let’s go,” Fang Heng’s eyes lit up. The two walked towards the gaming room in the temporary camp together.

On the mountain behind the prison in Zombie Apocalypse District 8, Sandy looked at the two huge temples in the distance in high spirits.

After getting the blueprint of the Blood Temple from Fang Heng, Sandy had been so excited that he didn’t even have the thought of sleeping. He immediately pulled Mo Jiawei and Victor to work.

Construction! They had to build the temple! They had to do it now!

Sandy had gathered all kinds of materials from various worlds of the vampires and Zombie Worlds. In addition to the special ore resources provided by the Federation, he made everyone work day and night.

Finally, the Blood Temple and the Temple of Zeus were completed today.

Today was destined to be a day in history.

His name, Sandy, would definitely be written in the history books.

Well, he had to ask Fang Heng to come over as well and leave the latter’s name in the history books too.

Sandy had firm principles when it came to art. He demanded Fang Heng’s presence, asking him to come and participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It seemed that he would not give up until he achieved his goal.

Mo Jiawei and Victor had been working for two days and two nights, and they were extremely sleepy.

Sandy was, after all, a high-tier elite NPC. Mo Jiawei was worried that a special mission might be triggered, so he had no choice but to go offline to get Fang Heng.

At this moment, two holy temples stood on the two open spaces cleared out on the back of the mountain where the prison sat.

One of them exuded an eerie blood-red aura, while the other was blooming with a holy light.

Fang Heng was also dazed when he saw the two temples.

After investing so many rare ores and resources, the two temples were finally built.

Sandy got a large group of NPCs over. Most of them were vampires and research personnel from the prison.

The crowd gathered around the temple to watch.

Sandy took out a colored ribbon from somewhere and set it up in all seriousness.

“I hereby announce that the Temple of Zeus and the Blood Temple have been officially established!” Sandy shouted at the top of his lungs, feeling extremely excited.

He had to admit that Fang Heng’s contribution to the successful construction of the two temples was the greatest.

In front of the god of art, Sandy did not dare to act rashly.

It was a pity that he could not be the protagonist who would cut the ribbon in this historical moment.

Sandy’s heart was bleeding as he handed the scissors to Fang Heng with trembling hands.

“Fang Heng, cut the ribbon!”

“Umm… Is it necessary to be so formal?” Fang Heng took the scissors and muttered in a low voice. Then, he took a look at Sandy, who looked all serious, and remained silently speechless.

Fang Heng took the scissors and cut the ribbon in front of him.

“Bang! Bang, bang!”

Thousands of fireworks bloomed in the sky, and the crowd clapped and cheered, very supportive.

F*ck… How fancy… Even fireworks?

Were there so many resources that he couldn’t use them up?

While Fang Heng was retorting in his mind, several rows of game hints appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player has built a special building, the Blood Temple. The highest tier limit of the vampires has been broken. The vampires can break through to the King tier through fusion (the player can explore how to level up to a higher tier through fusion). The player’s game world level has been greatly improved. The level of Zombie Apocalypse District 8 has been raised to LV16.]

[Hint: The player has built a special building, the Temple of Zeus. The player’s game world level has been improved. The level of Zombie Apocalypse District 8 has been raised to LV17.]

[Hint: The loyalty of all NPCs in the player’s territory has been greatly increased. There is an additional incentive effect, and the R&D efficiency has been increased by 30% (effect duration: 3 months).]

[Hint: The player’s game world tier has reached the mid-tier rating (level 15).]

[Hint: The player has triggered a special mission, region level-up. Please join the region level-up trial. You can obtain more information during the trial.]

[Hint: Before the region level-up mission is completed, all creatures in the current world will be restricted and the highest tier they can reach under normal circumstances is LV15.]

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