God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 798 - Gap In Strength  

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Chapter 798: Gap In Strength

boom boom —

All those terrifying lightning bolts struck Lin Xiu’s body!


Lin Xiu gritted his teeth and the source strength in his body started to run wildly.

The unfolded ‘Sphere’ became even thicker.


But this lightning was really terrifying. Lin Xiu’s expression changed greatly as it charged down from the sky.

The whole ‘Sphere’ vibrated frantically.

It seems that in the next moment, it will be destroyed!

“This is the rank 2 source mark power – ‘Purple Devil Thunder’!

“You die for me!”

Yan Yongxin who was in the air shouted loudly, at this moment, the source strength in his body burst out crazily again.

A more terrifying and thicker thunder and lightning struck down again.

Lin Xiu’s ‘Sphere’ directly exploded!

The huge thunderbolt instantly hit Lin Xiu’s body directly.

There were many cracks in the surrounding ground.

A large amount of gravel was continuously scattered.

The entire mountain vibrated violently.

“Too…too terrifying…”

The warriors at the bottom of the mountain were all shaken by this huge battle.


As the terrifying thunder and lightning slowly dissipated, Yan Yongxin snorted coldly and when he looked down, he found that Lin Xiu… hadn’t been hit to ashes by his powerful force.


Lin Xiu held his Dark Edge spear in both hands in a defensive posture, panting constantly.

Taking a closer look at this time, Lin Xiu already had quite a few scars on his body.

A smear of blood flowed from the corner of Lin Xiu’s mouth.

This is really terrifying. Is this the power of King Warrior? It is simply not the same as a master warrior-level warrior.

It is probably not difficult for the terrifying force just now to destroy a city.

Fortunately, Lin Xiu used the system skill ‘Golden Body Immortality’ just at the critical moment, otherwise, it would be really bad.

And now the skill time of the system starts to count down.

Lin Xiu did not hesitate to use the ‘Reset’ skill. At this moment, all the skills of the system were reset.

Moreover, Lin Xiu directly used ‘Fury’ again, ‘Power of the Stars’ plus ‘Heavenly Array’.

His strength increased again.

“This guy…”

Seeing that Lin Xiu hadn’t been killed by his own power, Yan Yongxin’s expression became extremely grim as he was in the air.


He roared loudly and purple energy burst out from his body.

These purple energies instantly covered the entire mountain top!

Domain forces?!

Seeing this scene, the expression in Lin Xiu’s eyes changed and he also directly used his own purification domain, trying to offset his domain power.

But when his domain force was just used, Lin Xiu’s eyes suddenly showed shock.

Because at this time, there seems to be no way for one’s own purification domain to offset Yan Yongxin’s domain force!

Why is this happening!?

Is it because he is a warrior of the King warrior level!?


At this time, if you look closely, all the currents on the ground are dense and there will be a sound of electric current from time to time.

Whoosh whoosh—

One after another terrifying lightning swords stabbed down from the sky!

Lin Xiu had no choice but to use his body technique to keep dodging.

But when Lin Xiu not only dodged, he found that his body began to feel a numbness slowly.

Making his reaction speed start to slow down.

What’s happening?!

Lin Xiu was stunned for a moment, then found that the dense currents on the ground were continuously transmitted to his body.

The influence of domain force?!

Although he used to have the power of lightning before, but compared to Yan Yongxin, who specializes in the power of lightning, he seems to be more than one step behind.

At the same time, Yan Yongxin, who was in the air, had already rushed down.

He waved his hands in the air and suddenly had a pair of huge lightning hands and continued to charge towards Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu wanted to dodge, but found that his body’s reaction speed became slower due to the influence of the electric currents on the ground.

And because his “Sphere” was broken just now, there is no way to expand the “Sphere” now.

boom boom boom —

After that pair of huge thunderbolts, they instantly hit Lin Xiu’s body.

At this time, Lin Xiu’s body also flew out like a broken kite.

When Lin Xiu, who flew out, fell to the ground not far away, he got up again.


Lin Xiu felt that his qi and blood were surging and he almost vomited out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the pupils in Lin Xiu’s eyes also shrank.

Because his body seems to be frozen at this moment!

No, it’s not that he was immobilized, but the paralysis caused by the electric current, which made his body seem to be suddenly paralyzed now!

It was the influence of this King warrior’s domain force!

His purification domain doesn’t seem to have much impact on the domain of a warrior at the King warrior level.


In the next moment, before Lin Xiu was able to leave, he was immediately hammered down by a pair of huge lightning hands.


Lin Xiu’s entire body was smashed to the ground by this huge lightning hand.

‘Golden body immortality’!

Because Lin Xiu used the reset skill just now, at this time, he used the ‘Golden Body Immortality’ again and he was immune to this attack.

But Lin Xiu still fell to the ground.


Yan Yongxin was also a little out of breath at this time. If he hadn’t been prepared long ago, he might have been killed by Lin Xiu.

Now the wounds on his shoulders are aching.

As his hand moved in the air, the huge lightning hand followed the movement of his hand and grabbed Lin Xiu’s body.

The huge lightning hand grabbed Lin Xiu’s body into the air.

Although Lin Xiu used the ‘Golden Body Immortality’ to be immune to the fatal attack for a second, the rest of the impact still hit Lin Xiu’s body, making Lin Xiu feel that his body was still in severe pain.

“Hm? Not dead yet huh.”

After the huge lightning hand grabbed Lin Xiu in front of Yan Yongxin, he frowned slightly and said.

Lin Xiu ignored his words. At this moment, he wanted to break free.

But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t shake this huge lightning hand.


“How should I kill you?”

Yan Yongxin looked at Lin Xiu with a ferocious look on his face.

He looked around and saw the hole in the middle not far away.

With that huge lightning hand, he grabbed Lin Xiu and walked over there slowly.

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