God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1080 - Ice Cave

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Chapter 1080: Ice Cave

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Every single one of the warriors there slowly turned solemn.

The ice crystal snake from earlier was already extremely powerful.

Will the frost dragon that appears now be even scarier?

This was why none of the sage warriors dare to be anything else but cautious.

Lin Xiu looked around and noticed that there were two tall ice peaks.

The entire place was white in colour and he couldn’t see the frost dragon.

“This is weird.”

Lin Xiu looked around before mumbling to himself.

Well, according to the map, this should be the place but why can’t they find the thing known as the frost dragon?

Perhaps….it was hidden underground like the ice crystal sea snake from before.

As Lin Xiu thought about it, he quickly looked at the ground that was covered with ice.

However, he didn’t see anything from the ground.

Plus, isn’t this place known as the road of ice and fire?

There was ice everywhere but where’s the fire?

“It should be correct. I should be right here. Let’s take a good look around first.”

Elder Gong told the rest of the group.

After hearing what he said, the other warriors nodded their heads in agreement.

Elder Gong was an experienced warrior and he was strong. This was why the other warriors were willing to listen to him.

“Young man, where are you from?”

As the rest of the group was hunting for the frost dragon, Bai Zhan suddenly appeared next to Lin Xiu and asked him a question.

He was extremely curious about Lin Xiu’s abilities.

This young man had such powerful skills.

“Why should I tell you?”

Lin Xiu glared at him before answering bluntly.

Bai Zhan wanted to kill Lin Xiu in the very beginning but after showing that he had some skills, he changed his mind.


After hearing Lin Xiu’s answers, Bai Zhan gave a cold laugh.

“Don’t be too arrogant. This planet belongs to the Bai family.”

He continued threatening Lin Xiu.

From his perspective, Lin Xiu must have come from a big family in order to have such skills at such a young age.

He was definitely threatening Lin Xiu as he wanted Lin Xiu to know that the Bai family was the strongest family on this planet.

Lin Xiu ignored him and walked in another direction.

Bai Zhan didn’t have to provoke. After this, he would definitely find the chance to kill all of the warriors from the Bai family.

All of them were sage warriors. Once he killed them, he could definitely gain lots of EXP.

Since Luo Yue was brought to the place known as ‘warrior god’s realm’, Lin Xiu wanted to gain EXP more than anything else.

It would be best for him to become a warrior god as soon as possible.

At the same time, as Bai Zhan watched Lin Xiu leave, there was an evil look on his face.

“Bai Zhan, find a chance and get rid of him.”

Several of the warriors from the Bai family walked towards him.

All of them were glaring at Lin Xiu.

“En. This brat will have to die here.”

Bai Zhan said it with a vicious look in his eyes.

From where they are now, now one would know that Lin Xiu has died.

So what if he came from a strong family?

“Quick! Look over here!”

Suddenly, one of the warriors seemed to have found something and started shouting for his comrades.

When they heard him, all of them walked toward him.

As they got closer, they noticed that there was a huge cave found on the mountain peak in front of them!

“What’s that…?”

Some of the warriors looked surprised when they saw the huge cave.

“Get in and take a look.”

Elder Gong stood by the entrance. After hesitating for a moment, he gave his orders.

After hearing what he said, the rest of them nodded his head and entered the cave.

Lin Xiu got in as well with the rest of the warriors.

“It’s so cold.”

One of the warriors shivered as soon as he got inside the cave.

It was really freezing cold.

As for the rest of the warriors, they were looking uncomfortable as well.

Lin Xiu frowned too. He could clearly feel that the cold air around them was getting scarier.

Then, he slowly activated the heart of frost.

Soon, most of the cold air around him slowly disappeared.


Lin Xiu breathed out slowly and continued moving forward.

The rest of them were still looking extremely uncomfortable.

This was because they noticed that this frost seemed to be penetrating into their bones.

No matter how hard they tried to move the energy in their body, they still couldn’t get rid of it.

They were definitely feeling the cold weather.

“Be careful.”

Elder Gong had a serious look on his face.

He obviously noticed that something was wrong with this place.


Just when they had travelled for quite a distance, one of the sage warriors in the front let out a painful cry.

What’s wrong?!

When they heard the cry, the looks on the rest of the warrior’s face changed instantly.

All of them turned to where the voice was coming from and noticed that there were lots of tiny little snakes around them on the ground that looked like ice crystal sea snakes.

This was because the body of the snakes looked similar. The warrior that was up front must have missed it and he got bitten by the snakes.

As he was wailing in pain, both his legs instantly turned into ice!

The rest of the warriors were spooked and they subconsciously took a few steps back.

Lin Xiu’s pupil trembled as well when he saw what happened.

Then, he noticed that there was a small snake flying toward him!

That’s right. These snakes can fly!

Boom – –

Lin Xiu swung his black spear and the dark blue flame appeared at the tip of it. Then, he pointed it towards the snake that was coming at him.

As soon as the snake got hit by the dark blue flames, the snake instantly melted.


When Lin Xiu heard the notification coming from his system, Lin Xiu was a little surprised.

These little snakes are beast emperors.

“Be careful!”

Then, all of the warriors quickly released their ‘sphere’.

This was because there was another sage warrior that was bitten by the snakes.

They noticed that the place that got bitten by the snakes would then quickly become ice.

The sage warrior that was first beaten by the snake couldn’t move as both his legs had become ice.

“Brother, please help!”

Elder Gong turned towards Lin Xiu and asked for help.

He knew that Lin Xiu had fire element warrior skills and his flames were extremely powerful.

With his flames, he should be able to easily stop the snakes that were attacking them.

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