God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 973 - Becoming A Sage Warrior!

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Chapter 973: Becoming A Sage Warrior!

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“Congratulations to the master for successfully upgrading, the current level is sixty-five!”

“Congratulations to the master for successfully advancing to the rank of Sage warrior!”

“Congratulations, master…”

A series of system prompts rang out continuously in his mind.

At this moment, Lin Xiu’s whole body seemed to be radiating white light.

Enveloped by that white light.

Comfortable, really comfortable.

At this moment, those dark clouds in the sky began to disperse.

The whole sky instantly cleared up.

And Lin Xiu, who was enveloped in white light, was suspended in the sky like the sun.

“What a dazzling light…”

The warriors below, all subconsciously blocked their eyes with their arms at this time.

At this time, Lin Xiu, who was wrapped in white light, had already entered his system page and checked his current attributes:

Level: 65


Experience points: 0/1000000000000000000


Strength: 7751


Physique: 7100


Speed: 2830

Potential Points: 65

Skills: ‘Analytic Eye’ ‘Fury’ ‘Disguise’ ‘Engulf’ ‘Mirror Image’ ‘Heavenly Array’ ‘Reset’ ‘Power of the Stars’ ‘Golden Body Immortality’ ‘Exotic Summoning’ ‘Sacrifice’ ‘Skill Enhancement’ ‘Source Strength Control’

Title: Respected warrior (Unused titles: Rank 1 warrior, Rank 2 warrior, Rank 3 warrior, Rank 4 warrior, Rank 5 warrior, Rank 6 warrior, Rank 7 warrior, Rank 8 warrior, Rank 9 warrior, Master warrior, Respected warrior , Sage warrior.)


Rage Buildup: 0/100

Sage warrior! He has finally reached the Sage warrior level now!

Thinking of this, Lin Xiu became excited.

Check out the power attached to the title of Sage warrior:

‘Title of Sage warrior’:

Build-up: When attacked, rage increases faster.

Shield: When attacked, there is a 30% chance that one can resist 50% of the incoming damage.

Fatal: 1% chance to directly kill a warrior of the same level.

Bloodthirsty: 1% of damage dealt to the enemy will restore one’s own strength.

Source Strength Absorption: Attacking the opponent can absorb 5% of the opponent’s lost energy and convert it into one’s own.

Attribute attack: Your attack will cause an attack with wind attribute, with a 10% chance to trigger wind-based skill.

Corrosion: Your attack will have a 5% chance to cause corrosion to the enemy.

“There are so many passive skills…”

Lin Xiu looked at the passive skills attached to the title of Sage warrior and couldn’t help but feel a little dizzy.

Many of these passive skills were inherited from the previous title of warrior and the new passive skill was the ‘corrosion’ passive skill.

However, Lin Xiu didn’t know what the specific effect would be.

The new system skill is ‘Source Strength Control’.

‘Source Strength Control’: Control the source strength of the surrounding creatures. (Cooldown: one month.)


Looking at this new system skill, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but curse.

The introduction of this system skill seems unclear, but the cooldown time is longer than all previous skills!

It was as long as a month!

Just when Lin Xiu felt helpless, there was another system prompt in his mind.

“Gene lock is unlocked.”

Gene lock!?

Lin Xiu was startled, then instinctively entered another system interface.

He could clearly see that the Rank 5 gene lock has been opened and unlocked!

This is the last gene lock.

“After unlocking, I don’t know what will happen…”

Lin Xiu muttered to himself.

“Unlock success rate… 10%!?”

As soon as he clicked the icon of the Rank 5 gene lock, he saw this prompt.

“Consequences of failure: physical destruction.”

“System, why are you messing with me!”

Lin Xiu cursed secretly.

The ten percent chance of success was really too low. For Lin Xiu, who had only won the prize once when he bought a drink, this system was full of malicious intent.

“Forget it, I won’t unlock it.”

Lin Xiu said to himself helplessly.

However, after reaching the Sage warrior level, Lin Xiu felt that his whole person was different.

And the light that just appeared seemed to baptize his body.

The whole body is filled with an incomparably comfortable feeling.

Comfortable, really comfortable.

At this time, Lin Xiu came to his senses and realized that he was still suspended in the air.

As soon as his thoughts were triggered, he returned to reality.

The white light on his body dissipated and Lin Xiu’s figure slowly descended from the sky.

“I won this battle, right?”

Lin Xiu’s eyes turned to the referee who had retreated to the back, then said lightly.

At this time, the battle platform was broken and Lin Xiu’s body was suspended in the air.

“Yes… yes.”.

The referee came to his senses after hearing Lin Xiu’s words and quickly nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Lin Xiu’s battle just now was really exciting and shocking.

At this time, he was not only shocked by Lin Xiu’s strength, but also fearful.

“Group 1300… wins!”

As he let out a loud roar, the surrounding warriors also applauded.

Immediately there was a burst of applause.

Lin Xiu flew off the stage at this time and Wang Qiang ran up excitedly: “Master, you are too strong!”

Wang Qiang knew that Lin Xiu was strong, but he never thought that Lin Xiu would be so strong.

In the battle just now, Lin Xiu was like a god descending.

“Train well and you will reach this level.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.


“This kid… where did he come from ah…”

Wu Hao on the other side also opened his eyes wide and said subconsciously.

He didn’t even know when the electronic cigarette in his hand fell on the ground.

“Even ‘God Descend’ can’t kill him…”

The Respected warrior, who was beside Wu Hao, also opened his eyes wide at this time, as if he was dumbfounded.


“But it seems that I, Wu Hao, have finally found the right person!”

Wu Hao laughed out loud.

The stronger Lin Xiu’s strength, the higher the success rate of finding Angel’s Tears!

“I feel that trouble is coming for him.”

Another warrior spoke to himself like he was talking to himself.

After all, the one Lin Xiu just killed were warriors from Divine Domain and the two of them were able to reach the peak of Respected warrior’s strength at such a young age. Obviously, they were the people who were groomed by Divine Domain.”

These people obviously had an extraordinary status in the Divine Domain.

“What did you say! Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian were killed in the competition!?”

Just as the warrior thought, the news that Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian were killed was quickly passed to the headquarters of Divine Domain.

At this time, all the higher-ups in the Divine Domain were shaken.

Those two people were trained as new leaders, otherwise how could they possess such strength at such a young age.

They sent them to win in the Tianjiao competition, so that they can go to the Sage warrior Space to breakthrough and become Sage warriors but they didn’t expect that both of them would die!

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