I am a Gao Fushuai Villain-Chapter 435:

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Chapter 435:

Qiao Siying was shocked because the shop they went to sells all kinds of stockings!

The intention of Lin Yuan seems to have something to do with the clothes they bought from the previous shop!

Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and said to Lin Yuan: “Young Master Lin… you… you are too perverted!”

Lin Yuan’s said with an indifferent and calm expression: “You must do things seriously so you must be well-equipped!”

“What kind of maid are you if you don’t have suspender pantyhose?”

”Hurry up and pick it up yourself.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying’s chest was undulating for a while.

She resisted the urge to rush up to Lin Yuan and bite him.

Qiao Siying then walked into the shop quickly and left Lin Yuan.

This time, Qiao Siying was serious.

She quickly picked up a few lace-edged over-the-knee and garter stockings.

She blushed as she checked out quickly.

Then she quickly ran out of the shop.

Qiao Siying knew and was afraid that if she didn’t pick the stockings herself, Lin Yuan would have picked weird styles for her again.

”Anything else to buy?!”

Even though she is carrying the shopping bags in her hand, it was the first time that Qiao Siying didn’t find joy in shopping.

It was so tormenting.

”Let me think about it…” Lin Yuan touched his chin while thinking.

Qiao Siying got irritated again.

If it wasn’t for the people around, she would have bitten him already.

Lin Yuan then said: “We need to buy some cat-ears headband. Your blond hair itself won’t do. It is not dyed properly. Wear a headband to cover up the shortcomings.”

Qiao Siying was furious and said: “My blond hair is natural. I am a mixed race. Understand?”

Qiao Siying thought that Lin Yuan must have a problem with his eyesight.

Her hair is satin-like beautiful blond hair.

It is her most dazzling and beautiful aspect.

And Lin Yuan says that she only had her hair dyed blond?

If she had no idea that Lin Yuan is extremely strong, she would have beat him to death.

Looking at the weird eyes cast by the passers-by around them and Lin Yuan’s playful look, she could only obey the order.

She immediately snorted.

She already bought the skirt and the suspender pantyhose, now a headband?

Qiao Siying could only accept her reality.

She quickly bought the headband just as Lin Yuan said and then urged Lin Yuan to go downstairs.

Qiao Siying carrying big and small shopping bags is now seated back on the Lamborghini.

She let out a long sigh of relief.

She has never experienced such torturous shopping.

Is this why those guys on the internet are reluctant to go shopping with their girlfriends?

She seemed to barely understand it.

But she just let out a sigh of relief when suddenly her eyes widened again.

It suddenly occurred to her that her embarrassment has just begun.

She already finished buying the clothes.

But the key thing is what would happen next.

She will have to wear the clothes she bought!

And it is not just about wearing the maid outfit.

She also has to be a maid and serve Lin Yuan!

Thinking of these, Qiao Siying bit her lower lip lightly.

Her face blushed instantly.

She looked at Lin Yuan on the side who had just stepped on the accelerator.

His complexion was indifferent.

It looked like he just took a walk after eating.

Lin Yuan’s face is not red, and it seems like his heart is not also beating fast out of excitement.

Qiao Siying is feeling more unstable deep inside.

She regrets it.

She wondered if she may have gone mad at that time.

Why did she have to irresponsibly agree to a bet with Lin Yuan!

Lin Yuan did not care about what Qiao Siying might be thinking.

He just drove the car calmly.

Quickly, Lin Yuan drove to the river view villa given to him by Song Xuan.