I Am Overlord - Chapter 1663: Divine Four Divisions Tree

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Chapter 1663: Divine Four Divisions Tree

This was the first time Xiang Shaoyun himself had the urge to accept someone as his disciple. As for his first disciple, Guo Po, he had only accepted Guo Po due to Elder Zhen Peng. This time, though, his decision to accept a disciple had come from his own will.

Weili Yana was someone with a discerning heart. If she could obtain some water from the seven-colored fantastical spring, she would be able to form the unrivaled seven-point discerning heart, which would grant her the potential to stand at the top of humanity. He did not wish to miss out on such a talented young successor.

As for Weili Yana, she was completely dumbstruck. She was waiting for Xiang Shaoyun to confess his love for her. How did it instead become him taking her as a disciple?

Can it be that the overlord has a master-disciple relationship fetish? Th-this is too exciting! thought Weili Yana. Her face flushed red as her imagination ran wild.

Xiang Shaoyun would have fainted from sheer speechlessness if he knew what she was thinking. How could he have such shameless thoughts in him? He truly only wanted a disciple!

“Yana, why is your face so red? Are you too shy to agree?” asked Xiang Shaoyun.

“N-no. I’m willing!” agreed Yana, first shaking her head before quickly nodding.

“Um. In that case, your master will most definitely get the seven-colored fantastical spring for you,” said Xiang Shaoyun as he nodded joyfully. He then said to Little White, “Let’s go to where you sensed your race’s aura.”

“Yes!” said Little White impatiently.

The group thus traveled in one direction speedily. Before long, they arrived at a lush area. There, they saw an incomparably astonishing tree. The mere sight of that tree stunned all of them.

“Boss, am I seeing things? I see four different types of fruits on that divine tree,” said Little White as he rubbed his eyes.

“If I’m not seeing things either, you’re right,” answered Xiang Shaoyun, also in shock.

“What a mystical tree,” exclaimed Weili Yana.

In the midst of all the other plants, that one divine tree radiated a mystical power. The fruits of four different colors growing on it added to its mysteriousness. One was a green fruit that looked like an azure dragon with its head held high. One was a golden fruit that looked like a pouncing tiger. One was a fiery fruit that looked like a vermilion bird spreading its wings. And one was a blue fruit that looked like a black tortoise sticking its tongue out.

These fruits were the representation of the four beasts: the azure dragon, the white tiger, the vermillion bird, and the black tortoise. They also represented four types of origin powers: wood, gold, flame, and water. Just one of these fruits was probably enough to clear the entire path before a cultivator and directly propel them into the God Realm.

That tree was known as the divine four divisions tree.

Under the divine four divisions tree were two massive skeletons. One was dragon-shaped, while the other was tiger-shaped. It looked like the two had perished together while fighting against each other.

Apart from the two, there was also an extremely dazzling feather. The feather was fiery red, and it was none other than the feather of a vermilion bird. All three were the remains of top-tier demonic beasts. Only the crystallization of their blood would result in the appearance of a tree such as the divine four divisions tree.

“That’s an elder of the white tiger race!” Little White exclaimed emotionally.

He unhesitatingly rushed toward the white tiger skeleton. It was at that moment that the plants around them suddenly moved. One vine after another extended and whipped at Little White. These vines were extremely strong, and their attacks were no weaker than the attacks of pseudo-Gods.

A powerful vicious tiger energy erupted from Little White’s body and sliced the vines into pieces. However, that did not seem to be enough. There were too many vines attacking from different directions. Some managed to break through Little White’s defense to wind around his body. The vines could also devour blood, so they were attempting to suck Little White’s blood out of his body.

“Piss off!” Little White was furious. He pushed his vicious tiger energy to its limits and sliced apart even more vines. He spat out golden light from his mouth, shooting it toward the vine roots. Instantly, that area was flattened.

That only served to attract even more plants to attack them. A certain grass transformed into a terrifyingly sharp blade that madly slashed at them. A flower transformed into an umbrella that attempted to swallow Little White whole. A tree shook, sending a storm of leaves that shot toward Little White like thrown weapons…

Every single one of the attacks was no weaker than the attack of a pseudo-God. Furthermore, some reached the very peak of the pseudo-God Realm. There were also too many of these attacks for one to effectively defend against them.

“Kill!” Xiang Shaoyun naturally couldn’t watch on as Little White fell into danger. With a roar, he unleashed a plume of primal chaos flame upon the plants.

The primal chaos flame was the bane of all plants. As it raged on, the numerous plants made some sort of odd wail and hurriedly retreated. They did not dare to even touch the flame. The plants that couldn’t retreat in time were turned into ashes without being able to put up any sort of fight.

Soon, the area was clear of all those plants. Only the divine four divisions tree, the two massive skeletons, and the fiery feather remained.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to recall his primal chaos flame, the fiery feather suddenly flew into the sky and started emanating an intense power. The phantom of a vermilion bird appeared and pounced at the primal chaos flame with its beak wide open. It was clear that the bird was attempting to devour the flame.

With a loud cry, the vermilion bird’s power rose to the level of a God. Its dazzling feathers brightened the entire area. Before Little White could reach the white tiger skeleton, he was stopped by the vermilion bird. The terrifying flame around the bird forced him to retreat in pain.

“Ancestor, please wake up and lend me your strength!” Little White called out as he spat a drop of his blood essence toward the white tiger skeleton.

The vermilion bird wanted to snatch the blood, but Xiang Shaoyun stopped it. With the Primal Inception Saber, he unleashed a slash of primal inception energy toward the bird’s vitals.

Xiang Shaoyun knew very well that so long as he could strike the feather down, this entire vermilion bird would be defeated. However, the vermilion bird reacted as though it was alive. It demonstrated powerful battle instincts as it unleashed and shot numerous blades of flame toward Xiang Shaoyun, flooding the area with countless domineering attacks.

Xiang Shaoyun swung his saber repeatedly in his attempt to block the blades, but several fiery blades still managed to get through his defenses. They stabbed into his body, instantly sending flame energy into him, torturing him with an intense burning pain.

As someone who had formed the primal chaos flame within himself, he was supposed to be immune to all flames. However, the vermilion bird’s flame was evidently no ordinary flame, as it had successfully caused him pain. It was also at that moment that the white tiger skeleton finally absorbed Little White’s blood essence. Instantly, it recovered and unleashed a world-shaking roar.


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