Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 1005 - 1005 The Clue to the Blueprint

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1005 The Clue to the Blueprint

Hmm? A mission had been triggered?

Fang Heng was shocked and immediately opened the mission panel to check.

[Mission: Region level-up.]

[Mission description: The world you control has met the requirements for leveling up. Low-tier worlds are no longer enough to continue strengthening your power.]

[Mission requirement: Participate in the region level-up trial and pass the trial.]

[Mission reward: Unlock the upper limit of the world’s creature rating, Tier 6 space-tearing device blueprint.]

The blueprint!

Fang Heng’s pupils constricted upon seeing the reward on the game mission panel.

He found it!

Before, he had asked around about how to obtain a level 6 space-tearing device from all parties, but neither Old Black nor the Federation had heard of it.

So that was how it was!

It turned out the tier 6 space-tearing device that he had been searching for could only be activated after he had leveled up the world’s tier to level 15!

“Level up…” Fang Heng couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Very good. Now, he had another reason to win the level-up trial.

Fang Heng continued reading.

[Special building: Blood Temple]

[Description: The success rate of vampire bloodline level-up in the Blood Temple is increased. Ordinary players can obtain the vampire bloodline through sacrifice in the Blood Temple.]

[Additional skill: Descent (this skill cannot be leveled-up, and the owner of the building will directly acquire and be bound to the skill)]

[Skill description: The player can summon vampire attribute items in the Blood Temple (such as the ancient tree of Angetas, the Vampire King’s coffin, and other items). Effect duration: 1 minute (cooldown time: 72 hours). After the time is up, the item will be reversal summoned, and returned to the Blood Temple.]

[Special Description: The summoned item is physical and can be attacked or destroyed.]

[Additional skill: Blood Altar Construction (this skill can not be leveled up, and the owner of the building will directly acquire and be bound to the skill)]

[Skill description: The player can build blood altars. Blood altars can increase the combat ability of nearby vampires and shorten the cooldown time and duration of the skill “Descent” (the effect of the altar is related to its tier, and the effects of multiple vampire altars do not stack).]

“Oh, this special skill seems to be…” Fang Heng looked at the notification from the Blood Temple and lowered his head in deep thought.

Three days later, at the Necromancer Association.

After three days and three nights of intense absorption, the transfer of the aura of the death realm in the Necromancer Association’s territory had come to an end. The concentration of the aura of the death realm had also been reduced to less than 350.

However, the aura of the death realm was still seeping out from the cracks.

According to his teacher, it would take at least two months to completely repair the magic array and control the spatial rift.

Fang Heng could at most guarantee that the aura of the death realm’s concentration in the inner region would not exceed 1000 points within seven days.

Hopefully, he could complete the region level-up within seven days.

Seeing that all the preparations were complete, Fang Heng stepped into the game cabin.

In the game region of the Zombie Apocalypse, including Fang Heng, there were 4 World Lords.

Wei Tao from District 1, Tang Mingyue from District 3, and Mikhael from District 6.

Before the battle, the atmosphere was a little heavy, and the hall seemed to be filled with a murderous aura.

Seeing Fang Heng appear, the other three World Lords looked at him at the same time.

Fang Heng’s name was so popular during this period that even Mikhael, who had been training in the intermediate game, couldn’t help but sigh in amazement, “I didn’t expect Mr. Wei to really have a way to invite you here.”

“Thanks to Mr. Wei for thinking so highly of me. I am, after all, also a member of the Zombie Apocalypse region,” Fang Heng cupped his hands and answered politely, “The level-up of the region is related to the interests of each world boundary. Naturally, I have to do my part.”

“Fang Heng, you’ve been very popular recently. To think you even beat the Western Federation,” The World Lord of District 4 waved her fist cheekily at Fang Heng, “I’ve long been annoyed with the Federation. If it wasn’t for my family’s poverty, how could I hold back my anger? Do teach me a few moves when you have the chance.”

“Definitely, of course.”

“Ahem,” Wei Tao coughed lightly and interrupted, “Alright everyone, let’s cut to the chase. There’s still half an hour left before the region level up. Everyone, please check your items for the final point exchange in the trial. We’ll prepare to set off.”

If the World Lords had been suspicious of Fang Heng’s strength when they first met him, their suspicions now were completely dispelled.

After all, he competed with the Federation for an entire region, and he won!

How could he be an ordinary person?

Now, they were only glad that Fang Heng was a teammate and hoped that he could bring them along to soar.

With this thought in mind, everyone stopped talking and lowered their heads to check their points.

Fang Heng also opened his mission panel to check.

The exchanging of points had been activated 24 hours before the trial officially began.

As Fang Heng was a dual World Lord, he could get an extra 3000 points, a total of 8000.

Fang Heng had done a detailed test.

It cost forty-two thousand points to bring a vampire Prince to the trial. In addition to the Prince’s clothes, equipment, and items, he needed more than 50000 points.

Fang Heng exclaimed he simply couldn’t afford it.

On the other hand, if he brought a District 8 normal player with no equipment, no matter how strong the player was or how strong his talent skills were, it would only cost him 50 points.

Fang Heng made a rough estimation in his heart.

The game probably determined the combat power of a vampire Prince as roughly equivalent to 1000 ordinary players.

Well, it wasn’t exactly wrong either…

After much consideration, Fang Heng decided to bring Mo Jiawei along.

After all, Mo Jiawei was someone he could truly trust after all this time, plus he had to leave Liao Bufan behind to handle the normal work in the prison.

After inheriting the demon hunter bloodline, Mo Jiawei’s combat power was much stronger than that of ordinary players. Moreover, he also had passive luck talent, which would definitely be of help.

Other than him, he was planning to bring the three high-level NPCs with special talents, namely Qiu Yaokang, Victor, and Sandy, along.

In the beginning, Fang Heng wanted to bring Ding Min, but unfortunately, she stated that she didn’t want to stay up late.

If she was forced to come over, her loyalty would drop, and if her loyalty was not enough, he would not be able to bring her into the trial.

Fang Heng was rendered speechless by the nesting-doll-like excuse.

As a stark comparison, after Sandy heard about this matter, he took the initiative to offer his help and expressed his interest in following Fang Heng to open up new territories and achieve great things together.

Normal non-combat NPCs only cost 200 points to bring, which was equivalent to four Mo Jiawei.

In addition to the equipment and items that the NPCs carried with them, the three NPCs only cost less than 1000 points.

It was still within an acceptable range.

Although the difficulty of the level-up trial was high, players could forcefully exit the trial at any time if they wanted to. As such, the safety of the NPCs was within control.

Well, with three NPCs, there was no need for the others.

Fang Heng had also considered taking a vampire Duke with him, which cost around 6000 points.

However, if he did that, he would not have enough points to carry other equipment and materials, so he might as well not do it.

A Marquis, on the other hand, cost 2500 points. After all, a Marquis’s combat power was not very strong.

He also didn’t want one.

Apart from these, he didn’t need the cheap normal players and NPC soldiers either.

After all, Fang Heng’s zombie clones could provide a lot of combat strength, and they were more reliable than recruiting players from outside.

Most importantly, it didn’t cost any points.

They were just cost-effective!

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