God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1119 - Come Again

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Chapter 1119: Come Again

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Bang bang bang-

With a loud noise, the laser cannon struck Lin Xiu’s body.

Lin Xiu’s body unfolded a ‘Sphere’, these laser cannons hit Lin Xiu’s ‘Sphere’ without causing any damage to Lin Xiu at all.

At this moment, Lin Xiu looked at the numerous aircraft above and waved the Dark Edge spear in both hands.

boom boom boom —

One after another, dark blue flaming birds swept the entire sky at this moment.

Those aircraft were hit by the dark blue flaming birds and exploded immediately.

At this moment, the entire sky erupted with a loud noise.

A lot of wreckage, as well as the bodies of those warriors, fell from the sky.

Although some warriors responded quickly and unfolded their ‘Sphere’, the power of the flaming bird released by Lin Xiu was too powerful.

Even if those warriors unfolded the ‘Sphere’, the flaming birds released by Lin Xiu would melt it directly.

The flames burned their bodies into black coal.


Huangfu Ling said sharply to Huangfu Zhong.

They also realized now that Lin Xiu’s strength is not that simple at all.

Instead of letting the other warriors in the Divine Domain die, they might as well kill Lin Xiu directly.

When the two charged towards Lin Xiu from both sides, they pulled out the swords behind them.

Looking at this scene, Lin Xiu snorted coldly and the Dark Edge spear in his hand danced.


The weapon in Lin Xiu’s hand collided with theirs and a crisp sound suddenly erupted.

In the face of the attacks of the two Sage warriors, Lin Xiu didn’t panic at all and he seemed to be able to handle it with ease.

On the contrary, these two Sage warriors had extremely shocked expressions on their faces.

They also did not expect that Lin Xiu’s strength would be so powerful.

Lin Xiu’s current level has reached level 69 and he has also unlocked the gene lock.

His strength was not comparable to these ordinary Sage warriors.

bang bang—

At the next moment, the bodies of the two Sage warriors who attacked Lin Xiu were directly hit by Lin Xiu and they flew out!

Their bodies slammed into the surrounding buildings heavily, making a loud noise.


But soon, their figures rushed over from those buildings again.

Continue to attack Lin Xiu.

Their faces were full of fury.

They were elders in the Divine Domain and were also warriors at the Sage warrior level.

Yet they were actually knocked out by a warrior who was wearing a mask and they couldn’t even see his face.

For them, this was simply a great embarrassment.

When Lin Xiu saw them rushing over again, there was no trace of panic and fear in his eyes.

With the Dark Edge spear in both hands, he continued to attack them with the Destiny Spear Art.


Under the collision of the weapons, sparks sputtered in an instant.

The more Huangfu Zhong and Huangfu Ling fought against Lin Xiu, the more horrified they were.

Because they could clearly feel that under the collision between the sword and Lin Xiu’s spear, the hands they held the weapon with were in severe pain.


And at the next moment, with a loud sound, the swords in their hands flew out.

At this time, Lin Xiu’s rage build-up was already full and with the help of ‘Profound intent: Torrential storm of rose flowers’, he charged towards the two of them!

At the moment when the spear was pierced, thousands of spear shadows and cold lights appeared in the entire area.

Huangfu Ling and Huangfu Zhong had no way to resist.

Lin Xiu’s skills power directly impacted their ‘Sphere’.

This powerful skill caused a lot of cracks in their ‘Sphere’.

The body was also directly hit and flew out, hitting the opposite building heavily.

“It should be almost done.”

Lin Xiu looked at this scene and mumbled to himself.

At this level, Lin Xiu was confident that he could kill these two people.

But Lin Xiu didn’t do that.

He is waiting.

Waiting for them, use ‘God Descend’.

Sure enough, the two warriors rushed out of the building at this time, their bodies were suspended in the air and they began to mutter to themselves.

At this moment, a large number of strange golden patterns appeared on their bodies.

“very good.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiu was very satisfied.

He just wanted to wait for them to use ‘God Descend’.

Then plunder their power.

The power of the God warrior is much stronger than that of the Sage warrior.

boom boom boom —

At this time, the entire sky was covered with dark clouds.

Soon, two golden rays of light passed through the cloud-covered sky and hit the bodies of the two of them.

“Kill him! Kill him!!!”

When the warriors in the surrounding Divine Domain saw this scene, they all seemed to be excited and began shouting.

This is the secret skill unique to their Divine Domain, ‘God Descend’, which can only be practiced by the core members of the Divine Domain.

This is the divine power after all!

Taking a closer look at this time, as Huangfu Zhong and Huangfu Ling were infused with two golden lights, their bodies were filled with pale golden light at this time.

“Who dares to make trouble in Divine Domain!!!”

Huangfu Ling’s voice at this time has obviously changed.

Huangfu Zhong also looked down at Lin Xiu at this time. Looking at the black spear in Lin Xiu’s hand, his brows could not help but wrinkle.

It seems to feel very familiar.

“finally came.”

Lin Xiu burst into laughter when he saw this scene.

Huangfu Zhong and Huangfu Ling were in the air when they heard Lin Xiu’s laughter, their expressions changed slightly.

The people who control their bodies now are Huangfu Gu and Huangfu Tai from the Sage warrior Realm. Their power has been transmitted to the Sage warriors’ bodies, making the Sage warriors’ power much stronger.

But this kid, why is he not afraid at all, instead he looks excited?

At this moment, Huangfu Gu and Huangfu Tai’s eyes were full of doubts.

The next moment, a black source mark appeared on Lin Xiu’s forehead.

With the appearance of this black source mark, a large number of matrices appeared in the surrounding sky in an instant.

As soon as these matrices appeared, the entire sky was instantly surrounded by these matrices!

A huge sky was formed with matrices.

what is this!?

When Huangfu Gu and Huangfu Tai saw this scene, the pupils in their eyes shrank slightly.

Lin Xiu’s figure appeared in the air at this time.

“It seems that this time, you are going to send me the divine power again.”

Lin Xiu looked at the two people who had been possessed by Huangfu Gu and Huangfu Tai and said lightly.

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