Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 433 - Ancestral Dragon Treasury (2)  

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Chapter 433: Ancestral Dragon Treasury (2)

If Immortal Lu Chi was still alive, they might be able to find him. This would be a form of repayment for Great Immortal Mi Lu’s Misty Immortal Island.

Everyone flew along. They had Li Yu’s Heart of Heaven and Earth and the Primordial Origin True Body. Zhong Yu, the local guide, Murong Xingqiao’s Eye of Truth, and Tai Ri’s third eye.

It was easy for them to avoid those strange illusory clouds and sneak around unimpeded.

However, many people from the Immortal Realm who entered to find grotto-heavens were not as lucky.

Many people were disturbed by illusions. Some fought with the air, spoke to a cloud, or circled around on the spot.

There were even serious cases of peers killing each other.

Along the way, Li Yu and the others saw various strange and mysterious people.

Li Yu allowed those who did not harm him or others to do as they pleased. After all, he could not control them.

As for those who had fallen into the Illusory Cloud and completely fell into the illusion, even treating their companions as enemies and monsters who killed each other, Li Yu still chose to help.

After all, it was not difficult to remove those people’s illusions. He only needed to use the power of the Primordial Origin True Body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The enormous magic power collision stirred up the entire void, but those illusionary clouds were completely unaffected. They did not move at all, let alone disperse by the magic power shockwave.

More than ten people from the Immortal Realm fought intensely with words coming out of their mouths as if they were facing a terrifying monster’s pursuit.

Li Yu could not see the illusion they saw because the Illusory Cloud might have a different effect on everyone.

However, it was not difficult for Li Yu to guess from the looks of it. The fear in his heart became reality. They thought that they were attacked by monsters, but they were actually killing each other.

He had encountered this situation more than once along the way. The power of the Primordial Origin True Body instantly swept over, and all the divine powers and spells instantly disappeared.

All the illusions dissipated as silence reigned.

Those immortals who had killed each other returned to their senses. Their eyes were filled with confusion at first, and then they saw their injured companions and Li Yu’s figure. They immediately cupped their hands and thanked him. “Thank you for saving us, Cultivator Li!”

However, they had no idea that they had killed their companions. They thought that the monsters they had seen were responsible and that Li Yu had eliminated that monster and saved them.

It was not until Li Yu told them the truth that they were shocked and filled with grief.

“Don’t look too far. Be vigilant if you encounter any abnormalities. Be careful of the enemy’s illusions!” Li Yu reminded them briefly before leading everyone forward.

After all, he could not bring all these people along. He did not have the responsibility or obligation. Furthermore, he was not here to save those people.

It was already benevolent of him to remind them that there were illusions everywhere.

As for whether they could survive in the Nether Cloud Void, it would depend on their luck.

If they could not learn to overcome those illusions and escape the illusion, they would still die here sooner or later.

Following the system’s guidance, Li Yu and the others flew for an unknown period of time. There was almost no concept of time here, but Li Yu clearly remembered that the power of heaven and earth had changed a total of 10,056 times.

They had encountered and successfully avoided more than 3000 Illusory Clouds and more than 9000 people from the Immortal Realm.

During this period, they encountered two attacks from creatures in the Nether Cloud Void, but they did not escape Li Yu’s sword.

Finally, Li Yu and the others successfully arrived at their destination. It was a giant meteorite that looked like a small planet floating in the Nether Cloud Void.

Approaching it made one feel tiny. The surface of this meteorite was filled with countless holes.

Li Yu did not know how these holes were formed, but the Ancestral Dragon Treasury should be in this giant meteorite, or rather, the entrance to the Ancestral Dragon Treasury was in this meteorite.

However, the system’s guidance could not tell him which hole to enter from.

Therefore, Li Yu was momentarily at a loss.

“Master, is this it?” Changjiang No. 7 jumped onto Li Yu’s shoulder and said, “Heavens, there are so many holes!”

Tai Ri activated his third eye and carefully observed the holes. For a moment, he was helpless. There was a powerful domain inside these holes, and he could not see any clues.

He could only rule out a portion of the holes that were clearly dead ends.

“Should we split up?” Ritian asked.

Li Yu fell silent for a moment, wondering if he should split this meteorite apart with a single strike. However, this meteorite was clearly not an ordinary stone, and it was filled with powerful magic power fluctuations.

If he forcefully broke through, he might destroy the Ancestral Dragon Treasury, so he gave up on this idea.

“Oh yes!” Li Yu raised his brows and suddenly thought of the little dragon manifested from the Ancestral Dragon’s skull.

Since this was the Ancestral Dragon’s treasure, the Little Ancestral Dragon might know something.

At the moment, that little fellow was staying on the Misty Immortal Island and becoming friends with the Azure Dragon Vine.

At the thought of this, Li Yu immediately summoned it.

When it came out, this fellow was hugging and gnawing on a vine that was countless times thicker than it.

Li Yu took a look. It seemed to be the Azure Dragon Vine…

The little dragon had already grown significantly and was almost ten feet long. However, compared to the true size of the Ancestral Dragon, it was still similar to an earthworm.

After being summoned by Li Yu, the Little Ancestral Dragon’s gaze was immediately attracted by the giant meteorite in front of it. Then, its eyes widened and brightened.

“This is the Ancestral Dragon’s treasure. Did you sense anything?” Li Yu asked.

“An intense summoning!” The Little Ancestral Dragon spoke in the human tongue.

It was formed from a portion of the Ancestral Dragon’s Essence Soul. Although its memories were incomplete, it did not forget anything. Therefore, when it saw this meteorite, it seemed to have thought of something.

At the same time, it sensed a summoning from inside. It was its ancestor’s summoning.

“Very good, bring me in!” Li Yu said with a smile. He had guessed correctly. This Little Ancestral Dragon could indeed become a new guide.

The Little Ancestral Dragon did not say anything else and immediately flew into one of the holes. Li Yu and the others immediately followed.

The cave was a deep tunnel. Before long, fork after fork appeared. If not for the Little Ancestral Dragon leading the way, he would not have known where to go.

Furthermore, the strange domain in the cave blocked the detection of all divine senses. There was also a powerful pressure that made everyone feel as if they were in the deep sea, making it difficult to breathe.

After a long while, everyone finally arrived inside the meteorite under the lead of the Little Ancestral Dragon.

It was a huge spherical space with a giant altar floating in the middle. Nine Ancestral Dragon statues were entrenched around the altar.

‘This is it!’ Li Yu thought.

It seemed that this altar was the entrance to the Ancestral Dragon Treasury.

In that case, the Ancestral Dragon Treasury might be in an independent space, just like the Misty Immortal Island.

This altar was the same as the Mi Lu Immortal Palace.

Li Yu carefully observed the few dragons around the altar. They had different expressions and were engraved with different totems that corresponded to the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

The Little Ancestral Dragon flew directly to the altar. Immediately, the entire altar seemed to have sensed something and shook. A halo surfaced on the nine Ancestral Dragon statues.

“The Eight-Divisional Pagoda is missing!” the Little Ancestral Dragon suddenly said. It had recalled something just now.

Li Yu flew over and waved his hand, summoning the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.

Immediately, the surrounding nine Ancestral Dragon statues seemed to have sensed something. As if they had awakened, they actually moved. Then, they roared in unison and shot out pillars of light from their mouths into the Eight-Divisional Pagoda.


The entire altar shook as a giant totem rose from the altar and enveloped Li Yu and the Little Ancestral Dragon.

The totem light became increasingly dazzling, and it soon completely concealed them.

In the next second, the light suddenly shrank and finally disappeared as a white dot.

Li Yu and the Little Ancestral Dragon disappeared as well.

However, just as they disappeared, a giant eye suddenly opened in the giant meteorite.

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