Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1107 - A Toad Doesn't Bite But It's Annoying

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Chapter 1107: A Toad Doesn’t Bite But It’s Annoying

She admitted that in addition to wanting a better foothold for herself, she was also influenced by Jia Shiyun and felt that Su Bei had contributed to everything that had happened to Jia Shiyun now.

However, she did not expect that the only thing she had obtained from Jia Shiyun had nothing to do with Jia Shiyun. It was all thanks to Su Bei.

Qiao Mei said, “You’re still young and have a bright future. We can forget about this matter. I hope you’ll take care of yourself.”

She walked out and called Su Bei. “I’ve taken care of Jia Jia.”

“That’s good. Jia Jia doesn’t deserve to fall from grace. I don’t want to make another enemy,” Su Bei said. If people like Jia Jia and Jia Shiyun joined forces, it would be really annoying.

However, after dividing one of them and not giving them the chance to band together again, it was fine.

Otherwise, her energy would be occupied by such petty people. It would be a waste of time.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Su Bei, why are you fighting for Jia Jia instead of for yourself?”

She didn’t know about the relationship between Su Bei and Lu Heting, so she couldn’t figure it out.

Su Bei smiled. “Because I have Director He as my guarantor.”

Qiao Mei knew that Su Bei wasn’t being completely honest, but everyone had their own little secrets, so she didn’t pry.

Su Bei was right. Jia Shiyun did want to join forces with Jia Jia to take revenge on Su Bei.

However, Jia Jia was already aware. When Jia Shiyun looked for her, she rejected her. The two of them never worked together again.

A few days later, Jia Shiyun proposed to terminate her contract and leave Di Xing Media Company.

Li Qisheng asked her to pay the penalty fee.

Jia Shiyun paid the high penalty and left Di Xing Media Company and joined another film company.

At the same time, Su Bei’s move, Two Phoenixes, was released.

With Boxer as the foundation, everyone was quite confident in Su Bei’s acting skills.

Her fans, in particular, had been looking forward to it.

[This is Su Bei’s first movie. When the news first came out, there was already a huge wave of fans. When it’s officially released, the results will definitely be even better!]

[That goes without saying. It’ll definitely create another box office legend.]

[My Su Bei is awesome.]

Of course, there were also many industry insiders who rained on their parade. [The reason why Boxer could obtain high box office sales is because of He Xuyan. As everyone knows, He Xuyan is especially good at training actors and has very strict requirements. That’s why those actors can perform beyond their usual standards and fuse with their characters. As for Director Guo, although he’s not bad, he’s still a director who prioritizes making a living. He’s laxer with actors.]

[I agree with the commenter above. Besides, Boxer is Su Bei’s second movie. Two Phoenixes is a work she produced when she just entered the industry. It’s obvious that her acting skills will definitely be immature. Anyway, I don’t have high hopes for this movie.]

There were also people who objected. Don’t forget that this movie is supported by Lin Yu, as well as Han Feng and Rong Xiu from Di Xing Media Company. The company will definitely expand its cooperation with the cinema chains to ensure good box office sales for this movie.]

[We’re still certain the box office sales for this movie will be pretty good.]

Because of Su Bei, the movie became popular before it was released.

On the day of the actual release, the movie’s box office sales rose to first place.

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