Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 432 - Ancestral Dragon Treasury (1)  

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Chapter 432: Ancestral Dragon Treasury (1)

Li Yu and the others searched the vast starry sky for a few days before they found the spectral Nether Cloud Void.

In the Nether Cloud Void, the air was covered by a layer of mist, causing one’s vision to become extremely blurry. It was not only blurry, but even one’s divine sense was blurry.

Those thin fogs seemed to give everyone with normal vision an inexplicable sense of dizziness after wearing high-intensity nearsighted glasses.

There was no heaven or earth here, nor was there any gravity. The operation of the power of heaven and earth was constantly changing.

Therefore, entering it was even more terrifying than being in the vast starry sky. There was no reference point at all as if any direction was the sky and any direction was ahead.

It was easy to get lost in it and not find where they came from.

Of course, Li Yu’s Heart of Heaven and Earth could still sense the circulation of deeper laws. He could understand some of the meridians and not get lost.

Furthermore, they had Zhong Yu as their guide.

However, just as they entered the Nether Cloud Void, Zhong Yu looked around and suddenly said, “The Nether Cloud Void has already entered the Illusory Cloud Stage!”

No one knew the Nether Cloud Void better than Zhong Yu.

“What do you mean?” Li Yu looked at Zhong Yu.

Zhong Yu immediately explained, “The Nether Cloud Void is filled with many Ghost Clouds that look no different from ordinary clouds.”

“The Ghost Clouds are unpredictable. They can suddenly appear anywhere, or they can suddenly disappear into thin air. No one can sense their traces in advance.”

“These Ghost Clouds are divided into four different periods.”

“The first period is the ordinary Nether Cloud Stage. At this time, some of these Ghost Clouds will turn into fire clouds, some into thunderclouds, some into ice clouds, some into wind clouds, some into poisonous clouds, etc.”

“Ghost Clouds will be active frequently during this period, and their offensive power is terrifying.”

“However, the Ghost Clouds in this period can be tracked. It is generally easier to sense in advance and not be caught off guard.”

“The second period is the Confusion Cloud period. At this time, the Ghost Clouds will all turn into Confusion Clouds that possess extremely powerful fainting powers. During this period, they will not be especially active, but they will become no different from ordinary clouds and mist, and it will be difficult to tell if they are real or fake.”

“Once you enter the fog by mistake, you will fall into an eternal sleep. Sister Mi Lu had once fallen into the fog and slept for countless years!”

“The Illusory Cloud Stage is similar to the Mystic Cloud Stage. However, during the Illusory Cloud Stage, all the fog and Ghost Clouds here will produce an extremely powerful illusion effect. It will even transform into an illusion that is impossible to distinguish between serious and fake.”

“Once one falls into the Illusory Cloud, they will be trapped in an illusion. In the end, their consciousness will fall into the illusion and they will never escape.”

“The fourth period is the most dangerous period for outsiders, the Devouring Cloud Stage. However, it rarely appears.”

“At this time, the Ghost Cloud will produce a terrifying devouring power. All matter, magic power, vitality, souls, and other tangible and invisible things will be devoured.”

“Of course, they only devour foreign objects. The living beings and objects that existed here will not be devoured.”

“During the Illusory Cloud Era, apart from these illusory Ghost Clouds, there is another threat in the Nether Cloud Void. It is the Soul Devouring creatures that live with the Ghost Clouds. They will invade one’s soul without anyone knowing and slowly devour the soul while releasing the power of illusion!”

“Other than the above threats, the rest are the living beings in the Nether Cloud Void!”

Zhong Yu’s words did not make anyone nervous because they were well aware that with Li Yu around, no matter if it was the Mystic Cloud, the Illusory Cloud, or the Devouring Cloud, they were all clouds.

Furthermore, there was Zhong Yu, the guide who knew this place very well. They naturally had nothing to worry about.

The ones who should be afraid should be the native creatures in the Nether Cloud Void.

“Of course, there are not only clouds in the Nether Cloud Void. There are also many floating mountains, earth, and so on. It’s just that they’re constantly moving.” Zhong Yu continued to introduce the Nether Cloud Void to everyone.

As they spoke, everyone had already flown into the depths of the Nether Cloud Void.

Although they were not afraid of these Illusory Clouds, they did not lower their guard. They used their abilities or magic treasures to block the interference of the fog.

Furthermore, they only controlled their gaze to a radius of ten feet according to Zhong Yu’s instructions.

The illusion of the fog was not through contact but through vision and special light. If one looked into the distance for a long time, it was easy to hallucinate.

However, as long as he kept his gaze within ten feet, it could be easily avoided.

If they really encountered the Illusory Cloud, they had no choice but to rely on their own abilities.

Li Yu had three goals for this trip. One was to find the Ancestral Dragon’s treasure, and the other was to find Emperor Yu Mountain.

Finding the Ancestral Dragon’s treasure was not difficult for him. He could find it as long as he followed the system’s guidance. However, it might take some time to find the Emperor Yu Mountain.

Her last goal was to help Great Immortal Mi Lu find Immortal Lu Chi, even though there was a high chance that it would be fruitless.

In fact, Li Yu did not plan to bring Great Immortal Mi Lu along. After all, this trip was not safe. However, she knelt and begged, hoping to find Immortal Lu Chi in the Nether Cloud Void.

In addition, Zhong Yu pleaded for her and promised Li Yu that she would take care of Great Immortal Mi Lu herself.

Therefore, Li Yu agreed.

Of course, it was mainly because Li Yu was moved by compassion and hoped that Great Immortal Mi Lu could have a good ending.

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