I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 1046 - Lord of All Worlds, Ye Xiaotian! (2)

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Chapter 1046: Lord of All Worlds, Ye Xiaotian! (2)

The spatial crack in front of him only revealed half of Murong Ying’s body and Wang Chao’s head. As long as he could close it in time, one of the two people in front of him would definitely be dismembered and the other beheaded.

With a crisp sound, the void rippled open.

With the pull of the spatial power, the crack was closed tightly.

However, the two people ahead of him were not cut in half as Ye Xiaotian had hoped.

The moment the danger approached, Murong Ying, who was at the cutting path stage, sensed it. His body turned into a black light and merged into the shadow, flowing out of the spatial crack entirely.

As for Wang Chao...

Xu Xiaoshou was afraid of death, so he did not bother to hide his strength. He took a step forward and teleported to the side, also escaping from the spatial crack.

“Spatial power?”

The technique, Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step, had a very weak spatial fluctuation. An ordinary spiritual cultivator would not be able to detect it.

Murong Ying did not realize that Wang Chao’s evasive skill was somewhat abnormal at this moment. This was because he was so tense that he could only care about himself. Ye Xiaotian was shocked.

That law enforcer, who was only at the sovereign stage, actually had the same space attributes as him.

Although his comprehension of the path principles could not be compared to his own, how could an expert with such a special attribute be unknown before?

Ye Xiaotian had searched for a large amount of information on the red-clothed and white-clothed before this operation. However, none of the information mentioned that the Holy Divine Palace had such a person as “Wang Chao” who was in front of him.

He glanced at the sovereign stage law enforcer for a moment, keeping an eye out for him.

“Stowaway, spatial power, it’s really him...”

On the other side, Murong Ying’s heart was still filled with fear as he dodged the spatial chimerism. He could no longer remain calm.

He originally thought that he couldn’t succeed in his pursuit, so he decided to take advantage of the situation and leave the important matters to Sword Deity Rao and the others.

However, out of nowhere, he really bumped into Ye Xiaotian. Murong Ying quickly put away his childish thoughts and began to treat the situation seriously.

“Although he has the space attributes and his methods are strange, he was injured by Huang Quan of Yama. His strength must have been greatly reduced at this moment...”

“Although he was paid special attention by Yama, saint servant, and other leaders, his cultivation level is only at the sovereign stage, while I’m at the cutting path stage...”

“He’s alone, and I’m lucky to have brought an additional Wang Chao. Although his help may not be significant, I still have the advantage in numbers...”

“He’s isolated and helpless, but I’ve gathered the higher-ups of the law enforcer. Even if Sword Deity Rao doesn’t come here, there should still be others coming to support me...”

Murong Ying’s thoughts were like lightning. He immediately analyzed the current situation, which was actually more advantageous to him.

His eyes brightened, and his body became dark and transparent, like a shadow.

Murong Ying decided to make a move!

He planned to help Sword Deity Rao capture this stowaway while still keeping his life!

At the worst, he would stall for time and wait for reinforcements!

“Wang Chao, I’ll be in charge of keeping him here. Go and inform the higher-ups of the law enforcer immediately. Trust me, I won’t be able to hold on for long...” Murong Ying transmitted telepathic communication.

At the same time, he propped up his hands, and a world seemed to expand in his body, instantly enveloping all the land realm on the high cliff.

“Corrosion Realm!”

Corrosion Realm was Murong Ying’s special shadow-bounded domain.

The shadow of those who were in the Corrosion Realm would be corroded and gradually dissolved. In addition, any damage that the shadow received would be attached to the enemy’s main body.

Space attributes were strange and unpredictable, but as long as he grasped the geographical advantage and didn’t allow Ye Xiaotian to open up the bounded domain, this guy would be like a fish in a jar after a long time, allowing Sword Deity Rao to capture him at ease... Murong Ying thought. He did not choose to engage in close combat. Instead, he transformed into the way of the heavens intending to allow the bounded domain to buy some time.

Ye Xiaotian stood in the Corrosion Realm and silently watched everything before him.

He could sense that his shadow was melting bit by bit, and his body, which had recovered to its original state after being repaired previously, was now rapidly festering as if it had been doused with corrosive venom.


At this moment, Ye Xiaotian suddenly laughed, and there was a hint of mockery in his laughter.

He had expected this law enforcer of the cutting path stage to make a move like a thunderbolt instantly after meeting him.

But he had never expected that the red-clothed, white-clothed, and other organizations within the Holy Divine Palace would also have such a lack of understanding of the space attributes!

“Perhaps before I break through, your bounded domain can really cause harm and be useful against me, but...”

Ye Xiaotian slowly floated in the air and looked around. He looked at the void of the way of the heavens and said to Murong Ying, who was hiding somewhere, “But now, it’s just a bounded domain of a cutting path stage. What’s there for me to be afraid of?”

Ye Xiaotian suddenly put his palms together and rose into the air. A Spatial Upanishad Formation appeared under his feet, emitting a mysterious aura.

He raised his head and looked at the Corrosion Realm that covered the sky. The corner of his lips curled up slightly.

“Under the Space Upanishad, there is no bounded domain other than mine in this world!”

As if he was talking about the constitution of the heavens, Ye Xiaotian’s eyes sparkled. He put his palms together and separated them. Then, he held out to the sky with one arm and clenched it.


After saying that, the Spatial Upanishad Formation under Ye Xiaotian’s feet burst out with light.

His words were like the words of the spiritual gods, which followed the law.

In an instant, cracking sounds could be heard continuously.

Hiding in the way of the heavens, Murong Ying was shocked to find that he had lost control of his bounded domain, the Corrosion Realm! 𝑓𝙧𝘦𝘦we𝘣𝙣𝘰𝘃𝗲l.com

Moreover, on the wall of the bounded domain of the Corrosion Realm, space nodes that were not dense but were extremely orderly lit up. Then, along with the cracking sounds around them, they shattered with a loud bang.

After Ye Xiaotian said the word ‘shatter’, the entire bounded domain of the cutting path stage shattered into countless space fragments, refracting colorful lights. It was a magnificent scene.

But it wasn’t over yet.

After the space fragments disintegrated, they didn’t disappear. Instead, they became Ye Xiaotian’s support. Ye Xiaotian tapped on the void nimbly and fixed them all. Then, he assembled them and put them together to form another bounded domain.

“Lord of Ten Thousand Realms!”

Ye Xiaotian shouted.

After his Spatial Upanishad had reached the final stage, his bounded domain had undergone a qualitative evolution. In front of him, even if someone had opened their bounded domain first, he could instantly control it and turn it into his own power.

Just like the name of the “Lord of Ten Thousand Realms”.

In front of Ye Xiaotian, even Yama’s Huang Quan did not dare to open his bounded domain, afraid that his power would be borrowed.

Murong Ying dared to open the bounded domain. It could only be said that his action was very ignorant and very laughable!


Amidst the violent sound, a brand new and bizarre bounded domain was formed.

Within this bounded domain, the light was boundless, but the space was distorted strangely, reflecting countless Ye Xiaotian’s figures.

In the horizon, Murong Ying, who was hiding in the way of the heavens, was also under the reflection of the bounded domain power. Like a demon’s body being reflected by the demon-reflecting mirror, he would be forced to reveal his shadowy silhouette.

“Damn it, I knew that I alone wouldn’t be able to deal with a space attribute stowaway, even if he’s a sovereign!”

“Why didn’t I follow my heart and be a little more cowardly...”

Murong Ying froze in mid-air, his face ashen.

He had never thought that his bounded domain of cutting path stage would be so easily plundered by the space attributes stowaway before him. 𝐟𝘳𝑒𝗲𝘸e𝒃𝘯𝒐𝐯e𝚕.c𝒐𝒎

Was this the power of the “Spatial Upanishad”?

The Lord of Ten Thousand Realms...

The name of this bounded domain was too impudent and too ostentatious!

“Wang Chao!”

Murong Ying shouted.

As a cutting path, he was controlled by a sovereign.

However, in this impudent and ostentatious “Lord of Ten Thousand Realms” bounded domain, Murong Ying was truly unable to move an inch.

At this moment, he could only hope that Wang Chao would send out a signal and direct Sword Deity Rao and the others over.

“Wang Chao? You still want to look for him?”

“Since both of you are already here, then you should all stay. Don’t even think of leaving!”

Ye Xiaotian snorted when he heard Murong Ying’s call for Wang Chao. His expression was incomparably cold as he looked to the other side.

On the other side, the law enforcer of the sovereign stage, who was similarly trapped by the ‘Lord of Ten Thousand Realms’, was currently looking at Ye Xiaotian with a stunned expression. He seemed to have been stunned by Ye Xiaotian’s powerful strength.

Ye Xiaotian knew that the law enforcer was scared out of his wits and couldn’t even move an inch. He slowly raised his hand.

Since his hiding place had been found, he wouldn’t show mercy. He wanted to silence them and send the two of them to their deaths!

With a light leap, he flew up into the sky and thrust his hand into the air...


A crack appeared in the sky, and the short white-haired Ye Xiaotian was hanging under the spatial crack. It looked as if he wanted to tear the sky in half and then use half of the sky fragment to bury the two law enforcers in front of him.

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