Green Skin-Chapter 218

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Chapter 218

Green Skin 218 Revenge Complete (2)

Park Hyeri never knew the meaning of connecting with others. Things were the same when her dog died, and her parents died in an accident. She was the same after coming to this world and would smile while slicing up a goblin, even as her comrade was being eaten by one.

‘You monster…’

Park Hyeri smiled at those words. Seeing people stare despondently into the air after losing their loved ones gave Park Hyeri joy.

However, she knew acting normally was important because showing that she was different from others was dangerous. She realized that when she had gotten into a small clan before meeting Choi Eunju.

‘This is your first murder?’


She could not forget the sensations she had felt that day. Sparks ran through her body as the rest of the clan fell, screaming to the floor.

Park Hyeri realized that this was the reason she had been born.

However, she also became more curious about connections and emotions because she did not know why others despaired after losing their loved ones. That was why she killed people.

It took a while before Park Hyeri realized she was following in Choi Eunju’s footsteps. She seemed the same but different. She would be indifferent as she caused massacres, which gave Park Hyeri acute joy.

Park Hyeri thought this may be a connection and had spoken to other clan members about this.

‘Damn, you want to sleep with our Master?’

She nearly killed the man whose name she did not remember. However, it was true that Park Hyeri was obsessed with connecting with others, which was why she killed those who seemed to possess them.

Some time passed when she realized that this may be something close to religious faith. She felt whole whenever she saw Choi Eunju and would die for this feeling.

This was why Park Hyeri could not believe her eyes at seeing Choi Eunju being hugged by that monster. Choi Eunju smiled at the monster, and that sight alone made Park Hyeri scream.

“You bastard!”

She felt like she would burst her veins, but Choi Eunju only smiled even amidst her shouts. The Spider Clan Master’s smile was quite sensual; this was the first time Park Hyeri had seen such an expression.

Park Hyeri immediately knew what they were about to do, but she could only stare as the monster caressed her breasts and told her sweet nothings.

“Ah, darling…”

She did not recognize that voice, but the magic told her that it really was Choi Eunjus.


Park Hyeri felt tears well up and saw red when Choi Eunju was now naked. She sobbed when the monster thrust into Choi Eunju.



Park Hyeri bit her lips until they drew blood as Choi Eunju melted in his arms.

“Darling, I love you…”

Choi Eunju was a woman there, and Park Hyeri felt like she was in hell. She had felt nothing like this before. Tears flowed freely down her face.

“Darling, you’re so different from…”

They were rolling on the floor now, and the woman moaning there was not the Choi Eunju she had known. However, she seemed jubilant as she shuddered and cried tears of joy. What hurt Park Hyeri the most was that Choi Eunju ignored her.


However, Choi Eunju did not answer back.

“Ah, I love you…”

There was nothing Park Hyeri could do as the monster pulled at her. One thing was sure. The monster was laughing at Park Hyeri.

She felt herself being aroused, which made her throw up in disgust. She had no other choice but to laugh because she realized this was the monster’s revenge on her.

Park Hyeri hit her head on the wall as Choi Eunju closed her eyes.


However, the monster stopped her and smiled.

“You can’t die now when I have so much to show you.”

Park Hyeri fell into despair.

“Please, don’t…”

That was the last thing Park Hyeri remembered about that day.


“How is Choi Eunju?”

I spoke to Alisha, who looked at me with reddened cheeks. Choi Eunju was sleeping now.

“Nothing is wrong, unlike that woman there…”

I worried a bit about her after seeing her memories but was happy to hear that Park Hyeri’s mind had broken.

Alisha opened her mouth.

“Do you feel…happy?”

I did not answer, as she did not seem to understand me. Elves did not seem to like revenge. I spoke up.

“What would you think?”


“Let’s suppose…”


“Let’s suppose your mother and sisters all died by the humans ruling over your country and violated their corpses. Then, the humans came to you helpless to your whims…”

“Revenge will give you nothing…that’s what my family taught me.”

She was holy, and I did not want to denounce them because they were different from me. However, I knew why the elves met their fate. They did not know how to fight.

“What did you think when you entered my head?”

I was direct, as I guessed that she would have been affected by what she had seen in my memories. Alisha would have felt something, and I did not care whether it was positive or negative. The important thing was that she had been affected by me.

She would know the rush that comes with revenge, and I knew she would not have asked that question without some thought.

I pushed Park Hyeri back into her cell and spoke again.

“Do you think revenge would be sad, bitter, or bring about self-hate?”

Alisha did not say anything, and I continued.

“It’s sweet.”


“Revenge being an empty act is nonsense. It is sweet, very sweet…”

I smiled as I was speaking the truth. I felt something sweet in my mouth instead of something bitter. Alisha looked askance, but she seemed to understand me. I smiled again and licked my lips. I felt like I had gotten the world and could sleep easily. However, unlike me, Alisha did not look up from the ground until we got out of the underground prison.