I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 1362 - 1362 The Invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand 3

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1362 The Invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand 3

If this dragged on, not only would he not be able to take down Xu Xiaoshou, but he would also be devoured by the backlash of the Power of Demon God and go crazy.

“Why, wouldn’t, I, dare, to?”

Teng Shanhai shook his head with great effort as he tried to clear his vision of the overlapping human figures in front of his eye. Then, he gritted his teeth and said this, one word at a time.

His right arm held on to the Xiao Divine Spear and shook it in the air. He wanted to have a fair ‘one move to determine the winner’ fight with Xu Xiaoshou.

At this moment, he had completely forgotten that the person in front of him was Xu Xiaoshou!

He was the kind of schemer that he was most afraid of when he was rational. He was simply the second Dao Qiongcang!

However, at this moment, his mind was not clear. He only felt that the other party’s proposal was exactly what he wanted and was the best choice for both himself and the enemy.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll respect your choice.”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed. He was even more certain that there was something wrong with Teng Shanhai’s current state of mind.

He crossed his hands in front of his chest and began to form a seal that he was not even aware of. At the same time, he said, “Teng Shanhai, you’re half-crazy, right? I won’t bully you. I’ll tell you my moves, one by one.”

“Why, must, this, be?” Teng Shanhai sneered arrogantly. He spun the Xiao Divine Spear in his right arm and stuttered, “Just come over, I’m not afraid!”

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t know how to lie, so he started to explain earnestly.

“Heaven and Earth are black and yellow, the universe is barren, Amitabha, the blessings are bountiful.”

He recited the illogical words that he had pieced together, which even he himself felt did not make sense.

Then, with a swift movement of his hands, he plucked three grade one Spiritual Herbs and one stalk of Holy Medicine from the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer in the Yuan Mansion, crushed them and smeared the sap on his palms.

“I should think that he did not see that?”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced weakly at the crazed Teng Shanhai. He felt a little guilty as he shouted,

“Teng Shanhai, take this!”

“Super invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand!”

A palm strike.

The heartbeat of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale reached its peak. It now beat at the peak frequency rate when one met a Saint!

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t even need to use his ‘Perception’ to see the space on the horizon shatter. A 3000-foot-tall Void Attendant roared and stomped over.


Teng Shanhai could not see what was behind him.

He flipped the Xiao Divine Spear in his palm and struck out at Xu Xiaoshou.

However, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have really gone crazy. He didn’t seem to care about his spear strike and didn’t even put up any defense at all.

He only managed to raise his body a bit higher when the huge Xiao Divine Spear whipped over.


One strike!

Xu Xiaoshou’s lower body, which had broken off on its own, shattered into pieces.

The remaining upper half of his body clung onto Teng Shanhai’s giant arm, which was filled with power.

“Super invincible Heaven and Earth Yellow Hand, I slap…”

He slapped the sap of the Spiritual Herbs and Holy Medicine onto Teng Shanhai’s body with all his might.

However, it was only for a breath’s time.


Teng Shanhai’s other hand made a grabbing motion, and the remaining half of Xu Xiaoshou’s body was lifted up and thrown into the air. It was then crushed by the Xiao Divine Spear.

“Owner, I’ve completed my mission!”

Before he died, Xu Xiaoshou’s portrait clone looked at the empty void and said with some sadness.


The Void Attendant finally descended and was about to crush Teng Shanhai with a single kick.


With the support of the Power of Demon God, Teng Shanhai’s reaction speed was unparalleled. With a twist of his feet, his figure had already appeared in front of the Void Attendant.


The Void Attendant was furious. It could smell the aura of the Herb Garden of the Divine Farmer’s Spiritual Herbs and Holy Medicine on this human.

“Herb thief!”


Teng Shanhai’s mind became even more muddled. Xu Xiaoshou had clearly been crushed by him, but from the illusion in his single eye, not only did Xu Xiaoshou not die, but he had also turned into a giant.

A super-large dark giant!

“Xu… Xiao… Shou…”


“Come and fight!”


“Come and fight!”


The Void Attendant quickly kicked out again. This time, the ant was right in front of him. No matter how fast one’s reaction speed was, who could dodge its mountain-like kick?

Teng Shanhai held the Xiao Divine Spear. Before he could shift his position to avoid the attack, he felt a tremendous force coming at him. With a bang, his body turned into a shooting star as he was kicked into the sky.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Then, the Void Attendant went crazy.

When he confronted the Herb thief, it only wanted to make the other party suffer a fate worse than death.

Thus, the Void Attendant braced itself and leaped into the sky and pounced on the one-armed giant but still tiny Teng Shanhai. With each punch, Teng Shanhai was smashed into a bloody mess. He was thrown around in the air like a ball, so much so that even his own mother would not have recognized him at this moment.

“Be good, darling.”

In his Disappearing State, Xu Xiaoshou watched as the Void Attendant vented his anger on Teng Shanhai and used his body as a substitute. He imagined that in the future, he as the actual culprit would also be discovered by the Void Attendant.


Xu Xiaoshou’s body trembled.

+Startled, Passive Points,+1.

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