Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband-Chapter 1679 - 1679 Understand Our Difficulties

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1679 Understand Our Difficulties

Lu Heting assigned Lu Hang the task and reminded him, “Arrange for bodyguards to follow Su Bei at all times.”

This time, he could not accompany Su Bei personally, so he was not completely at ease.

Su Bei packed up briefly and went to the airport.

When she arrived at the airport, she received a call from He Xuyan.

“Wait for me.”

“Your new movie has already started filming. This trip might take up a lot of time…”

He Xuyan’s voice was cold. “Do you think I can still film any quality scenes now?”

Su Bei remained silent and waited for He Xuyan to appear.

A moment later, he appeared while looking travel-worn.

His high spirits were swept away, replaced by a haze.

In less than a day after Xu Zhiqin’s incident took place, he had already suffered indescribable torture.

“Brother, it’ll be fine,” Su Bei said. “The most likely possibility is that they were bringing back something they shouldn’t have. This should be a mistake. I believe the people on their side won’t be so unreasonable.”

“But how could Zhiqing have brought something she shouldn’t have by mistake?” He Xuyan did not believe it.

Xu Zhiqin used to be a manager and had accompanied artistes abroad many times.

She must know what to bring and what not to bring.

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Su Bei shook her head. “After all, she went there as an actress this time. Xiao Ling was the one who arranged everything around her. Xiao Ling is young, so it’s inevitable for her to make mistakes.”

He Xuyan said nothing.

The two of them boarded the plane in silence, but each of them was thinking of a solution.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Osland.

Initially, the customs did not agree to let them see Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling.

However, Su Bei and He Xuyan’s identities were different, after all. With the Lu and He families extending their influence, the four people quickly met.

Xu Zhiqin and He Xuyan caught up with one another, while Su Bei mainly wanted to understand the situation from Xiao Ling.

Afterward, the person in charge personally sent them out and said, “President Su, Director He, let’s sit down and talk.”

It seemed that the other party was reasonable.

Previously, they had completely refused to negotiate. Now, their attitude had changed.

He Xuyan didn’t look too good. Su Bei pulled him back and said amiably, “Let’s find a place to talk.”

They were abroad now. Su Bei’s goal was to save those two people.

He Xuyan also understood this, and the hostility on his face softened.

“President Su, this matter is very tricky.”

“Mr. Andrew, we want to know why Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling were detained by customs.”

Mr. Andrew said, “Because we found a first-class protected marine creature in Xu Zhiqin’s luggage. Not only is this creature protected in our country, but it’s also a symbol that can bless us with good weather in the hearts of the people here. It’s respected as a god. This creature was found in Xu Zhiqin’s luggage. It was already dead and vacuum-packed. When the customs and the police saw it, no one could accept it.”

It was also because of this that everyone’s attitude toward Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling was very unfriendly.

It was because they had not only violated the law of the country but also the highest belief in the locals’ hearts!

Mr. Andrew glanced at Su Bei and said, “We’ve already investigated Xu Zhiqin’s schedule. When she was in our country, she went diving by the sea. We have reason to believe that she entered the sea at that time and caught this precious creature. She then tried to take it away from our country. In our country, such behavior is usually punishable by more than five years of imprisonment. She’ll even be reviled by everyone!”

Facing Su Bei and He Xuyan, the person in charge finally told the truth.

He Xuyan’s face darkened. “Xu Zhiqin didn’t catch any creatures. I was with her when we were diving that day. I saw all her actions with my own eyes.”

“Director He, you’re Xu Zhiqin’s boyfriend. Even if you go to court, no one will believe your words,” Mr. Andrew said. Thinking that their identities could not be underestimated, he said amiably, “We should give you face, but such a thing has happened in our country. We can’t exonerate the person involved with just a word. Please understand our difficulties, Mr. Su and Director He.”

At this point, Su Bei and He Xuyan could not force it.

Su Bei said, “I think there’s a lot of missing information on this matter. Mr. Andrew, we’ll also conduct our own investigation. But please treat Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling well during this period. We’ll be grateful to you.”

“Of course, President Su. We’ve already made arrangements so that they’ll be moved to a comfortable temporary residence,” he said politely.

However, no matter how polite he was, this matter concerned his principles. He could not open the back door. Otherwise, he would not be able to face the entire country.

Of course, Xu Zhiqin’s reputation in Osland was completely ruined.

After the incident, there were already reporters who came to investigate in detail. When they found out that it was an actress from S Country who was rebellious and did such a thing to harm the interests of the entire Osland, they all criticized and questioned her. She made it on the hot searches of Osland.

After He Xuyan arrived, he used his connections to temporarily suppress these criticisms and the news.

At least on the surface, everything was calm.

However, the media outlets in S Country quickly received the news and reported what had happened to Xu Zhiqin in Osland.

All of a sudden, it became a question mark whether the TV show she was in could be completed.

After all, there had been a case of a foreign singer diving deep into the sea in Osland and attempting to bring away a national-level protected creature.

According to the information released by the media, the singer was also detained because of this matter.

The singer’s management company tried their best to mediate, and they eventually bailed out the singer from jail.

However… that was 18 months after the accident took place.

Later on, the singer’s album was suspended. When they returned to the country, they were already a nobody.

The fans were also discussing fervently. [I don’t believe Zhiqin would do such a thing. She was a manager before, so it’s impossible for her not to know the seriousness of this matter.]

[Could she have been framed by someone?]

[I didn’t know there were so many things to take note of when going overseas. I have to be careful in the future. Otherwise, I won’t be able to come back.]

[Anyway, if she doesn’t come back, this TV show is really going to be ruined.]

[Nirvana Entertainment is in trouble this time. The first TV show that they invested in is in deep waters. President Su, you really have to be more careful. You can’t bite off more than you can chew.]

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