Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 746 - The Eldest Young Master of the Jiang Family Is Uncommon, Transforming Into an Innocent Little Virgin (3)

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Chapter 746: The Eldest Young Master of the Jiang Family Is Uncommon, Transforming Into an Innocent Little Virgin (3)

“It’s nothing.” Duan Linbai waved his hand casually. When he went out, his ears suddenly turned red.

He reached out and rubbed them.

He wasn’t a bad person, but he wasn’t a good person either. She had spoken too solemnly, making him feel a little embarrassed.

“Linbai, are you okay?” Fu Chen followed him. Seeing his red face, he frowned slightly.

She just applied medicine to him. Why does this kid look like an innocent little virgin?

Why is his face still red?

Fu Chen had always been good at reading people. Duan Linbai was a little annoyed by his gaze and coughed. “I’ll go deal with those people.”

“Okay, your lawyer is here too. Some of the family members are a little troublesome to deal with. Please pay attention. This is the police station. Don’t make a scene.”

“I know. You didn’t tell my parents, did you?”


“That’s good.” Duan Linbai tidied himself up uneasily. When he entered the room, he was still the elegant and uninhibited Young Master Duan.


In fact, most people were egocentric. The other party’s families would definitely try their best to absolve their family members and wouldn’t be willing to take too much responsibility.

Moreover, they had indeed been beaten up very badly. The one with a head injury would definitely have a scar in the future. This family shouted the loudest.

Duan Linbai wasn’t polite. They had witnesses and a recording, so he directly threw them in front of these people.

“If you want to talk about the fight, let’s talk about it slowly one by one. First, how should we settle the score of them harassing and teasing the waitress?

“They got to the point of molesting her.

“Don’t talk nonsense with me and say that they were drunk. Since they were drunk and couldn’t differentiate between people, why didn’t they lay their hands on men? How could they f*cking tell the difference between men and women?

“Why didn’t these little bastards pounce at me? They also know how to lay their hands on beautiful young ladies! So don’t use the excuse of being drunk to brush it off with me. Don’t make up so many excuses for acting like hooligans.

“If something happens, it’s caused by alcohol. How much blame are you going to put on alcohol?”

Duan Linbai didn’t give an inch, making these people speechless.

The group of people said that they wouldn’t pursue whose responsibility it was as long as they received compensation for medical expenses. Duan Linbai didn’t mind either. Since they wanted compensation, they should clarify the matter. The hotel’s compensation, the waitress’s mental damage compensation, and all kinds of expenses were added up.

Everyone was injured. If they wanted to check their injuries, they could go together.

Anyway, he was the kind of person who wasn’t willing to suffer a loss. There was no way he would let these people take advantage of him.

These people were in the wrong to begin with. In the end, they only took a small amount of money and left dejectedly.

“Actually, we could have pursued their responsibility and got them locked up for a few days.” Fu Chen looked at Duan Linbai.

“You saw their family members. We just have to compensate them some money and teach them a lesson. If they were locked up for a few days, I would be fine, but they would definitely harass Xu Jiamu afterward. She’s already busy enough. It’s better not to cause her any more trouble.”

Duan Linbai reached out to rub his lower back. F*ck, it really hurts.

“After all, she’s the victim. The matter would definitely have to start with her. We shouldn’t let her school know.

“Some things look fine, but if word gets out, the taste of things will change.”

Fu Chen nodded with a smile. Someone who usually only cares about venting their anger and feeling comfortable actually cares about someone else?

It was really not easy.


The few of them only came out of the police station at around midnight.

When Xu Jiamu entered the police station, the hotel had said that they hoped she would stop going to work. She was a temporary worker to begin with, so without a contract, she could be fired at any time.

The hotel was also worried that she would bear some responsibility. Besides, the losses today were serious enough.

She was busy writing her graduation thesis recently and was still doing an internship in the hospital. She originally wanted to resign from the hotel after finishing this weekend, but this saved her the trouble.

Fu Chen sent Xu Jiamu back to school and then sent Duan Linbai home before driving back to Yunjin Prime Manor.

Jiang Ershao had been dragged into the car by his eldest brother and had left a few minutes earlier than them.

Duan Linbai had been attending a banquet and socializing earlier. He had only cared about talking to people and didn’t eat much. After fighting with people, he was starving.

When he returned home, he rummaged through the fridge for a long time before taking some cookies and peach yogurt and going upstairs.

“You’re back so late, yet you haven’t eaten?” His mother heard the commotion and came downstairs.

“I’m a little hungry again. Mom, can you make me egg fried rice?” Duan Linbai was really not diligent with his limbs, and he didn’t know how to cook at all. “Mom, people are made of iron, but rice is made of steel—”

“You won’t starve to death if you miss a meal,” his mother interrupted.

Duan Linbai: “…”

So heartless?

I’m definitely not her biological son.

“It’s the middle of the night. Don’t eat cookies!” his mother said as she snatched his only food.

Duan Linbai felt depressed. After returning to his room, he took a shower and prepared to play two rounds of games before sleeping. When he thought about how Xu Jiamu had said that his face was dark…

He remembered that his mother had a small fridge upstairs that stored facial masks. He sneaked out…

After rummaging around for a long time and taking a look at the various facial masks, he finally took one and sneaked back to his room.

In this world, there was no mother who didn’t love her child. Although Duan Linbai’s mother had a stubborn mouth, she still cooked a bowl of noodles for him and brought it upstairs. Duan Linbai had stolen the facial mask and felt guilty, so he forgot to lock the door…

When she pushed the door open and entered, she saw her son sitting with his legs crossed, drinking yogurt, typing on the keyboard, and playing games with others.

This scene was simply horrifying.


Their eyes met, and Duan Linbai was also embarrassed.

“I brought you a bowl of noodles.” His mother placed the noodles on the table and glanced at the packaging of the facial mask he had thrown into the trash can. It was her facial mask.

Effects: Whitening, brightening, rejuvenation

“Mom, ahem, the ultraviolet rays outside are a little strong recently. My face isn’t very comfortable from the sun, so I just wanted to put on a mask.” Duan Linbai was embarrassed.

“Is that so?”

In the summer, he specially went to the south to sunbathe. The ultraviolet rays in the south are so strong, but I didn’t see him take care of himself. It’s almost winter, yet he says the ultraviolet rays are strong?

Who is this brat lying to?

“Hurry up and eat the noodles. They’ll get soggy if you take too long.” With that, she left.

Duan Linbai was so angry that he took off the mask.

F*ck, I must be crazy. What’s wrong with a man being slightly darker?! He threw away his mask in anger and even ran to the mirror to take a look.

But to be honest, the effect of this whitening mask was quite good.

The next day, when Jiang Ershao saw Duan Linbai again, he saw that he was wearing sunglasses and a mask. He even asked his assistant to buy him sunscreen. He was just short of a parasol.

He’s indeed the big brother. He even knows about skincare?

What an exquisite boy!

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