God of Fishing-Chapter 2370 - Giving Birth to A Star Core

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Chapter 2370: Giving Birth to A Star Core

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The moment Han Fei regained consciousness, he felt unusually hot, as if magma-like blood was flowing in his body and he was in the core of the Star Core… Oh, no, all Han Fei could feel was a kind of soul burning.

However, in this scorching heat, Han Fei seemed to feel his boiling Qi and blood, and every flesh, bone, and meridian in his body was exuding unparalleled heat.

“Will I experience this when I’m reborn? Why didn’t I feel it before?”

“Huh! Wait a minute?”


Han Fei was shocked. That’s not right! He suddenly remembered that at the last moment, he seemed to hear a shattering sound.

Shocked and delighted, Han Fei quickly came back to himself.

However, when Han Fei regained consciousness, he suddenly found that he was still standing on the road behind the green jade stone bridge.

Yes, this road was personally established by him. How could Han Fei not know it?

Han Fei saw a road appear in front of his eyes for some reason, but this road frightened him a little. This was a strange road. Different from the road he was standing on, the road in front of him seemed to be a shadow world outlined by many strange lines.

Han Fei could see stones, rocks, and undulating wilderness on both sides of the road, but what constituted their existence seemed to be corroded ruins. What was revealed by various mixed lights and shadows was death, evil, pain, and even inexplicable fear and silence.

Different from the strangeness displayed on both sides of the road, the road in front of him turned out to be a yellow mud road. There was fog on the road, but the fog was not rich.

Han Fei could vaguely see an extremely tall door at the end of the road. That door was even countless times larger than the bronze door at the entrance of the Void Temple.

Therefore, even if his current location might be very far away from the door, Han Fei felt that he could see it.

Unfortunately, because of the faint mist, Han Fei couldn’t see the specific appearance of the door, nor could he see if there was anything special on the door.

However, from the door to where he was now, Han Fei felt that light was shooting from there. Besides, he could feel an abnormal scorching heat. The scorching heat on his soul came from the direction of the giant door.

Even now, Han Fei could see faint golden light shining on him through the mist. This was why he felt hot.

In addition to the scorching heat, Han Fei also felt an infinite amount of Dao runes.

Yes, Han Fei could tell that it was a kind of Dao rune, the kind of power that burst out when activating the Dao Seed.

“Dao runes of my original Great Dao?”

“Is this… the world behind the mirror?”

Han Fei suddenly looked back. He could still see that it was the direction of the green jade stone bridge, and what was under his feet was the normal path.

Wait, I’ve been resurrected once?

Han Fei hurriedly looked down at his body. At some point, his body had been intact, and at this moment, he wasn’t circulating his Great Dao.

However, Han Fei soon discovered that some earth-shaking changes seemed to have happened in his body.

Then, he suddenly felt that there were 100 more drops of Golden Jade Marrow in his bones. Yes, this number was exactly 100 drops.

Han Fei knew how difficult it was to get the Golden Jade Marrow. Before he practiced the ninth level of Void Fishing, he only had a few drops of the Golden Jade Marrow.

After that, under the baptism of lightning, his Golden Jade Marrow became 160 drops. After that, through his cultivation and breakthrough, it only increased by 8 drops, totaling 168 drops.

But now, for some reason, he had 100 more drops of Golden Jade Marrow.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of when he lost consciousness, he seemed to see a golden light in the end, which seemed to submerge into his body.


Han Fei felt that he couldn’t stand the faint light coming at him. It was too hot. He felt that staying here for a while was extremely painful.

He quickly stepped back a few steps and then felt a little better. However, the faint golden light had already shone on the normal path he had established.

When Han Fei retreated to the side of the green jade stone bridge, he felt a little more comfortable. But compared to before, Han Fei felt that his original Great Dao had changed. Even when he reached the green jade stone bridge, he still felt a little hot.

Han Fei didn’t condense a Great Dao Crystal immediately, because he felt that it was unbelievable that 100 drops of Golden Jade Marrow appeared at once.

These 100 drops of Golden Jade Marrow meant that the upper limit of his physique would definitely be greatly increased. However, wouldn’t it take a lot of time to nurture so much Golden Jade Marrow?

If he missed the fourth round of qualifiers because he stayed on his Origin Star for a long time, he would be doomed. The Origin Ground reward would be gone.


Han Fei came out of the path and happened to meet Little Fatty’s eyes.

Han Fei asked quickly, “How long have I been in it?”

Little Fatty’s big eyes revealed a strange look. “Didn’t you… just go in not long ago? It’s only been six hours.”


Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing. Six hours? Are you kidding me? A hundred drops of Golden Jade Marrow were produced in six hours?

Han Fei had passed the green jade stone bridge before, but he wouldn’t stay there for long, so he hadn’t thought about this problem before. But now, he had gained 100 drops of Golden Jade Marrow for no reason, but it only took him such a short time?

“Oh, I see. By the way, how many more times can you resurrect me?”

Little Fatty looked at Han Fei as if he were an idiot. “You were not dead just now. Of course, five times!”

Han Fei was shocked and then nodded slightly. “Stay here. I’ll go in again.”

After that, the green jade stone bridge appeared again. When he reached the bridge, Han Fei exclaimed, “F*ck, I was not dead? Then how did I reshape myself? With five times the strength, shouldn’t my body explode? Even if I can reshape my body, I should have consciousness. Why don’t I even have the basic consciousness?”

There was no reason for all the strangeness, nor could he find the reason.

Han Fei felt that if he could walk on the road of loess and mud, he might be able to detect something.

Han Fei did so. The moment he walked onto the road of yellow soil against the scorching heat, he felt that his whole body was burning.

“Damn it, it’s burning…”

Han Fei felt that the soles of his feet and his body were both hot. Fortunately, he was not burnt to death, or rather, he had just taken the first step, so he was not burnt to death. But if he walked further in, he might be roasted directly.

“Forget it, I’ll walk this road later! I must still be too weak. I’ll definitely be burnt to death if I force my way forward.”

Han Fei didn’t bother to think about how he could rebuild himself. Since time passed very slowly in his Origin Star, he should be able to condense the Great Dao crystal more quickly.

As Han Fei issued an order in his heart, Dao runes swirled in front of him and were compressed.

After a long time, a fist-sized golden crystal appeared in front of him.

When Han Fei sensed this rich original Great Dao, he knew that he could condense a Great Dao Crystal. After condensing it, Han Fei retreated as if escaping.

Halfway through, Han Fei looked back. He had a question in his heart. Since there was still a way forward, why did there have to be a mirror erected there before?


Han Fei didn’t know what was going on with his original Great Dao. The green jade stone bridge, the Great Dao of Mist, the mirror wall, the loess road, and the distant giant gate were all fancy and inexplicable. Even though he had broken the mirror wall, he still knew nothing about his original Great Dao.

Han Fei came out again, and Little Fatty’s big eyes were still staring at the place where he disappeared.

Han Fei asked, “How long was I gone?”

Little Fatty said, “Dozens of seconds? It’s very short anyway.”


Han Fei’s heart stirred. Okay, if there’s nothing else, I’ll send you back.

Little Fatty glanced at the resources piled up like a mountain and couldn’t help but ask, “Can I take some resources back?”

“Heh! Go ahead. You can’t take much anyway.”

Little Fatty didn’t hesitate at all. He plundered at least hundreds of thousands of kilometers of resources. He didn’t stop until his Origin Sea was full.

Han Fei didn’t expect that he wouldn’t use Little Fatty this time.

After sending Little Fatty away, Han Fei returned to his Origin Sea. He first activated his Great Dao to see his current endurance. After the test, Han Fei was roughly sure that his upper limit of endurance was about 3.5 times without the support of the God’s Prayer Bead and the others. The limit didn’t increase much, but it still increased.

Then, he increased his strength by 3.5 times and walked on the yellow mud road for a while. He walked forward for nearly 10,000 meters, but it was getting hotter and hotter. The power burning his soul made him unable to withstand it, so he retreated.

However, Han Fei could also tell that when he activated his original Great Dao, he could indeed walk a section of the Yellow Earth Road.

He could even feel that if he stayed here for a long time, it seemed to be able to strengthen his physique and soul. Although it wasn’t a lot, this was rare. Could he cultivate in his own Great Dao again?

One month Later.

In the core of the Origin Star, a total of nine Great Dao crystals floated in front of Han Fei. With the Original Great Dao crystal as the main body and the eight secondary Great Daos as the auxiliary.

In fact, as long as Han Fei was willing, he could add 80 auxiliary Great Daos. However, what he pursued was essence. Furthermore, auxiliary Great Daos could be fused into the Star Core at any time. It wouldn’t be a problem to put as many as he wanted now.

The eight Great Daos he had chosen were the Great Dao of Yin-Yang, the Great Dao of Space, the Great Dao of Gravity, the Great Dao of Heaven Enlightenment, the Great Dao of Invincibility, the Great Dao of Time, the Great Dao of Life Borrowing, and the Great Dao of Speed.

Han Fei felt that it was best to cultivate speed alone. The speed was sometimes too helpful in combat. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time now. Otherwise, he would have studied it carefully to see how to quickly increase his speed.

After the base of the Star Core was completed, Han Fei connected the ground veins he created to the base of the Star Core. Immediately, Han Fei felt a tremendous amount of energy gathering.

The energy surged like a tide, and the Great Dao crystals were immediately enveloped and sank into the energy vortex.

At this moment, Han Fei’s Star Core was finally born…

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