Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband-Chapter 1680 - 1680 Feeling Guilty

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1680 Feeling Guilty

Fu Yujia, who was on vacation overseas, finally felt better when she saw the news.

She bought a plane ticket and was about to return to the country.

Wen Kaiwei planned to stay for a few more days.

“Are you really not going back?” Fu Yujia rushed back to watch the show.

Wen Kaiwei was relaxed and complacent. “If you want to watch a good show, you have to stay in the nearest place to watch it.”

Fu Yujia did not insist. She took her suitcase and left Osland.

A sinister smile appeared on Wen Kaiwei’s face. Xu Zhiqin was unlucky to have bumped into him.

It was her fault for filming here and stumbling upon him.

This time, Nirvana Entertainment could only pray for themselves.

Su Bei now understood the reason why Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling were detained. She relayed the news to them.

Xu Zhiqin was especially surprised. “They found that creature in my luggage?”

“Yeah. A dead state-protected animal that’s worshipped as a deity in Osland was found in vacuum packaging in your luggage. Ring any bells?”

Xu Zhiqin shook her head. “No, not at all. I’ve never thought of bringing such a thing back to the country. If I wanted to eat seafood, I would only want to buy fresh seafood. I wouldn’t preserve it in this way.”

“I know. Big Brother was diving with you at that time. He knows best if you did it or not.”

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Xu Zhiqin smiled bitterly. “But the judge and examiner wouldn’t believe him, right?”

After a moment of silence, Xu Zhiqin asked, “How’s the situation with the TV show now? Has the party that paid a deposit asked for a refund?”

Su Bei nodded.

After all, they did not believe that Xu Zhiqin would be able to go out in a short period of time. It was a question of whether Nirvana Entertainment could hand over its work as scheduled.

No one could be blamed.

“I’m sorry.” Xu Zhiqin lowered her head.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Su Bei comforted her. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you justice for this matter.”

Su Bei went to see Xiao Ling again.

After hearing the whole story, Xiao Ling said in surprise, “That’s a gift from the fans! At that time, the fans gave me a lot of things and stuffed them all into my hands. When I came back to my senses, they had all left. Later, I saw that this thing was quite fresh and was a local specialty. I thought it would definitely be good to bring it home and share it with everyone, so I kept it.”

“Do you remember what those people looked like?”

Xiao Ling shook her head. “There were too many people, and it happened a long time ago. I couldn’t even see their faces clearly.”

She grabbed her fingers and asked, “President Su, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to cause you so much trouble. It’s all my fault. Zhiqin told me long ago not to accept gifts from fans. I didn’t do my job well and gave others a chance to make a move.”

“Someone wanted to frame Zhiqin, so even if they didn’t start with you, they would’ve found other ways. You don’t have to blame yourself too much.”

Xiao Ling looked at Su Bei. “Then when can we go out?”

“We’re working hard to get you two out,” Su Bei said.

The tricky thing was that this case had been made known to all. All the people in Osland who had come into contact with the case were especially unfriendly to Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling.

If Su Bei really took them away with special privileges, it would be a stain on their reputations. The higher-ups here would not be able to answer to their subordinates either.

He Xuyan busied himself with this matter for a long time.

At the moment, what Xiao Ling said was not evidence.

It was because she said that the fans had given it to her. When she received it, there was no surveillance equipment around. She did not remember what the fans looked like or how old they were. Everything was vague.

The problematic item was found in Xu Zhiqin’s luggage. The fingerprints on it belonged to Xu Zhiqin and Xiao Ling. It could be said that the evidence was conclusive.

In the hotel room.

He Xuyan looked unhappy and was on the phone with someone.

Su Bei, on the other hand, was looking at the previous case of the singer who got into the same problem and how their company handled it.

Su Bei watched the news. “When the singer got into trouble, it was the singer who caught this creature when they were diving. Because they found it interesting, they brought it ashore. At that time, the tour guide and the swimming coach didn’t see it, so they didn’t pay much attention to it. After the singer got into trouble, many people who came to Osland were educated on this. However, this creature is rare, and it’s similar to some seafood. It’s difficult for ordinary people to distinguish it.”

He Xuyan put down the phone. “If this is a coincidence, it’s too much of a coincidence.”

“Yes, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence either. But Zhiqin doesn’t have any enemies…” Su Bei looked at He Xuyan, wanting to get more information from him.

He Xuyan said, “The only people who don’t get along with Zhiqin are Yali, Pan Hongsen, and Wei Yuxin. I’ve just investigated. Yali and Pan Hongsen have been active in the country recently. In order to work and make a comeback, they’re in a terrible fix. They didn’t have time to frame Zhi Qin at all. As for Wei Yuxin, she’s busy currying favor with the He family in America. She didn’t have any chance to harm Zhi Qin.”

“Then the other party must be attacking Nirvana Entertainment as well,” Su Bei said. “The news on my side is that many celebrities and bosses have come to Osland to play as it’s the best season now. Among them were Fu Yujia and Wen Kaiwei.”

He Xuyan nodded. “I understand. I’ll ask my friend to find out Fu Yujia and Wen Kaiwei’s whereabouts.”

These two people had been at odds with Nirvana Entertainment for a long time. Previously, they had a grudge against He Xuyan for rejecting their cooperation.

It was hard to say that they wouldn’t lay a hand on Xu Zhiqin.

Only two days had passed since Su Bei and He Xuyan came.

However, He Xuyan couldn’t wait any longer.

At the thought that Xu Zhiqin was suffering, he was unable to accept it. Never mind that she was staying in a comfortable residence and was not treated like a suspect.

He bought some food and went to visit Xu Zhiqin.

Seeing that she had obviously lost weight, displeasure flashed across He Xuyan’s face as soon as he sat down.

“Eat some first.” He pushed the food over.

Xu Zhiqin actually didn’t have much of an appetite. Such a big thing had happened, and her heart was suffering.

Not only did she leave a criminal record now, but she also implicated Su Bei and the entire Nirvana Entertainment. She felt guilty.

However, looking at He Xuyan’s heartbroken expression and urging gaze, she still took the food and stuffed it into her mouth bit by bit.

He Xuyan’s heart ached when he saw this. He reached out his long fingers and wiped away the food residue from her lips. “Wait another two days. I’ve already made some progress. Soon, I can bring you back to the country.”

“Okay!” Xu Zhiqin’s eyes were filled with trust!

When He Xuyan walked out, he contacted the best lawyer and checked Fu Yujia’s whereabouts. He learned that Fu Yujia had already returned to the country while Wen Kaiwei was still here.

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