God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 873 - Awaiting  

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Chapter 873: Awaiting

After hearing what Ye Kai said, Lin Xiu was stunned for a short period of time.

“Please allow me to do so.”

Ye Kai asked respectfully.

He was aware that with his current abilities, Ye Kai would not be able to do much for Lin Xiu.

In fact, he might even become a burden.

Just like before, he wouldn’t be able to fight those people; even if it was only one of them.

If it wasn’t because of Lin Xiu, they could have easily killed him.

He was too weak now.

“Alright. Just be careful.”

“If there’s anything, remember to call me.”

Lin Xiu thought about it for a moment before nodding his head.


Ye Kai nodded his head as well.

Both of them have special communicating watches. Even without the internet, they would still be able to contact each other from far away.

“We should leave.”

Lin Xiu looked around as he said to Ye Kai.

He wouldn’t have to destroy this teleportation device.

The warriors from the God Hunters from before mentioned that there was only a couple of them who knew this place.

The leader of the God Hunters will be bringing the rest of them here tomorrow.

By then, he would only have to get rid of these people and no one would know about this device here.

Both of them slowly walked up the stairs. As they got there, they could see a much broader space than before.

There were also lots of strange and new machines that they had never seen.

On the walls around them, there were lots of combat suits and weapons.

“Ye Kai, you can take one and try it on”

The combat suits and weapons here were obviously much better than the ones back on earth.

“But the sizes of these suits seemed much bigger…”

Ye Kai was aware that the suits and weapons from the Nanor Planet would definitely be one of the best but the sizes of these things are so much bigger than him.

He picked up one of the combat suits and when he put it on, he realised that the suit was getting smaller automatically.

It was becoming a size that could fit him.

“Is this really happening?”

Ye Kai widened his eyes in shock as he couldn’t believe it.

“There are still lots of odd crystals here. Ye Kai, you can take them and absorb them.”

Lin Xiu had walked to the other side and saw the odd crystals that were piled together like a huge mountain.

These odd crystals were at least rank 10. If Ye Kai got to absorb them, he would be able to quickly break through being a rank 9 warrior and soon become a warrior master.

If that was the case, he would have an added protection as he stayed on the Nanor Planet.


Ye Kai hesitated a little in the beginning but he still decided to do so. He then walked towards the mountain of odd crystals and sat next to it.

He crossed his legs as he sat next to it and slowly absorbed the crystals one by one.

Soon, the next morning arrived.

“This is what it feels like to be a warrior master?”

The next morning, when Ye Kai opened his eyes, he could feel that everything was different.

As he became a warrior master, he felt as if he was a new person.

“En. When you become a warrior master, you are allowed to claim a source mark.”

Lin Xiu smiled as he told his experience to Ye Kai.

As he listened to how Lin Xiu was talking about his past, Ye Kai was surprised.

He didn’t think that Lin Xiu had become this strong.

However, he was delighted that Lin Xiu had become such a powerful warrior.

This meant that Lin Xiu would not be under any threat while he was on the Nanor Planet.

Perhaps in the future, Lin Xiu might be able to annihilate the entire Bai family!

“Master, I will be taking a trip to find out more about the other family. If I find anything, I will contact you immediately.”

Ye Kai bidded farewell to Lin Xiu.

“Alright, be careful.”

Seeing how Ye Kai has already made up his mind about leaving, Lin Xiu nodded his head while giving him the approval.

Plus, he had other things to do as well.

If he brought Ye Kai along with him, he wouldn’t have the time to care for Ye Kai.

As Lin Xiu pushed the door open, there were bright rays of sunlight that shone into the room.

When they took a good look, the place was built on an abandoned land, in the middle of nowhere.

The houses around them looked old and there were lots of weeds grown around them.

It was a sunny day and the sun seemed to be much bigger compared to the one that they see on earth.

It was getting hot as well because of the bright sun.

“Master, goodbye.”

Ye Kai bowed to Lin Xiu and headed in the other direction.


Lin Xiu said with a gentle smile on his face.

After sending him off, Lin Xiu took a look at the view around him.

This place seemed to be far away from civilization and by common sense, there shouldn’t be anyone who knew about this place.

If that;s the case, he only had to get rid of those who are coming today. This way, no one would know about the secret of this space teleportation device and how they could be sent to earth.

Then, he wouldn’t have to destroy this machine.

Time passed by slowly as day time was longer than night time on the Nanor Planet. There was only 5 hours where the sun was down.

At five in the evening, Lin Xiu was standing on the highest ground available and saw that there was a huge group of men getting closer to him.

They’re here.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes as he took a good look at these men.


“Why didn’t they come out to welcome you?”

The men continued walking towards the door. They frowned when they noticed that there was no one welcoming them.

“These idiots! I already told them yesterday that we will be coming with the leader today!”

Another man amongst their group was slowly getting mad.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s head inside.”

“Perhaps they have already conquered that little planet.”

“We will then get those lowly peasant to work as slaves for us. The God Hunters will definitely become much stronger!”

The men continued discussing it as they walked into the room.

“Let’s take a look.”

The man who was dressed in luxurious clothing, whose aura was a little more different from the rest of them, finally opened his mouth.

He was the leader of the God Hunters, Zhao Gui.


The rest of them were guarding him as they continued walking forward.

Yiiiiiii – –

When they were about to push the gates open, there was a sharp noise that came from inside.

The gates were slowly opened on their own.

“Hmph! Now they’re here.”

One of the warriors sneered.

However, the next thing that happened surprised them even more. There were no warriors that came out to welcome them.

There was only a small man standing inside.

“Who are you?!”

When they saw the man, the warriors were all confused and shocked.

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