God-Like Extraction - Chapter 429 - Treasure Herbs Everywhere (1)  

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Chapter 429: Treasure Herbs Everywhere (1)

A second before it landed in the lake, the giant wyrm’s shocked cry reverberated through the air above.

Divine power!

It’s actually a divine power?

The ability to destroy the peace of the Copper Lake and release a flame belt that spanned 3,000 miles was actually a divine power!

A human expert who had grasped a divine power was at least equivalent to a fifth-realm Devil King.

The human flying along the lake was actually such a powerful existence.

The giant wyrm was terrified at once.

The other party was much stronger than it. The giant wyrm was only a third-realm Devil General. It would be courting death to go against an existence in the fifth-realm!

Therefore, the giant wyrm decisively gave up on the idea of emerging from the water again and turned around to dive back into the center of the lake.

At the same time, it also gathered the shrimp and crab soldiers to stop them from leaving the water and throwing their lives away.

Beside the lake.

Su Jingxing stopped running and sensed the movements in the lake.

In the end, after waiting for more than ten minutes, the giant wyrm did not appear again.

The other aquatic devils were also nowhere to be seen.


Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows.

No matter what the reason was, it would be best if the devils in the water remained inside.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Boom! Boom!

Strong winds howled and flames filled the sky. They dispersed the water vapor and mist and swept across the lake.

Su Jingxing moved into the air and stood on a high ground, looking down at the entire Copper Lake.

The huge lake was now barely visible. The lake was wrapped in a belt of flames. The center of the lake was still shrouded in mist. The closer one got to the center, the thicker the mist.

Without the interference of the devils in the water, Su Jingxing became even more adept at commanding the winds and fire.

The shore of the lake nearer to the mountain was covered in flames.

Blazing heat and evaporated water vapor were produced, but they quickly dissipated into nothing.

Fortunately, the Copper Lake was big enough. If it were those small lakes, just this wave of roasting flames would be enough to evaporate the lake’s water.

An hour was required to verify the Red Dragon Cave Abode.

Without anyone interfering, Su Jingxing’s divine power would not be consumed.

There was no problem with this duration. He could let the fire burn however he liked.

The flaming belt that was originally 3,000 miles long grew longer after this burning.

In the end, the entire shore of the Copper Lake was filled with flames.

Looking down from the sky, the huge copper lake seemed to be trapped within a ring of flames.

Steam rose from the inside, and mist rolled out. The flames on the outside were like dragons, roaring as they moved.

There was also endless wind that filled the space, roaring as it invaded.

Boom! Boom!

A loud bang spread in all directions.


A sharp cry that almost resembled dragon’s cry suddenly sounded after the burning had gone on for half an hour.

In the sky, Su Jingxing’s gaze was filled with surprise as he looked at the flaming belt near the mountain. At this moment, it suddenly separated and reconstructed itself, condensing into a ten-thousand-meter-long flaming dragon!

Unlike the previous flame belt, which also had a dragon appearance under the divine power,

this time, the flame dragon was very vivid. Dragon claws, dragon scales, dragon whiskers, dragon horns, dragon eyes, and dragon tail. A real version of the flame dragon shuttled through the lake and circled it quickly.

Everywhere it passed, lake water evaporated and mist rose.

However, under the influence of the divine power, its body was a little out of control. He alternated between moving up and down, and almost dived into the lake.

Seeing this, Su Jingxing quickly retracted his divine power and allowed the fire dragon to shuttle freely.

“It’s out so quickly? Wouldn’t it take an hour?”

Su Jingxing murmured as he looked at the flaming dragon above the lake.

The verification was successful!

The Red Dragon Cave Abode was indeed somewhere in Copper Lake Bay.

According to the information from the Red Dragon Heavenly Pig, if the Red Dragon Cave Abode was real, after an hour of burning, the flames that filled the sky would form a giant flaming dragon.

The last spot where this fiery dragon disappears from was the entrance to the Red Dragon Cave Abode!

The giant flaming dragon had appeared, but it had appear half an hour earlier.

Clearly, Su Jingxing’s fire was not simple.

It made sense when he thought about it. Pure fire energy, under the urging of divine powers, would continuously intensify, ultimately leading to a reduction in duration.

With this in mind, Su Jingxing abandoned his concentration and locked his gaze on the giant flaming dragon, following its movements.

The last place the dragon disappeared was the entrance to the Red Dragon Cave Abode.

The giant flaming dragon was so big, he just had to follow right behind it.

Of course, Copper Lake Bay was also huge. If he was careless and the giant flaming dragon disappeared, that would be bad.

Su Jingxing stared at the giant flaming dragon without blinking.

As he watched, as he suddenly sensed a scorching aura which also locked onto the giant flaming dragon.

“Are other existences also watching the dragon?”

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows but did not look away. He pondered inwardly.

Information about the Red Dragon Cave Abode was not exclusive to the Red Dragon Heavenly Pigs.

The other devils clearly coveted it as well.

However, some had given up, some did not care, and some occasionally checked around.

This time, Su Jingxing was lucky to have learned the information and come to verify it.

Unexpectedly, he succeeded.

Now that the giant flaming dragon had appeared, if other devils had been keeping an eye on Copper Lake Bay, they would have seen it clearly. It was obvious that they were waiting for the giant flaming dragon to disappear like Su Jingxing was.

And for such existences who did not know the method to verify the cave abode previously, this was equivalent to Su Jingxing doing them a favor.

Bang! Bang!

At this thought, Su Jingxing couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

The other party knew the location but not the method. Su Jingxing had set the fire, and the other party would reap the benefits.

No matter how he looked at it, he was displeased.

However, at this point, he could only let the other party take advantage of him.

Huff… Huff… Huff…

On the surface of the lake, the giant flaming dragon shuttled quickly with a long tail.

It traveled around the entire Copper Lake.

The flaming dragon returned to its original spot and began to accelerate along the long shore line.

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