God-Like Extraction - Chapter 452 - Gave Too Much (2)

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Chapter 452: Gave Too Much (2)

It could be said Su Jingxing was the only person who had stepped in to save them like this.

A great benefactor!

“Kong Xuan, we, the Heart Moon Foxes, will always remember your kindness.”

The true king of the Heart Moon Foxes, an extremely handsome middle-aged man named Feng Xian, thanked Su Jingxing sincerely.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have the planet location device brought over immediately. Apart from that, we also prepared a gift. I hope you won’t decline.

“As we can’t move this gift, we can only ask you to come with us.”

“…Alright.” Su Jingxing pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement.

Since the Heart Moon Foxes were willing to repay the favor, Su Jingxing had nothing to be pretentious about.

Saving the Heart Moon Foxes on his way was Su Jingxing’s bet to begin with.

He was betting on the failure of Tuohai Tayun’s scheme and the Heart Moon Foxes successfully overcoming the crisis.


Now that Su Jingxing had succeeded, it was naturally time to reap the rewards.

The planet location device was only one of them.

A friendship with the Heart Moon Foxes who had a sixth-realm Devil King amongst them was second.

The mysterious gift was third.

It would be a waste not to take these three.

“Fox King, I heard from Nian Xiaoxiao that Nian Ling’er and Nian Shuang might be the descendants of Feng Jian, the leader of the Sixth Lineage.”

After agreeing, Su Jingxing stopped being polite and pulled Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er out. They had temporarily forgotten to verify their identities because of their excitement. He said directly, “Can you get Feng Jian to come over and verify their identities?”

“There’s such a thing?” The Heart Moon Fox King, Feng Xian, was surprised when he heard this. Then, he nodded and smiled at Nian Ling’er and Nian Shuang. “Don’t worry, Feng Jian is still alive. We’ll go over now and verify it with him.”

“Thank you, King.” Nian Ling’er hurriedly thanked him happily.

“Thank you, Brother Kong Xuan!”

She had not forgotten Su Jingxing’s care along the way.

Su Jingxing nodded and said nothing.

“Let’s go!”

With a wave of his hand, Feng Xian flew towards the mountain peak of the Sixth Lineage with a few leaders of Heart Moon Foxes, Su Jingxing, Nian Ling’er, and Nian Shuang.

Nian Xiaoxiao and the other Heart Moon Foxes were arranged by the two-tailed old man to be sent for treatment.

On the way.

Nian Shuang shared their background with Feng Xian.


Feng Xian and the Heart Moon Foxes thanked Su Jingxing again after listening to her.

He had opened a teleportation passageway from another planet and sent Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er back to the Seven Luminaries Planet.

Su Jingxing had given too much.

If not for the fact that Su Jingxing didn’t seem to have any ambiguous feelings for Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er, Feng Xian and the other Heart Moon Foxes would have thought that Su Jingxing had taken a fancy to the sisters.

The Heart Moon Foxes were different from other devils. They did not stop the union with humans. Instead, they were happy to cooperate.

Su Jingxing was not the only human on Yuedang Mountain.

There were also many human sons-in-law and daughter-in-laws who had been living there.

If Su Jingxing also became the son-in-law of the Heart Moon Foxes, Feng Xian and the others would be overjoyed.

Unfortunately, Su Jingxing treated Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er normally.

On the other hand, Nian Ling’er seemed quite close to Su Jingxing.


Cough cough!

Feng Xian coughed lightly to himself and smiled.

Nian Ling’er and Nian Shuang shared their background.

On the way, Feng Xian also informed them and Su Jingxing about the situation of the Heart Moon Foxes.

Firstly, the Heart Moon Foxes were generally powerful.

If it weren’t for the fact that this accident had happened too quickly, the Heart Moon Foxes that were scattered outside wouldn’t have suffered so many casualties.

Secondly, there were a total of four Heart Moon Foxes who had reached the fifth-realm.

Although Feng Xian was the King, its strength was only second among the four devils.

The number one expert of the Heart Moon Foxes was Nian Ge’er.

The beautiful woman who had undergone the lightning tribulation and transformed into human form.

Nian Ge’er was now the only sixth-realm existence on the Seven Luminaries Planet.

Before this, Chief was the address for the leaders of the various lineages by the Heart Moon Foxes.

The lineages decided the number attached to their titles.

For example, Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er’s great-grandfather, Feng Jian, was the Sixth Chief.

The old man with two tails was called the Seventh Chief because he came from the Seventh Lineage.

However, from today onwards, Nian Ge’er’s title as First Chief was thoroughly confirmed.

Flying in the air.

Su Jingxing, Feng Xian, and the other Heart Moon Foxes chatted happily.

They only ended the discussion when they arrived at the mountain peak where the Sixth Lineage was located.

“Elder Jian, get out here. Look who’s back.”

Feng Xian shouted as soon as he landed on the mountain.

“Coming, coming.”

An old voice came from the back mountain.

“King Xian, why are you here instead of guarding the entrance? I was about to follow Little Ge’er to settle scores with the Violent Blood Wolves.”

A hunchbacked old man slowly flew over from the back mountain and landed in front of Feng Xian.

The old man’s face was covered in wrinkles, and his body was covered in the aura of time.

Compared to Feng Xian and Nian Ge’er, he was clearly a much older fox.

A true old fox.

“Elder Jian, can you stop teasing me?”

Feng Xian first looked at Su Jingxing awkwardly. Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er smiled. Then, they looked at the old man who was walking over and said speechlessly, “Now that Little Ge’er has successfully transcended the tribulation, we will naturally settle the scores with the Violent Blood Wolves. However, before that, you have to take care of one thing first. The Violent Blood Wolves are there. They can’t escape.”

“Oh, what is it?” The old man slowly sized up Su Jingxing. “Is it because of this human?”

“It’s related to Kong Xuan.”

Feng Xian pulled over the excited and nervous Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er. He pointed at the sisters and introduced, “Let me introduce to you. These two are clansmen who have just returned from another planet. Their grandfather is called Feng Xiang.”

“Oh, Feng Xiang. Wh-What did you say?!”

The hunchbacked old man suddenly straightened up. His eyes shone as he stared fixedly at Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er.

“What… what’s your grandfather’s name?”

“Feng Xiang.” Nian Shuang took a deep breath and began through gritted teeth. “Our grandfather’s name was Feng Xiang. He passed away very early, but he left behind some things and told us that he came from the Heart Moon Foxes of the Seven Luminaries Planet.”

“Here, here.” Nian Ling’er took out a cloth bag, opened it, and took out three items.

A cosmic bag.

Su Jingxing had never sensed that Nian Ling’er had been carrying it with her.

I wonder how big the space inside is…

“They… they’re San’er’s1…”

Feng Jian took the items with trembling hands and looked at them one by one. His eyes were already filled with tears.

“Elder Jian, I’m sorry for your loss.” Feng Xian comforted him from the side. “Feng Xiang has left, but didn’t he leave the two sisters behind?”

“Yes, yes, I still have them.” The old man put away the items and waved his hands, releasing two light barriers that enveloped Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er.

“Don’t resist. Relax,” Feng Xian quickly instructed.

Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er listened and did not resist.

Soon, the old man put away the light barrier and hugged the two girls. He shouted happily in tears, “My good grandchildren, it’s been hard on you.”


“Great… Grandpa.”

Nian Ling’er also cried tears of joy, while Nian Shuang replied stiffly.

Verification passed, identity confirmed!

With this, Nian Shuang and Nian Ling’er’s backer was secured.

From the conversation between Feng Jian and Feng Xian, Su Jingxing could tell that the Heart Moon Foxes were different from other devils.

The other devils revered the strong and were bloodthirsty and violent. They were never particular about seniority.

Those who were powerful would take high positions. Those who were old and useless would be abandoned.

However, the Heart Moon Foxes were like human families. They paid attention to respecting the old and loving the young. The higher their seniority, the higher their status.

Feng Xian, the Fox King, was more of a butler.

The joyful reunion ended.

Feng Jian also thanked Su Jingxing profusely for saving them many times.

“Brother Kong, I don’t have great capabilities, but if you have any requests, as long as I can do it, I will definitely do it even if I have to risk my life.”

Feng Jian faced Su Jingxing and bowed sincerely.

“Elder Jian, you’re being too serious.”

Su Jingxing raised his hand and said softly, “Saving Nian Ling’er and the others was really something done in passing.”

“It’s something that was in passing for you, but to the sisters, it’s a life-saving favor,” said Feng Jian seriously. “So, Brother Kong, you should make a request so that I can have a chance to repay you. The thanks from the clan has nothing to do with me.”


Seeing this, Su Jingxing’s eyes flashed. He suggested, “How about this? Didn’t you just say that you wanted to set off with the First Elder to settle scores with the Violent Blood Wolves? Can I come with you?”

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