God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 968 - People of the Divine Domain

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Chapter 968: People of the Divine Domain

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At this moment, Anda and two young men beside him came over.

Lin Xiu didn’t look at Anda, but at the man beside him.

That man gave Lin Xiu a very strange feeling.

Lin Xiu couldn’t describe this strange feeling.

But what is certain is that this man’s strength is very strong.


Originally, he didn’t kill Anda, just to give Wang Qiang a chance to take revenge himself.

Unexpectedly, now he himself came knocking.


At this moment, looking at Anda standing in front of him, Wang Qiang clenched his fists tightly.

His eyes were full of anger.

“What, do you want to hit me?”

An Da approached, looked at Wang Qiang and sneered.

“And you, I will take revenge.”


An Da looked at Lin Xiu again, and there was a savage look in his eyes.

“let’s go!”

Without waiting for Wang Qiang to make a move, at the next moment, he and the young man beside him left.

“He should be going to the Sage Warrior Space.”

At this moment, Wang Qiang gritted his teeth and said.


Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

“The next battle, the group 1300, Lin Xiu, Wang Qiang!”

“Against group 610! Huangfu Lin, Huangfu Tian!”


Hearing the names of the opponents, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but raise his brows.

Huangfu, there were very few people with this surname.

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but think of Huangfu Lin of Divine Domain.

“Master, these two people are said to be from the Divine Domain.”

At this time, Wang Qiang and Lin Xiu said aloud while walking on the stage.

“Divine Domain huh…”

“Divine Domain is a very powerful organization, they’re all over the world, and there are many warriors at the Sage Warrior level within the organization.”

Wang Qiang thought that Lin Xiu didn’t know the Divine Domain, so he explained at this time.

“En, I see.”

As Lin Xiu stepped onto the battlefield, he saw two warriors in uniform on the opposite side of the battlefield.

Sure enough, he was right, it turned out to be warriors of the Divine Domain.

And also their surname was Huangfu.

Do they have anything to do with Huangfu Lin?

“Are all people in the Divine Domain surnamed Huangfu?”

Lin Xiu said to Wang Qiang.

“It is said that the high-level personnel inside, including the children of high-level personnel, are all from the Huangfu family.”

Wang Qiang nodded, then said.

“Lin Xiu, Wang Qiang, I have watched your game.”

Huangfu Lin glanced at Wang Qiang and Lin Xiu, and then said lightly.

“You are not our opponents, we’ll give you a chance, get out.”

“If you don’t get out, you won’t have a chance.”

Huangfu Tian also followed Huangfu Lin’s words at this time.

Although the two are arrogant, they had the right to be arrogant.

Peak level Respected warrior.

Lin Xiu used the Analytic Eye so could feel their strength.

“Wang Qiang, you go down, you don’t have to participate in this battle.”

“Yes, Master!”

Wang Qiang, although a little puzzled, nodded and jumped off the stage.

“What does he mean!?”

The surrounding warriors all whispered at this moment.

Looking at Wang Qiang’s actions, he was puzzled.

“You guys want to forfeit?”

The referee frowned when he saw this scene.


Lin Xiu shook his head.

“According to the rules, as long as I am the last person standing, then we will all advance too, right?”

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, the referee was also stunned.

“Who are you, you want to challenge the other two alone?”

“That’s right.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

50 out of 100 warriors would belong to the final battle.

The location was on the huge battle platform in the middle.

The sound on the stage was transmitted to the surrounding area.


“This person must be crazy, his opponents are young talents from Divine Domain.”

“He’s definitely going to lose.”

“What a piece of shit, you want a two-vs-one fight, you’re sick of living huh!”


At this time, the surrounding warriors were all in an uproar.

They all thought Lin Xiu was crazy.

“Hahaha, are you joking!”

Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian also burst into laughter at this time.

To them, Lin Xiu was simply joking.

“Although your strength in the previous battle was okay, those warriors who were defeated by you are not on the same level as us.”

Huangfu Tian sneered.

Looking at Lin Xiu, his eyes were full of ridicule.

“I know, so in this game, only I will deal with you guys.”

Lin Xiu nodded, still looking very indifferent.

“Referee, let’s get started. I’d like to see if you are as good as you claim to be.”

Huang Fulin spoke to the referee at this time.


The referee nodded, and then directly announced the start of the game!

As soon as he finished speaking, at this moment, Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian attacked Lin Xiu directly!

Both of them were holding swords as weapons.

The moment they rushed towards Lin Xiu, the swords they held in their hands immediately waved into the air!

Whoosh whoosh—

There was whooshing sounds in the air, and terrifying sword auras burst out at this moment.

It charged toward Lin Xiu!

bang bang bang-

Lin Xiu moved his hands and directly blocked those terrifying sword auras.

“Go to hell!!!”

Huangfu Lin rushed to Lin Xiu first.

The sword in his hand was chopped straight down from top to bottom!


But at this moment, a crisp sound rang out.

A long spear with a dark body and a subtle fire-red source mark appeared in Lin Xiu’s hand!

The body of the spear directly blocked his attack.


And at this moment, the entire spear body burst out with a lot of lightning.

This lightning bolt was directly transmitted to his sword, and then covered his body!


A wailing came from Huangfu Lin’s mouth instantly.

The lightning came so suddenly that he couldn’t block it at all!

“‘Sky Strike’!!!”

At this time, Huangfutian attacked from the other side.

With his roar, the slash he slashed over instantly transformed into a huge blade, slashing towards Lin Xiu from the air!

Lin Xiu raised his foot and kicked Huangfu Lin out, then he instantly disappeared.

“Huangfu Lin!”

Huangfu Tian ignored where Lin Xiu was and ran towards Huangfu Lin.

“Don’t help!”

Huangfu Lin roared loudly and immediately stood up.

Because he had just endured the power of lightning released by Lin Xiu, a trace of white smoke was still coming out of his hair at this moment.

His hair has been burnt.

“Just this bit of strength?”

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