God of Fishing-Chapter 2371 - The Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon

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Chapter 2371: The Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon

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After the Star Core was born, Han Fei suddenly felt that his Origin Star seemed to be nurturing his original body.

At this moment, Han Fei seemed to have an epiphany. When the time was right, he could connect the spiritual heritages of his original body with the ground veins of his Origin Star. Then, his original body would be directly connected to the Star Core, making the Star Core become his second heart. Then, he would be able to achieve a leap in strength.

However, he couldn’t do it now. He had to wait until the preliminary growth of the Star Core was over.

Although the Star Core had just been born and could absorb the energy of the Origin Stars crazily, there was too much energy in his Origin Star. According to this sucking method, it would take at least a thousand years for the energy in his Origin Sea to gather.

Han Fei couldn’t help but remember that it took three to five hundred years to release the energy of the two Star Cores he gained. The recovery was slower than the release.


A thousand years! Even if it was in his Origin Star, how could Han Fei be willing to wait? He immediately began to engrave a large energy storage array outside the Star Core.

A year later, Han Fei had made several improvements. Considering the speed at which the Star Core was condensed, if it was too fast, it would expand too much. Therefore, he set up a space array to compress the energy here and strengthen the density of the Star Core.

In the end, Han Fei finally managed to increase the speed at which the Star Core gathered energy by about ten times.

However, there were also disadvantages, which was that if the energy storage array was exposed to energy shocks for a long time, it would be easily destroyed and corroded. Therefore, according to the time flow on his Origin Star, an energy storage array could only last less than 200 years.

“Sure enough, in essence, I’m not that kind of rare genius.”

Han Fei really didn’t understand how Feng Yu could reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm at the age of 1800. It was simply incomprehensible, unbelievable, and inexplicable, which made Han Fei very jealous.

Han Fei bet that if he didn’t have time acceleration, it would take him eight thousand years to reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

But Han Fei didn’t panic.

With the energy storage array, a thousand years could be shortened to a hundred years.

The flow of time in his Origin Star was different from the outside world. A hundred years would only take about four months. In this case, although the 10,000-year competition was coming, it was clearly not something that could be completed in four months.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, it might take him four months, or at least three months, to connect his original body more closely with his Origin Star.

However, there was still one day before the fourth round of qualifiers. Unfortunately, the time was too short. In the past few days, it was already very impressive that he could go from molding the ground veins to nurturing a Star Core. At least, he had already had a life-and-death experience. Although he hadn’t really died, it at least meant that he had the courage to face death.

Of course, with Little Fatty around.


Han Fei returned to the outside world. His courtyard was empty. After the third round of qualifiers, Han Fei said that he was going to cultivate in seclusion. He didn’t know if Feng Xingliu came to find him. But whether he came or not, it was impossible for him to find him.

So, Han Fei turned around and went to Feng Yu’s house first.

The place where Feng Yu lived was easy to find. It was Residence A-Two.

When Han Fei came, Feng Yu was sitting cross-legged in the yard, seeming to be cultivating.

Seeing Han Fei coming, Feng Yu said angrily, “Little Junior Brother, aren’t you cultivating too hard? I asked someone to visit your yard six times, but you weren’t there even once. Are you cultivating in the Sea of Stars?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly. “Ha! Well, I had an epiphany from the battle with Zhao Qinglong. Yes, I was.”

Feng Yu rolled her eyes and said, “I’ve been waiting for you here these past few days. I didn’t go anywhere. Alas, it seems that it’s not good to be a senior sister. When I was the little junior sister, it was simply too comfortable.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei changed the topic. “Senior Sister, what did Senior Brother Azure Dragon say?”

Feng Yu said, “Senior Brother Azure Dragon told us to be careful and not to make this person our enemy. If we’re already his enemy, then…”

As she spoke, she took out a blue dragon scale, which stunned Han Fei.

<Name> Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon

<Introduction> This is the Heaven-Defying Scale of a monarch dragon. It can be activated with essence blood to strengthen the body and soul and help one temporarily acquire some combat power of the monarch dragon. It requires a lot of energy and resources to use it.

< Quality > Ultra-quality Godly Weapon

<Number of use times> One

< Can’t be Reforged >

<No need to refine it>

When Han Fei saw this scale, he roughly knew the result of the communication between Feng Yu and Senior Brother Azure Dragon.

Han Fei asked, “Senior Brother Azure Dragon gave it to me?”

Feng Yu nodded. “Yes, this is the Azure Dragon’s Heaven-Defying Scale. If you’re really forced to fight him to the death, you can use this scale. We each have one such scale. Whoever fights him can use it. However, we’d better not use it at the same time. This is because if we use the Azure Dragon’s Heaven-Defying Scale at the same time, it might expose our identities as disciples of the Void Temple.”

Han Fei suddenly looked at Feng Yu in surprise.

Feng Yu said, “There’s nothing to be surprised about. Although Senior Brother Azure Dragon is a dragon and lives in seclusion, a long time ago, Senior Brother Azure Dragon also appeared and was invincible. Senior Brother Azure Dragon isn’t sure if anyone in the Divine Capital Dynasty will recognize his scales.”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “What if our identities as disciples of the Void Temple are exposed?”

Feng Yu pondered for a while. “Nothing. Most powers in the Sea Realm naturally don’t dare to fight the Void Temple and the Time Temple. However, if the identity of a disciple of the Void Temple is exposed, I’m afraid we have to be careful of the Time Temple and the Immortal Temple. Once we are targeted by these two temples, it won’t be easy for us to travel around and explore the Sea Realm freely.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but bare his teeth. “Ah, well…”

Han Fei didn’t want to fight the two temples now. Compared to others, he was an itinerant cultivator and had many things to do. Once he was targeted by the two temples, how could he do anything?

Furthermore, Feng Yu shouldn’t expose her identity as a disciple of the Void Temple at this moment. Feng Yu was about to prove her Dao. Perhaps after this 10,000-year competition, if she obtained an Origin Ground, she would be able to prove her Dao. If her identity was exposed, once the two temples or someone with ill intentions tampered with her monarch-level heavenly tribulation, it would be a big matter.

As if seeing Han Fei’s worry, Feng Yu said, “Don’t worry. The worst outcome isn’t as bad as you think. With Eldest Senior Brother, it’s almost impossible for others to destroy my monarch-level tribulation. Once I become a Monarch, even if the two temples find out about my real identity, they probably won’t come after me because I’ve already proved my Dao. It’s meaningless for them to come after me. As for you, Junior Brother, if he encounters you, I’m afraid it won’t be easy for you to walk the latter stage of the Sky Opening Realm.”

Han Fei frowned slightly. “Can the black dragon appear in the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Feng Yu said, “I’ve asked this question. Senior Brother Azure Dragon said that he would tell Great Monarch East Martial not to let the black dragon get his way. Therefore, using the Azure Dragon’s Heaven-Defying Scale is the worst-case scenario. Theoretically speaking, Zhao Qinglong won’t completely borrow the power of the black dragon. However, the black dragon can lend him a little power. Besides, with his strength of the Perfected Star Transformation Realm, Little Junior Brother, you shouldn’t be a match for him now. Therefore, my suggestion is not to fight him.”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “On the path of invincibility, either he dies or I die. If we don’t fight in the Divine Capital Dynasty, we’ll have to fight after we leave the Divine Capital Dynasty. Besides, when the fourth round of qualifiers ends and the arena matches begin, I’ll probably still encounter him in the end.”

Feng Yu nodded slightly. “It’s best if I meet him first. Apart from the Azure Dragon’s Heaven-Defying Scale, I’m also a member of the Phoenix Divine Race. How can I not have other means? So, Junior Brother, don’t worry.”

Han Fei was worried that he would have to fight Zhao Qinglong in the fourth round of the qualifiers.

Zhao Qinglong didn’t take action in the third round probably because he knew that he couldn’t kill him. He let him pass the third round of qualifiers so that he had a chance to kill him later.

Han Fei’s eyes turned ruthless. “Senior Sister, I’m going to find Feng Xingliu first.”

Feng Yu was surprised. “Why are you looking for him? He’s fooling around with a bunch of playboys all day long, and I’ve taught him a good lesson five or six times. He’s just as useless as before. And you, you shouldn’t hang around with the trash either.”

Han Fei laughed to cover up his embarrassment. But Feng Yu didn’t know that although these people were playboys, they had a lot of connections!

Under Feng Yu’s stare, Han Fei ran away with a swish.

When Han Fei came to Feng Xingliu, he found that these guys were actually playing a kind of chess game called Four Seas War Chess. This kind of chess game was based on the four major divine realms. Each battalion would be allocated 36 chess cards, and they were using the method of dark chess. The essence of Four Seas War Chess was gambling.

When Han Fei arrived, two tables of Four Seas War Chess were set up in the courtyard of Feng Xingliu. The four people, including Feng Xingliu and Wu Bufan, all held a big pipe in their mouths, smoking and roaring from time to time.

At this moment, Wu Bufan spewed out a mouthful of golden smoke and shouted, “Explode! I’ll kill you with my ultra-quality godly weapon chess piece…”

Feng Xingliu stepped on the stool. “Hey, you have an ultra-quality godly weapon chess piece, but I don’t have it? Hahaha, let’s die together… Smack…”

“Who hit me?”

Feng Xingliu was about to scold the one who hit him, but when he saw it was Han Fei, he immediately said unhappily, “Hey, I’m playing chess. Don’t spoil the mood.”

Han Fei said angrily, “Chess my ass. Wu Bufan, Cao Mengde… How is it going?”

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