Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy-Chapter 1731

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1731 chen wang x fu huan (8) god-scamming brother-in-law (2)

at this moment, in a dark corner of the theater, a pair of eyes were staring at the two of them.

fu chen was accompanying song fengwan to a design exhibition that night. he had a rough understanding of art, but he wasn’t proficient in it. he could be considered half a layman, and the exhibition was just for show. his phone vibrated. when he saw that the sender was qian jiang, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

usually, fu huan and chen wang would hide in the apartment for their dates, so it was hard to follow them. however, the situation this time was different. chen wang was going to leave for a period of time. this was the first time that the two of them had been separated for so long. he was worried that something might happen, so he asked qian jiang to keep an eye on him.

[ the two of them walked into the cinema hand in hand after dinner. ]

[ the theater is very dark. i can’t see what they’re doing. probably … ]

[ he’s kissing. ]


fu chen narrowed his eyes and clenched his phone without saying a word. after a while, qian jiang’s message came again. [ it’s been half an hour, and they’re still doing what they just did. there’s no progress. ]

what happened just now?

fu chen clenched his phone. he really couldn’t let him follow him next time. sooner or later, he would be annoyed by his way of reporting.

so many years had passed, but his style of doing things had not changed at all. instead, it had become worse.


the two of them had just finished watching the movie. as soon as they walked out of the theater, chen wang was recognized.

“chen wang?” the three girls immediately surrounded chen wang with popcorn in their hands. chen wang was wearing a mask, so these people were probably paying a lot of attention to him. otherwise, they would not have recognized him at first glance.

chen wang was tidying fu huan’s scarf with his head lowered. with a slight lift of his finger, he lifted her scarf up by half an inch, covering her nose and mouth, only revealing a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes.

“aren’t you chen wang?” the girls were excited and surprised, but their eyes fell on fu huan and sized him up curiously. ” is this your girlfriend? ”

these two people’s actions didn’t look simple at all. most importantly …

the black and red down jacket was obviously a couple’s outfit.

chen wang pulled down his mask slightly and made a shushing gesture to them. ” sorry, we have to go first. ”

before the girls could come back to their senses, they saw chen wang leaving with fu huan.

“they won’t say anything, will they?” fu huan followed him out of the theater.

” it’s okay. i’m not a celebrity. i don’t need to hide my relationship. ”


on christmas eve, a hot search topic, [ chen wang’s love ], instantly topped the hot search list. the girl who exposed it said that the great god was a very good person, that his girlfriend was very beautiful, and that the great god was very considerate.

after all, chen wang was not a popular celebrity. he had many female fans, but they were all career fans. as long as they did not affect his competition, it did not matter.


after chen wang returned home, he was naturally interrogated by his parents and friends. in fact, the people who were closer to him had already heard about it from grandpa chen. however, it was another matter to ask him to admit it personally.

due to the time difference between him and fu huan, he couldn’t help frowning when he received fu huan’s call in the afternoon. it should be bedtime back home. ” why are you calling me instead of sleeping? ”

“because i’m downstairs.” fu huan said it casually, so chen wang just listened.

ever since they got together, fu huan had made this kind of joke a few times. she always said that she would look for him in the middle of the night, and it was almost always a joke.

“alright, rest early. if you can’t sleep, i’ll talk to you for a while.” chen wang was watching a video and studying a game. he closed the video and closed his computer.

“i’m really downstairs. didn’t you say that uncle and auntie are out today? i’m here to accompany you.”

” huanhuan … ” chen wang pinched the space between his eyebrows helplessly. he was afraid that this girl was addicted to playing with him. ” my parents did say that, but … ”

as soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly heard someone calling him from outside the window, ” chen wang, qian qian. ”

his heart skipped a beat and he quickly walked to the window. the curtains were not closed, so he could easily see the young girl holding her phone and waving at him. there was also a small suitcase beside her.

fu huan waved at him. ” i’m really here! ”

“don’t move!” chen wang quickly ran downstairs.

fu huan pursed her lips and raised her hand to adjust her clothes slightly. she came over after getting off the plane and didn’t have time to wash up. she only felt that something was wrong now.

however, as soon as the chen family’s door opened, fu huan raised her head and was ready to welcome chen wang with her most brimming smile. she did not expect to see a group of people standing inside …

other than chen wang’s parents, there were a few more people moving behind them, filling the main entrance.

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