I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 1361 - 1361 The Invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand 2

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1361 The Invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand 2

But this Dragon Scale…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

As time passed, the heartbeat of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale went into overdrive. Its rate was almost as crazy as when he encountered the Saint.

“The threat is not from Teng Shanhai. There’s something else approaching!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly realized something. After he calculated the time, even if the Void Attendant had gone far away in its search, it should have sensed the aura of the Spiritual Herbs in its territory by now, so it must have rushed back in a hurry.

So, the Holy Emperor Dragon Scales’ warning was due to the pending arrival of the Void Attendant?

“Come on then!”

Xu Xiaoshou had a crazed look in his eyes. He suddenly dispelled the Vanishing Technique, and his wild laughter echoed in all directions.

“Teng Shanhai, is this all you’re capable of?”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to touch my shadow!”

Before his mocking laughter had completely died down, Xu Xiaoshou didn’t even dare to wait for Teng Shanhai to attack. He immediately took the easy way out and soared into the sky.


Sure enough, in the next second, there was an explosion at the location where he stood originally.

A great spear swept down and shattered the space. A 10000-feet-deep pit was also embedded in the ground. The great power and speed were unimaginable!

“Be good, darling.”

“I really can’t keep up with his battle speed!”

Xu Xiaoshou’s Adam’s apple bobbed nervously. He understood that Teng Shanhai, who had unsealed one arm, had the strength and speed that he could not compare to.

If he had not taken the easy out and did not have the Space Attributes, who in the world could match up to such a madman?

It was a pure conscious reaction.

Xu Xiaoshou had an enlightenment and he knew he could not compare to the current Teng Shanhai.

As such, the only two ways to survive Teng Shanhai’s great spear attack were to run and constantly teleport.

If a coincidence were to occur and the position he teleported to in advance collided with Teng Shanhai’s Xiao Divine Spear, he would probably be crushed into pieces by the spear!


Xu Xiaoshou didn’t dare to delay any longer. He used both the Vanishing Technique and the easy way out to move about infinitely.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Teng Shanhai had also gone mad. He simply couldn’t believe that his Power of Demon God that he had unsealed in one of his arms couldn’t keep up with Xu Xiaoshou’s demonic arts.

One side used the Teleportation skill and ran helter-skelter in advance, while the other chased after the afterimages and attacked.

Outside the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, explosions occurred continuously.

In just a few breaths, the sky, the earth, and the void had all been blasted into pieces.

“Xu Xiaoshou, show yourself if you have the guts and let’s have a fair and square fight!”

Blood gushed out from Teng Shanhai’s single eye. He was unable to restrain his anger. Clearly, the fact that over a hundred of his attacks had missed the target caused him to become even more irritated.

“Impossible. Was Xu Xiaoshou’s reaction faster than his own attack?”

This was truly impossible!

He had gone completely crazy. Xu Xiaoshou was still invisible, but after a few instances of contact, he felt that he had seen through something.

Teng Shanhai’s current state was indeed very strong. However, his rationality seemed to have been destroyed by the so-called ‘Power of Demon God’.

He had clearly consumed the Holy Blood. All he needed to do was to use the Holy Power to control the Way of the Heavens and he could easily hold himself in mid-air. Even if it was only for a moment, with his speed, the Xiao Divine Spear’s attack would be able to kill him instantly.

However, it was obvious that Teng Shanhai did not do so.

This meant that his rationality and his strength were inversely proportional. Once the ‘Power of Demon God’ was used, his combat mode became simple instead. He had returned to the primitive fighting techniques used by humans.

Use the equipment and attack indiscriminately.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!”

The Holy Emperor Dragon Scale’s heartbeat still thudded away rapidly; it really had an adverse effect on one’s mind.

Xu Xiaoshou looked into the distance and felt that the sky had already turned dark. It was as if the Void Attendant would descend in the next second.

He was not willing to leave.

If he wanted to leave, he could have done so long ago when Teng Shanhai went berserk.

The Void Attendant had arrived and Teng Shanhai seemed to have lost all his reasoning power. Since his initial plan succeeded, why not try another one?

“Why not?”

After he thought about it, Xu Xiashou dispelled the Vanishing Technique again. He sneered arrogantly, “Teng Shanhai, do you only know how to make random attacks? If you’re a real man, then stop and make the move which will determine the winner. I have this move, do you dare to face it?”


Teng Shanhai let out a low, bestial roar. He felt that Jiang Buyi had turned into a series of overlapping human figures, which were somewhat blurry.

He vaguely remembered that Dao Qiongcang had once said to him,

“If you can completely master the ‘Power of Demon God’ in your body, you won’t have to worry about not being able to get the title of the Ten High Nobles. Because at that time, even I am not fit to be your opponent.”

“But at this stage, remember that if you want to unseal the ‘Power of Demon God’, there must be a rational person beside you to act as your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll be too easily taken advantage of!”

The second part of Dao Qiongcang’s advice had already come true in Teng Shanhai’s case.

Xu Xiaoshou’s actions drove him crazy. Now, he wanted to use all his strength to smash Xu Xiaoshou into pieces.

However, Dao Qiongcang was right. After so many years, the best Teng Shanhai could do was to unseal the ‘Power of Demon God’ in one arm.

This was the lowest level of the partial unsealing skill!

Even so, the aura of the Demon God would interfere with Teng Shanhai’s will to a large extent. It turned him into a demon who only knew how to fight.

Even after training for so many years, Teng Shanhai was only able to maintain his rationality for 15 minutes when he unsealed one of his arms.

However, this ‘reasoning’ was only relative.

It was impossible for him to master the Power of Demon God in one arm and also maintain his total rationality when he was conscious.

Thus, the last bit of reasoning left in his Spiritual Altar told Teng Shanhai that the battle could not be dragged on any longer.

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